Cancer characterization
21/22.06 - 23/24.07

Of all the constellations of the zodiac Cancer (lat. Cancer) is the smallest.
Cancer represents wisdom, manifested in love, devoid of self-interest.
Element - Water.
Cancer Planets - Moon.
Cancer Stone - Emerald, Calcite.
Mascots of Cancer - clover, heart.
Colors - pink, green.
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign of Cancer is the chest.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, parts of the body are the lower part of the chest and pleura, the digestive system, the gastrointestinal tract, head, kidneys, and skin.
Typical diseases are inflammation, fever, hypermenorrhea, hydrops, epilepsy, apoplexy, as well as all diseases of the above vulnerable parts of the body.
Favorable climate - no preferred, everyone is suitable.
The best place to live is calm, quiet, preferably in the lap of nature.
The typical appearance of the Cancer is short limbs, a narrow bone, a large head, rare and small teeth, eyes far apart from each other with a lively, moving gaze, pink skin, soft and soft to the touch.
The most suitable specialties of the sign of the Zodiac Cancer on the basis of the subject of labor: "man - man", "man - technology", "man - a sign system", "man - an artistic image", "man - wildlife.

Character character

Crayfish are similar to Pisces in their mystery; These people, their thoughts and actions, are far from understood by all and not always. Their character is very much determined by the influence of the moon. It is because of him that they are so sensitive and emotional, romantic and dreamy, and their nervous system is so easily excitable and vulnerable. The moon gave Cancers and a well-developed intuition, a rich imagination. People of this zodiac sign often feel the need to be alone.

Only in adulthood, Cancers part with their childish, direct perception of the world. They may not admit their interest, but they are attracted by everything strange, unknown, incomprehensible. However, such a facet of their nature does not at all cancel out the fact that Cancers are real realists, and not barren dreamers living exclusively in the world of their dreams.

Increased sensitivity makes those born under this constellation very vulnerable and vulnerable. Even the most insignificant changes in the psychological atmosphere, in the mood of others and much more that remains unnoticed by the others, does not elude Cancers. Most acutely they feel negative about themselves. Someone’s hateful remarks, not quite a good joke, callous attitude, slanting eyes - to many others all this may seem like a mere trifle, but not to Cancers: their pride takes such injections very painfully. They can harbor a strong resentment and experience a small tragedy in the soul, even if, by and large, it is not worth a damn.

The hypertrophied imagination of people born under this sign can cause their depression. If it seems to them that they are not treated well enough, if they feel that nobody needs and is not loved by anyone, they may even get sick. What can we say about the real, real troubles! However, with the same ease and suddenness, they can recover. Their best medicine is the experience of positive emotions, joy, happiness, and the most reliable way to restore their fighting spirit is to treat them kindly, with attention and soul. It is not surprising that Crayfish are in constant search of a company in which they would be treated kindly, it is important for them to have friends only everywhere.

Those born under the sign of Cancer prefer to avoid trouble, and when everyday troubles approach, they hide in their "carapace" and sit safely there until everything settles down. As a rule, they manage to do this very on time. The timeliness of "going underground" is facilitated by the developed intuition, the always wary attitude to the world, the need not to let into your life that which may turn out to be harmful to them. Therefore, do not worry too much about the vulnerable nature of the Rakov: they are not as defenseless as it might seem at first glance, and are quite capable of staying away from unpleasant collisions. These people are by no means pessimists: faith in the bright future and favor of Fortune lives in their heart.

The mood of Cancer is remarkable for its amazing variability. Joy and fun are quickly replaced by sadness, friendliness - gloom, laughter - by tears. It is noteworthy that all these metamorphoses are completely sincere: the game for the public, the viewer is alien to Cancer.

