Characteristic Virgo Sign
23/24.08 - 23/24.09

The constellation Virgo (lat. Virgo) is composed of large stars. A star called Spica shines brighter than the rest.
The one who was born precisely under him has a pronounced practical grip and a sharp analytical mind.
Element - Earth.
Planet of the Virgin - Mercury.
Stone of the Virgin - Jasper, Kyanit.
Talismans of the Virgin - grasshopper, aster.
Colors - yellow, pure shades, blue.
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign is the stomach.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, and parts of the body are the autonomic nervous system, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, and gastrointestinal tract.
Typical diseases - inflammation, fever, neuralgia, neurasthenia, psychosis, mania, phobia; there may be a memory disorder, dumbness, epilepsy.
The favorable climate is temperate.
The best place to live is a city where many interesting cultural events take place.
A typical appearance of the Virgin is the harmony and grace that remain for life, but not fragility; eyes gray or gray-green, set deep; slightly protruding cheekbones; small chiseled mouth.
The most suitable specialties of the zodiac sign Virgo are by the sign of the subject of labor: "man - man", "man - an artistic image", "man - a sign system."

Character character

People who were born under the sign of the Virgin are distinguished by prudence, logic, prudence, practicality of the mind, truthfulness, thrift, punctuality, and the desire to bring all matters to their logical end and perfection. They are trying in everything - at home and at work - to achieve order, because chaos disorientates them, makes them completely helpless, deprives them of self-confidence. Things, deeds and thoughts of the Dev are invariably in perfect order.

Virgos are great workers. They always do something, good, having golden hands, Virgo practically can do everything on their own. In their desire to do everything as qualitatively as possible, they work day and night, neglecting rest. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac always wonderfully find themselves worries, sitting idle for them is simply nonsense. Often, the cares that occupy Dev are small, frivolous, but it takes all the free time of these people, who are struggling to do everything carefully, in good faith, as best as possible.

Virgos are very highly disciplined. They literally have a concern written on their faces. They are almost always restless: they are deprived of peace of mind even by the thought that not all things have been redone, that perfection has not been achieved in everything. Constant anxiety about how to arrange everything in the best way, often leads Dev to despair, and love to restore order sometimes takes on the character of mania.

A lot of the time it takes Dev to analyze his actions and self-control. Often this leads to the loss of good chances and valuable time that they could spend more efficiently.

As well as deeds, the thoughts of Dev are characterized by thoroughness, accuracy and correctness. They would like to see the same qualities in others. They really do not like when others are optional, lazy, vulgar, deceitful, wasteful, do not control their emotions.

Like a fish in water, Virgos feel themselves in all kinds of disputes, disputes. Critical mind and observation help them to win in them. Those born under this constellation are capable of sharply and painfully criticizing. If someone surrounded by Virgo shows himself to be irresponsible, stupid, lazy and frivolous, then the representative of this sign will turn into an arrogant, picky, cynical, petty, boring and grumpy person. Unable to criticize anyone openly, the Virgin will slowly suffer, because they cannot remain indifferent to these shortcomings. What, in turn, people in the Virgo themselves do not like is selfishness, causticity, a sharp tongue, a complete inability to understand humor and jokes.

Virgos criticize someone all the time, but at the same time do not notice their own flaws. When someone accuses the representative of this sign of being too petty, pedantic, if not meticulous and boring, he will be completely perplexed, because he does not understand what, in fact, they reproach him. However, this does not prevent him from reading morality to his offender. Anyone who intends to attack the Virgin with criticism must bear in mind that this must be done very carefully, because the vindictive representatives of this sign can easily take revenge.

The Virgins have their own principles, which they strictly follow; their life is clearly planned and ordered. Changes, especially unexpected ones, confuse them, cause confusion and inhibit their activity, therefore it is not surprising that the Virgins cannot stand them.

With all this, the representatives of this zodiac constellation are very subtle and cute natures. They are distinguished by attractiveness, tranquility, grace, charm. Appearance they pay considerable attention - no less than everything else. Therefore, they always have neat, carefully selected clothes, a neat hairstyle.

Virgo behavior is usually quite modest, extravagance is alien to them. They communicate in a calm, gentle manner. They will not even try to draw attention to their person with some defiant acts or statements. Morality and squeamishness block the representatives of this sign of the zodiac road to the evil places, and indeed any noisy company; crowds are unattractive in their eyes.

Virgo is very scrupulous about their own independence, protecting it from everyone. She tries not to reveal her feelings even to her closest ones, thereby preventing their creeps into penetrating the holy of holies - her soul. Personal life, feelings, experiences - this she considers her inviolable property.

Material property is also very important for the life of Virgins. They are characterized by pronounced thrift, which, nevertheless, has a very reasonable basis. Their frugality is caused by practical necessity; Virgos are satisfied with the most necessary, but they do not need surpluses.

Discreet Virgo and cash spending. Money never falls to them from heaven, but is obtained by hard work, and therefore they are of great value to the Virgin. At the same time, representatives of this sign cannot be blamed for greed. If someone needs financial assistance, the Virgin will certainly provide it. The only condition is that they need to know that people who cannot be accused of begging, idleness and laziness are asking for help. Virgos will also be generous and generous when help is needed for the helpless and weak creatures, including animals.

