Conceivable Interpretation
The hills are strewn with land and rye is growing;<br />
It is studded with trees, and the moose lives.

Understand me and be happy.<br />I am your life, do not blame me.
Pillars of Fate

The clock is beating - the heart is beating,<br />
They are in a hurry and it’s not easier for me.
Indicators of Fortune

I live here, write poetry,<br />And the mind is, for how long? What power in the darkness of the night<br />
And you are a guest here with a living soul.
of the Nine Palaces

Fire flies to my land<br />Try the fairies messenger throne!

How many stars, and where they came from,<br />
Who lives there and is happy?
Twenty eight

Bonfires burn - the soul laughs<br />The candle is here, and I’m scolded. What is in the sky, we don’t know,<br />
Take a look at yourself, there is a lot of darkness.When I sleep, I see a
dream<br />And then I get up ... and where is he? Fellowship
Find him, I vowed<br />And here I am looking, but where is the use? And there is a book, I read,<br />The news has come, the darkness around us. And Kaunas is sometimes beautiful,<br />
But at this hour I am sleeping, and he?
Lithuania Darkness Soul Horoscope
World of the Sun

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Private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Tnotny.