Characteristics of Taurus
20/21.04 - 21/22.05

The constellation Taurus (lat. Taurus) are stars with different sizes. The most striking is Aldebaran, whose name translates from Arabic approximately as "next."
Taurus represents patience, endurance, moderation, practicality.
Element - Earth.
The planet of Taurus is Venus.
Stone of Taurus - Agate, Jadeite.
Talismans Taurus - a golden calf, an owl.
Colors - orange, red.
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign of Taurus is the neck.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, and parts of the body are the lymphatic system, frontal sinuses, tonsils, pharynx, pharynx, throat, larynx, neck, thyroid gland, and auditory passages.
Typical diseases are catarrhal diseases, catarrhal infections (mainly the upper respiratory tract), deafness, diarrhea, constipation, diabetes, gastritis.
The favorable climate is temperate.
The best place to live is a house in a quiet place surrounded by nature, in the garden; for business - a bustling city.
The typical appearance of Taurus is dark eyes with a rounded shape and a submissive expression; male Taurus is characterized by proportional build and muscularity, women - grace.
The most suitable specialties of the Taurus zodiac sign according to the subject of the work: “man is an artistic image”, “man is nature”, “man is a sign system”.

Character character

For Taurus, spontaneous reactions to something are completely uncharacteristic. They are distinguished by solidity, lack of fussiness, solidity; getting them out of a state of mental equilibrium is an extremely difficult undertaking. Their movements are calm, confident, measured, their speech is leisurely, and all this, coupled with a strong physique, creates an image of strong-willed, strong personalities.

Taurus, as a rule, is a friendly, good-natured and friendly person who has a huge reserve of patience. If he does not like something, he may not show his displeasure for a long time and be condescending. But when the cup of patience is full, Taurus is completely transformed, becoming a furious, indomitable, uncontrollable person, sweeping away all obstacles in his path.

Taurus do not like being bullied, put pressure on them, when instead of advice (they accept them with gratitude) they are given orders. Most of all they like people who are willing to agree on everything with them, compromise, know how to adapt to them and do not even try to inflict Taurus at least in some way, not to mention subordinating them to their will. But even if someone makes such an attempt, then he will not succeed, because he will face fierce resistance.

Taurus refers to the earthly signs of the zodiac. It was the land that became for them a source of excellent health, a huge, almost inexhaustible supply of strength, as well as common sense. It is almost impossible to hear complaints from the representatives of this sign - neither about material difficulties, nor about mental suffering. Their extraordinary performance is simply amazing, and, it must be said, Taurus owes their vital successes to this quality of their own. This is especially true in cases where their activity is at least indirectly related to the land, because the representatives of this sign love nature, the land and strive to bring them some benefit. It usually happens that Taurus can do anything in life, but craving, love of the earth will certainly make itself felt - sooner or later.

In the lap of nature, Taurus not only prefers to engage in any activity, but also live: he does not really like the city's noisy life, because she does not like it. It is no coincidence that he goes to rest, and at the same time to work in the country, to relatives in the village. There he feels more comfortable and has the opportunity to replenish the supply of strength and emotions thanks to the life-giving effect of nature.

Taurus have a special passion for comfort and coziness, they love their home very much, seeing it as a reliable fortress, where you can hide from life's turmoil and fuss.

The house of the representative of this sign must be filled with sonorous children's voices: “flowers of life” - a prerequisite for the inviolability of the Taurus fortress. These people are very fond of children and are trying their best to educate in their offspring the same housekeeping, housekeeping, to pass on to them their skills and abilities.

Taurus are not very willing to leave their home: they are more pleasant not to go around the guests, but to receive them at home. And the owners of them are noble - hospitable and hospitable.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are distinguished by exceptional decency. In relation to their family, they show great devotion, and the household members feel behind these strong and reliable people as behind a stone wall, very confident.

Taurus is very conservative in its habits, does not tolerate change, because it really needs stability and a measured way of life. If something changes significantly in life, these changes can unsettle him, and he will not be at ease, until he again finds himself in his usual atmosphere and everything returns to normal. These people also endure troubles with great difficulty. Taurus tend not to show their grief, their emotions will not give out internal tension, but it is still present in the soul. Taurus, upset and quietly angry, waits for it to finally settle down.

Despite the fact that Taurus often disagree with this thesis, the fact remains: they love money and are not indifferent to the material side of life. Thanks to security, the representatives of this sign gain the stability and tranquility that they need so much. They are owners by nature, but they are far from being misguided. If a friend of Taurus gets into a predicament, he will not hesitate to give him material support. At the same time, these people sincerely do not understand Mots and never waste money.

Taurus can safely be called respectable and very practical people. The main values ​​for them are home and children, their main aspirations are stability, proximity to the earth, material well-being and pride in it, acquaintance and friendship with worthy, respected, respectable people. At the same time, Taurus cannot be called snobs. Representatives of this sign have the ability to enjoy life, they really like luxury, comfort, a sense of celebration - both in the outside world and in their own soul.

Taurus is not without its shortcomings and weaknesses. Sometimes they are moody, stubborn, lazy and passive.

If we talk about the sensuality of this zodiac sign, it should be noted that Taurus, as a rule, is always partial to the representatives of the opposite sex. Moreover, they themselves are attractive and charming, but because of their nature they prefer not to take the first step. They are confident that even so, without making any effort, they will make the object of their love pay attention to them. Possessing, as already noted, great patience, they long wait for reciprocity, not stooping to persecute their chosen ones. However, they remind themselves of tokens, gifts that they like to make and choose expertly, with great taste. They can give flowers, paintings, music, because they themselves are not indifferent to painting and music, as well as to everything beautiful, luxurious.

People born under this sign want to see their chosen ones understanding, honest and patient, unobtrusive and non-aggressive. It is simply unthinkable to win their hearts by force and force them to sympathy and love.

Soul of Taurus

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

Thus, the planet Venus endowed Taurus with stubbornness, contempt for people, ruthlessness, self-centeredness with sadistic inclinations, lethargy, sexuality, which is most often based on thirst to satisfy sexual passion at all costs, on unnatural feelings in relationships with partners, extreme jealousy reassessment of sexual feelings, terrorizing family members against the background of respect for external decency, indestructible secretive money-grubbing.

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still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
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