Those born under the sign of Virgo are very reliable friends and colleagues, whom you can always rely on with a calm soul. They will not promise the golden mountains, but they will always fulfill what they promised. They will cope with all the duties and tasks assigned to their shoulders on time, with their usual zeal, without attracting much attention. The virgins consider it their duty, a vital calling to work for the benefit of people and the work that they have chosen. Representatives of this sign are in constant search of new areas where they can use their capabilities and powers. They work, forgetting about themselves, their needs; if the case requires it, they can refuse a lot. People of this sign are not among those who are sitting and waiting for the weather by the sea. Without waiting for gifts from life, they go forward, relying solely on their strength. Achieving success is helped by excellent memory, the desire for self-education, an indomitable desire to replenish the luggage of knowledge. All these qualities of the Virgin remain until they are overtaken by a very old age.

Virgos do not recognize "freebies"; refusing to receive any benefits free of charge, they thereby gain independence that is so important and valuable to them.

Representatives of this sign can be called the embodiment of purity - both physical and moral. In their understanding, cleanliness is, among other things, also a protection of health, as well as a means to help protect yourself from external influences and influences. Their desires, intentions, thoughts are pure; they are very fastidious and picky when it comes to food; they treat with great care and awe everything related to their health. And it is good for the majority of Virgoes, the representatives of this sign by nature have measured out a long life span.

At the same time, Virgo are very predisposed to nervous diseases. This is understandable and logical, given how much attention Virgo devotes to work. It is typical for them to take on impossible tasks, overestimating their real capabilities and ignoring the rest. They are always worried, nervous, afraid that they will not be able to do everything as perfectly as they want. Such labor heroism contradicts the inborn need to take care of health, and this becomes another source of excitement and nervousness. People of this sign, like no other, need a quiet mode of activity, a sense of proportion, constant self-control.

In addition, having increased sensitivity to external influences, Virgo very quickly fall into an anxiety state; to hurt them with an inadvertently abandoned word, to hurt them is easier than ever. Therefore, it is advisable to communicate with them in a calm, gentle, friendly manner, without particularly criticizing. Virgos are very fond of when they compliment their wit, admire their success.

Nevertheless, those born under this constellation are not as weak as it might seem. For all their nervousness, disruptions do not happen so often, because Virgo has a kind of protective mechanism that limits everything that can negatively affect them and eliminates potential problems. This is also facilitated by the fact that the Virgo is observant, able to anticipate events, think clearly and logically, and hear the voice of her body. Virgo fixes all the processes occurring in the body and, if necessary, applies her knowledge and skills related to health promotion. A lot of people born under the constellation Virgo are well aware of the most different ways of maintaining good health, they know a lot from official and traditional medicine, herbal medicine.

Virgos tend to know well the needs and problems of their body, soberly assess their own abilities and, if necessary for health, set strict limits on themselves. It is no coincidence that they are distinguished by particular scrupulousness and legibility - both in terms of food and in connection with their immediate surroundings. These are extremely practical people for whom health, lifestyle, nutrition are of particular concern. At the same time, the Virgo themselves do not even suspect that they often go too far in this matter.

The virgins look at life and the world around them with a sober, practical look, in which there is no place for illusions. Virgos cannot be called dreamers and dreamers in any way for the reason that they simply have no time to stay in the world of dreams. Being very active, they get so tired during the day that they no longer have enthusiastic emotions.

Representatives of this sign show their feelings very restrained, as if afraid to detect them. Tyutchev’s lines would be good as their life credo: “Be quiet, hide yourself and tai, and feelings, and your dreams.”

When love comes to the Virgin, they become attentive and gentle, express their feelings in an exquisite and sophisticated way. But even passionate love cannot deprive representatives of this sign of innate practicalism: they will never ignore the shortcomings of people they love. The virgins dream that their chosen ones should be serious and reasonable, subtly express their feelings, be financially wealthy, and strive for order and cleanliness in everything. For them, the foundation of any marriage is mutual understanding and respect.

The increased exactingness to applicants for the title of spouse or wife leads to the fact that a fairly large number of Virgins spend their lives singles or old maids. Spending much more time in comparison with many other zodiac signs in search of a worthy partner, Virgos often show banal prudence and do not shy away from a purely mercantile approach to marriage.

It is often quite difficult for people around to understand the nature of Dev. High exactingness is often mistaken for acquaintances of the Virgin for coldness and arrogance. However, beloved people of the representatives of this sign have every reason to be confident in their faithful, “even” love, to consider them wonderful life companions. At the same time, it was noted that most families where one of the spouses was born under the constellation Virgo, were destined to break up anyway.

Soul of the Virgin

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

Thus, the planet Mercury endowed Dev with prudence, a desire to appropriate another's good, great egoism and a desire to settle in this life at someone else’s expense, stinginess, unprincipledness, pedantry, reaching the point of absurdity, grumpy, idle curiosity, addiction to idle talk and gossip, talkativeness, unhealthy gambling.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.