Characteristic sign Libra
23/24.09 - 23/24.10

Libra (lat. Libra) is not a very large constellation, consisting of double stars.
The constellation of Libra personifies politeness, friendliness, a heightened sense of justice, the desire for endless harmony and perfection.
People born under this constellation are distinguished by a developed artistic taste, internal and external harmony, or at least the ability to achieve it.
Element - Air.
Planet of Libra - Venus.
Libra Stone - Diamond, Coral.
Talismans of Libra - heart, book.
Colors - all pastel colors, as well as their shades.
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign of Libra is the lower back.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, parts of the body - the spine, hips and thighs, venous system, kidneys, bladder, skin, navel, uterus in women.
Typical diseases are neuroses, as well as diseases affecting the above organs.
Favorable climate - warm, temperate.
The best place to live is a city.
The typical appearance of Libra is long legs, sloping shoulders, a face with soft, delicate features and expressive, lively dark eyes, many representatives have wavy or curly hair.
The most suitable specialties of the zodiac sign Libra on the basis of the subject of labor: "man - living nature", "man - art image", "man - sign system", "man - technology".

Character character

In the nature of Libra there are several principles that conflict with each other. Representatives of this zodiac sign are very characterized by a state of indecision, eternal doubts, an internal struggle is often going on in their souls. They prefer to cope with self-doubt; they don’t like it when their concentration when thinking about a solution is broken by someone’s haste, pushing.

In an atmosphere of quarrels, impatience, and misunderstanding, Libra is extremely uncomfortable: they are lost, they lose their peace of mind, their nervous system is overexcited. Indecision often becomes the cause of new difficulties, to overcome which you need to make an effort. But even such prospects never make them rush.

Thanks to the influence of Venus, these people are very kind and gentle, elegant and graceful; they are capable of sincere, deep love and justice. At the same time, they are naive and stubborn, although when it comes to achieving a goal, they will only use forbidden tricks out of obstinacy. The main thing for them is, if not achieved, then at least strive for harmony, balance, achieving this through diplomacy and tact. Libra does not rush to extremes, they are not characterized by eccentric antics, outbursts of furious anger and, in general, such states, being in which they lose their temper, scream and make tantrums. Successes and defeats, sorrows and joys - they look at all this philosophically, using logic. This approach serves as an excellent prophylactic against serious nervous breakdowns.

Libra does not accept unfair accusations of anyone’s address and prejudice, but blind faith in authorities and worship of idols are also unusual for them. People who were born under this sign love literally everything to reach the very essence. Negative emotions, confrontation with someone, quarrels - this is absolutely not their element; all this leads these people to heartache. One of the main life values ​​for them is peace and justice. They will never step towards their goals on the corpses and do not welcome the search for a place under the sun, accompanied by the humiliation of another person.

Stay in an atmosphere of sympathy, affection, love for Libra is of great importance. If these people feel indifference on the part of loved ones, then they yearn for and risk becoming a victim of depression. In this case, the experienced emotions will, firstly, be controlled by the mind, and secondly, they will not splash out on others.

Preferring not to have any particular problems, Libra often compromises and quarrels initiate reconciliation. Thanks to their natural charm, any ice in a relationship, any tension between people disappears. High sociability, the presence of innate diplomacy help not only to put up with ourselves, but also to reconcile enemies hostile to each other. The success of this event is based on the ability of Libra to subtly feel the mood of people, to intuitively understand their needs and common ground.

Representatives of this sign can be called excellent strategists. Before starting any business, they certainly weigh everything, calculate the consequences of their endeavors. Giving a sober assessment to the situation, Libra is able to find a way out of the most difficult situations and is purely intuitive.

When Libra wants to fight, no one can stop, dissuade them from this venture, because in this case natural stubbornness will prevail. At the same time, they are not guided by the thesis that all means are good at achieving the goal. They consider their own charming smile to be their main weapon and means to achieve success in anything.

Libra is characterized by simply amazing performance. These people, in order to meet the deadline, will work for wear and tear, lack of sleep and malnutrition. But as soon as the matter is successfully completed, Libra is so lazy that any attempts to stir them up, force them to do something cause only a single reaction - irritation. What they need in such a period more than anything else is peace of mind. Scales may well take care of their physical and mental health. But when the time of restoration of forces ends, they take up work with the same ardor and energy.

Libra has a rather diverse interest, and one of the characteristic features of the representatives of this sign is an indefatigable thirst for knowledge. In the houses of most, a huge number of books on a variety of topics have been collected, and their library is used for its intended purpose, and not at all for the decoration of the interior.

Libra refers to those people who are capable of sincerely loving and appreciating everything beautiful and harmonious - melodies, paintings, poems. They, as a rule, are happy in love, and treat loneliness as misfortune. However, it is worth noting that Libra overwhelmingly finds a mate.

Soul of Libra

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

So, the planet Venus endowed Libra with stubbornness, superficiality, laziness, lethargy, an underdeveloped sense of humor, excessive enthusiasm for flirting and petty intrigues, the desire to receive erotic pleasure without love, jealousy, the pursuit of competitors and rivals, ruthlessness.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.