Characteristic Pisces
19/20.02 - 20/21.03

The constellation Pisces (lat. Pisces) consists entirely of faint stars - no brighter than the 3rd magnitude.
Pisces are the personification of self-abasement and pride, passion and humility.
Element - Water.
Planets Pisces - Neptune, Jupiter.
Pisces Stone - Chrysolite, Moonstone.
Talismans Pisces - knot, daffodil.
Colors - green, white.
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign of Pisces is the feet.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, and parts of the body are the heart, circulatory system, lymphatic and digestive systems, tendons, ligaments, fingers, ankles.
Typical diseases are neurosis, neurasthenia, neuralgia, psychopathy, alcoholism, drug addiction, nervous and mental disorders, infectious diseases, colds, as well as diseases of vulnerable parts of the body.
The favorable climate is warm, humid.
The best place to live is near a pond.
The typical appearance of Pisces is short legs with small feet, graceful hands, smooth, unmistakable movements, a face with small pearl teeth and beautiful bright eyes with a dreamy look.
The most suitable specialties of the zodiac sign on the basis of the subject of labor: "man - man", "man - artistic image", "man - technology", "man - sign system."

Character character

Nature endowed Pisces with femininity of nature, mystery, excellently developed intuition, the gift to foresee the future, an excellent memory. All these features can be seen in them in childhood, so it is reasonable to listen to all that the representatives of this sign say of any age. They are endowed with a bright gift of foreboding, clairvoyant abilities, but they may not even suspect it. Often Pisces speak of things that no one even had time to think about; their intuition and logic may conflict with each other.

Thanks to developed intuition, the representatives of this zodiac sign are experts on human souls, penetrate their most hidden corners and can see everything that people would like to hide from the rest.

Fish not only understand people. Possessing generosity and increased sensitivity, people of this sign empathize, sympathize with others, help, and at the moment when it is needed most. Fishes can patiently nursing sick and infirm, sacrifice their interests. Love for one's neighbor, mercy, humanity for people of this sign is not just words, but life philosophy. Moreover, these rather abstract concepts for those born under the constellation Pisces are filled with very specific content. Those around them come to them with their hardships, seek advice and comfort from them - and get them because they deal with people who, like no one else, are characterized by justice, warmth and sincerity.

With the greatest trepidation and concern, Pisces treat their relatives and loved ones. They deal with other people's questions and problems, forgetting about their own needs and interests. Pisces do this very willingly - moreover, people of this sign simply do not know how to live differently.

But not only people need Pisces society - this is a mutual need. For representatives of this constellation, loneliness is simply unacceptable. They can feel active, lively, happy only in a circle of people who are friendly to them. The best atmosphere for Pisces is music, noisy company, lively conversation, celebration, fun, laughter.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are often the soul of these companies, because they are cheerful and witty. And yet, far from always, Pisces are in a rosy mood. A bad mood, inexplicable melancholy, anxiety, anxiety, often piles on them, turning them into weak and helpless. They often have a deep depression. In such moments, people of this sign need more than ever sincere, sincere, friendly communication, reliance on a stronger shoulder. Pisces needs a person around them to whom they could come with their bad mood, complain, cry and get comfort.

Fish and real life, full of dangers, negativity are poorly compatible: people of this sign can not resist the turmoil. Yes, they do not seek to do this, preferring not to fight, but to go headlong into melancholy, pessimism. The inner world becomes a refuge for them: they plunge there and live there in their dreams and illusions. Swimming in the course of life, Pisces do not think at all where it can throw them, and live in the hope that everything will form by itself.

It is not surprising that with this approach to life, representatives of this sign are not worried about their tomorrow. However, carefree Pisces are not very worried about the realities of today. Discomforts, restrictions, lack of food or something else vital, general everyday disorder leave them indifferent - the main thing is that all these circumstances do not interfere with the movement of the track. For the same reason, Pisces often show indifference to the opinions of others around them, although such vulnerable people would have to worry a lot.

Representatives of this sign do not like to make decisions and try their best to evade solving problems that involve quick and decisive action. It is not in their power to say openly and bluntly yes or no. Those who live or work with Pisces should be aware of this feature and take the reins of government in all important matters.

