Conceivable Interpretation
The hills are strewn with land and rye is growing;
It is studded with trees, and the moose lives.

Understand me and be happy.
I am your life, do not blame me.
Pillars of Fate

The clock is beating - the heart is beating,
They are in a hurry and it’s not easier for me.
Indicators of Fortune
I live here, write poetry,
And the mind is, for how long? What power in the darkness of the night
And you are a guest here with a living soul.
of the Nine Palaces

Fire flies to my land
Try the fairies messenger throne!
Star numeric

How many stars, and where they came from,
Who lives there and is happy?
Twenty eight
Bonfires burn - the soul laughs
The candle is here, and I’m scolded.What is in the sky, we don’t know,
Take a look at yourself, there is a lot of darkness.When I sleep, I see a dream
And then I get up ... and where is he? Fellowship
Find him, I vowed
And here I am looking, but where is the use?And there is a book, I read,
The news has come, the darkness around us.And Kaunas is sometimes beautiful,
But at this hour I am sleeping, and he?
Lithuania Darkness Soul Horoscope

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Private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Tnotny.