The feelings experienced by the representatives of this sign are so strong that they are instantly transmitted to others. Cancer is sad - everyone around them imperceptibly plunges into melancholy and sadness, Cancer is annoyed - and the situation begins to heat up, because other people also lose their calm. It is difficult to live or simply spend a lot of time next to representatives of this zodiac sign. People, completely unwilling to do so, begin to submit to the will of the Cancers, experiencing the same emotions with them and being in nervous tension. When Cancer leaves, others feel relieved, because their own, and not other people's moods and feelings return to them. Often it turns out that the very presence of Cancer begins to involuntarily annoy others and give rise to conflict situations.

Crayfish are very secretive, most often they hide their feelings and thoughts very deeply, experiencing them in complete solitude. They never reproach anyone emotionally and verbose: their reproaches are silent. To others, especially completely strangers, Cancers are with great distrust, not letting them close to their lives. They are also cautious when they share their thoughts and impressions with someone, fearing that this might somehow reveal their soul. Even for the closest people, Cancers often remain a mystery, not solved to the end.

At the same time, all of the above does not mean that it is very difficult to communicate with representatives of this sign. On the contrary, not only friends friends, but also unfamiliar people enter into a conversation with Cancers very willingly, telling them about their joys and sorrows. The fact is that those born under this sign dispose people to themselves that are always patient, carefully guard other people's secrets, respect the emotional world of their interlocutors, always find the right words to show their support, show participation and empathy. There is no pretense in all this, and people feel it, value it and respond to the Cancers with aithful friendship.

People who were born under the constellation of Cancer, not only show sympathy and willingness to help - they are well able to do this. Wisdom helps them, which only grows over the years. Crayfish do not repeat the mistakes made by them once, and always remember the lessons presented to them by life. All current situations are under their full control, and they are ready to accept the future fully equipped.

Constantly being in a state of alertness, analyzing the possible consequences of each step often lead to the fact that Cancers are slow in helping, waiting for someone to do this before them. However, one should not be offended, because this is not selfishness, not spiritual callousness and not laziness, but just an instinct for self-preservation. It is he who gives the Cancer prudence, prudence and makes everything keep under control.

Cancers really don't like being subordinate. They are very proud, dream of self-assertion and dominance over others. If they set a goal for themselves, they will go to it, not content with intermediate results. And they set goals for themselves almost always, striving to ensure that they have something (and preferably, everything) more than they have today. It can be not only material wealth, but also the love of a person, success in society, etc. At the same time, Crayfish never advertise their goals, but they are almost always present in their lives.

Daydreaming and sensitivity does not prevent Cancers from having a tenacious grip, as well as being frugal and passion for savings. The latter concerns not only money and various goods, but also family traditions. It is unlikely that the representative of this sign will part with old things. He will never be left with a couple of rubles in his wallet and with empty shelves in the refrigerator. Knowing a lot about food and being gourmets, Crayfish is always not averse to replenishing supplies.

They are very kind to their children and parents, carefully preserve home and family traditions and, in general, are ardent admirers of everything that has stood the test of time. Crayfish can not stand the change - neither a change in image or taste, nor spontaneous rearrangements of furniture, etc.

Everything new inspires them with distrust; the past is of much greater value to them than the present. Crayfish are keenly interested in history, they know and remember a lot from it, while being true patriots of their big and small homeland.

They also love nature, travels, including because they are gifted with the ability to subtly feel everything beautiful. Crayfish are fans of water, representatives of this sign often like swimming and boating, as well as simply secluded relaxation on the shore of a reservoir.

Getting older, Cancers do not part with a romantic look at many things and a belief in good luck. And she does not fail them: over the years, those born under this constellation become more and more lucky and have fewer and fewer reasons for disappointment.

Cancer Soul

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

Thus, the moon gave Rakov capriciousness, hysteria, the ability to quickly get annoyed, distracted, optional, unable to concentrate, slowness, laziness, euphoria, excessive pride, aggressiveness, a tendency to baseless denigrating, adamantly defending erroneous beliefs, the desire to demonstrate forgiveness, forgiving based on personal likes or dislikes; unexplained oddities in behavior.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.