Representatives of this sign do not tolerate coercion: it causes tangible pain to their vulnerable souls. Pisces responds to violence with isolation, inaccessibility and coldness. They also react painfully to criticism, so communicating with people of this sign is sometimes quite difficult.

Those born under this zodiac constellation are well aware of their own vulnerability. Endless experiences and a change of mood cause them fatigue, they are uncomfortable in huge crowds. Pisces hate when someone tries to trick them; they don’t like it when people don’t trust them, they consider them insincere. People of this sign prefer not to show their vulnerability to anyone, disguising it as ostentatious indifference or finding a way out of passivity and immersion in a fantasy world.

Pisces categorically does not want to live in harsh reality, to resist or resist something. It is more comfortable for them to put on pink glasses, to invent a world for themselves and live there happily and serenely.

And yet, sooner or later, Pisces comes a bitter realization of the illusory nature of their life, their ideas and aspirations. It becomes a strong blow, which many representatives of this sign are trying to soften with alcohol, and sometimes drugs. Thanks to these “magic” means, Pisces once again finds themselves in a safe world where there is no place for real problems and disappointments. It is noteworthy that their own home is not perceived by people of this sign as a refuge from all life's adversities. Within its walls, they do not receive the much-needed sense of security.

This, of course, does not mean that all Pisces will certainly sooner or later turn into alcoholics. It is simply necessary to know that their predisposition to this vice (as well as Scorpions and Crayfish, i.e. watermarks) is quite large. In this regard, Pisces should try to build his life in such a way that there is no need to resort to relaxing or, on the contrary, stimulating means.

At first glance, people of this sign look rather weak, helpless. But still they are much stronger than it might seem, and are quite capable of being indignant, angry, abrupt. Nevertheless, the reaction of withdrawal into themselves is more typical for them. Pisces can mask their tears with laughter - so that it seems that they are crying from him. By the way, people of this sign also love humor. However, often jokes serve as a screen for other feelings that Pisces would prefer to hide from others. Fish, by the way, can be quite good satirists thanks to a developed sense of humor, observation, the ability to see insignificant details, and a sharp mind.

The susceptibility to the blows of fate, vulnerability, and the inability to withstand the troubles of Pisces is compensated by simply incredible luck, the amazing favor of Fortune. Thanks to various pleasant accidents and surprises, representatives of this sign survive in this harsh world and even feel happy. Perhaps, in this way, life tries to “thank”, encourage for the lack of self-interest, vanity, the desire to dominate others, for the mercy of Pisces and their ability to rely on fate in everything.

People who appeared under this constellation love comfort, coziness, luxury, but at the same time they are characterized by an absolute inability to handle money. According to their idea, they represent value only when they are already turned into luxury goods, to which Pisces are especially addicted. They would like to live well, but they do not always understand that to do this without money is simply impossible. Moreover, in a world created by their imagination, finance and a beautiful life exist separately.

For many Pisces, a typical lack of a sense of ownership - both their own and that of others. In practice, this means that they do not hesitate to give their things to someone, but with the same ease can use what is not theirs.

Two vital prospects open up for people of this zodiac sign: to be on the crest of a wave or lie on the bottom, the third most often is not given. Pisces move up, confrontation is given with great difficulty, so many representatives of this sign follow the path of least resistance. They make their life easy and carefree, and frankly, often empty and meaningless.

Among other qualities, nature awarded Pisces a high creative talent; they are very musical, artistic, talented in painting. Pronounced abilities often force their owners to set a specific goal in life. Only they themselves can know about it, and for everyone else they will remain the same visionaries and inhabitants of castles in the air.

Soul of fish

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

So, the planets Neptune and Jupiter endowed Pisces with an unhealthy fantasy, emotional outbursts, a tendency to self-deception and illusions, addiction to alcohol, drugs, pride, deceit, strongly expressed phobias, incoherent speech, unhealthy love of order, suggestible, exaggerated perception of insignificant, erotic accumulation of excitement, hypocrisy, unhealthy sensibility, inability to distinguish good from evil.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.