Gemini characterization
21/22.05 - 21/22.06

The constellation of Gemini (lat. Gemini) is made up of two bright stars located at a very close distance from each other - Pollux and Castor.
Gemini personifies changeability and duality. The joined hands serve as a symbol of a harmonious combination of two energies - the male realizing and the female potential.
People who were born under him are distinguished by the duality of their mental warehouse. They cannot understand themselves, they do not know themselves.
Element - Air.
Gemini Planet - Mercury.
Gemini Stone - Beryl, Pomegranate.
Gemini mascots - snake, mask.
Colors - blue, yellow.
The part of the body that corresponds to the zodiac sign is the hands.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, and parts of the body are the nervous system, arms (completely, from fingers to shoulders), tongue, and respiratory organs.
Typical diseases - neurosis, psychosis, neurasthenia, neuralgia, mania, phobia, speech and memory disorder, kleptomania, delirium and diseases of the above vulnerable parts of the body.
Favorable climate - cool, mild.
The best place to live is a city.
Gemini’s typical appearance is tall, delicate facial features, narrow lips, sensual mouth.
The most suitable specialties of the zodiac sign Gemini according to the subject of the work: "man - man", "man - a sign system", "man - an artistic image."

Character character

Description of the character traits of Gemini is not the most grateful occupation: people of this sign are constantly changing, being in a permanent movement. Their extremely changeable nature always seems to combine the features of two people at once.

The characteristic duality is noticeable even at the level of appearance. For example, the hair of Gemini can be both light and dark hair, and it turns out that their head is like in a strip. As a rule, Gemini is distinguished by high growth, slim figure and dexterity of movements. The face has clear, as if carved from stone features. Gemini's eyes are usually blue, gray, green or hazel. They are beautiful, but their eyes are often restless. In most cases, representatives of this sign gives a high forehead and often a long and straight nose, although in some it has a more refined outline.

Their appearance is little subject to the passage of years. Even in adulthood, they can look pretty young, and the Twins can thank for their own mobility, dexterity, swiftness and quick reaction.

To calmly sit in one place for Gemini is a painful task, they are in a hurry somewhere for days, calling someone, talking to someone. In addition, they always generate new ideas, ideas, projects, plans. We can say that the thirst for activity and the violent activity itself - this is the norm for Gemini. If they are deprived of all this, then boredom and longing will settle in the soul, and they may find themselves in the grip of depression. However, the activity should also be special for representatives of this sign: uniformity and monotony are categorically not welcomed in it. Gemini can do several things at once without any difficulties, any work burns in their hands.

But what you should not even expect from the restless Gemini is punctuality. They are always late; they are always short of five minutes before they arrive at work or at some meeting on time.

If Gemini, by the will of fate, has a routine job, then they become uninteresting and dull people. While the rest of the signs with a creak do any one job, the nimble Gemini manages to cope with a volume twice as large. With the same swiftness, they are able to change their place of work, residence and redraw the whole way of life. They think, form an opinion about something and they talk at a fast pace and are tuned to the same speed of perception. Therefore, they are annoyed by slow-witted people and people who hold conservative views.

Representatives of this zodiac sign manage to get out of the most difficult and confusing positions easily and naturally, having suffered minimal losses. Dexterity and resourcefulness give the Gemini an opportunity to adapt to the changed circumstances without any problems. Sociable and very talkative, these people are of little use for preserving other people's secrets.

All Gemini would like to achieve the ideal, but the trouble is that even a very developed imagination does not help them understand what exactly this ideal consists of. What would seem sufficient to others - love, money, fame, does not seem sufficient to them. Their own achievements rarely bring them a sense of satisfaction. Gemini is always tormented by doubts: they believe that if they did something else or did it elsewhere, success and fame would be guaranteed. But in fact, they are hindered by a lack of patience and constancy. Gemini’s desires, aspirations, and result do not always coincide, which creates in the soul of the representative of this sign insecurity, nervousness and irritation, which literally permeate the space around him.

Gemini can be both sociable and closed, and these states replace each other with such speed and unpredictability that people around them can never guess what they should expect in the next moment. Their light attitude to life is transmitted to friends in many respects thanks to the sweet charm that Gemini exudes. Representatives of this zodiac sign are also cute and charming when they show someone their protection.

Gemini has one unusual feature: they often have an urgent need to behave in the opposite of what their own wishes dictate. Thanks to the extraordinary liveliness of speech, Gemini can prove to be clever politicians, especially since they have the ability to turn the most difficult situations to their advantage. In addition, they well hide their true intentions. If a dispute sets in about something and the Twin takes part in it, it does so with an extraordinary onslaught. At the same time, being great lovers of conversation, they are unimportant listeners: other people's statements do not bother them much.

Twins may be interested in a variety of areas - politics, literary work, foreign languages. But it is difficult for them to achieve any noticeable successes solely because of their habit of chasing two birds with one stone at a time, being in constant pursuit of something mythical and elusive. They are ready to show consistency only if their business really really interests.

Twins belong to the category of people for whom the past completely remains in the past. In their soul there is no place for nostalgic and sincere memories of places, people and things that once met in their life's path, not to mention the deep and long attachment to them.

Representatives of this sign are afraid of loneliness, but at the same time the Twins feel the need for personal freedom or, at least, the feeling that they have it. To love such a person is quite difficult because of his nature: Gemini prefer to remain silent about their deep feelings, sympathy, love, although in reality they also really want to be loved, feel affection and care. If you start with Gemini a heartfelt, sensitive conversation about love, feelings and other "calf tendernesses" or persevere when discussing them, all this will be equally useless. Born under this contradictory constellation will not only slip away from a sensitive topic, but will lose his temper and accuse the interlocutor of not understanding and believing in him. Only the constant companions of life can count on the loyalty of Gemini.

Communicating with Gemini, others should not criticize them or allow themselves offensive intonations addressed to them. Even a hint of it takes the representatives of the sign out of himself, and the conversation will not take place.

Gemini Soul

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

Thus, the planet Mercury endowed Gemini with indefatigable talkativeness, a passion for gossip and rumor, idle curiosity, lack of one's own point of view, unprincipledness, intolerance of physical and mental stress, selfishness, the desire to extract personal profit from everything, greed, eagerness, and excitement.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.