Characteristic Aquarius
20/21.01 - 19/20.02

The constellation of Aquarius (lat. Aquarius) is large and complex.
Aquarius represents a test, approval.
Thanks to the influence of Uranus, people born under the sign of Aquarius are rebels by nature. The instability, inconsistency of old traditions with the requirements of the time and the need for radical changes, they feel instinctively.
Element - Air.
Planets of Aquarius - Uranus, Saturn.
Stone of Aquarius - Sapphire, Obsidian.
Talisans of Aquarius - key, icon.
Colors - blue, silver, "electrician".
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign of Aquarius is caviar.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, parts of the body - the heart, cardiovascular system, nervous system, calves, lower leg, ankle joints, joints of the toes.
Typical diseases - neurasthenia, colds, allergies, paralysis, cramps, diseases of the above parts of the body.
The favorable climate is mild, warm.
The best place to live is a city.
The typical appearance of Aquarius is above average height, fast, impetuous, although in many cases poorly coordinated, gait, pale skin, large head with blond straight silky hair, blue, gray or green eyes, high forehead, thin, noble, beautiful features.
The most suitable specialties of the sign of the Zodiac Aquarius on the basis of the subject of labor: "man - man", "man - living nature", "man - sign system", "man - artistic image".

Character character

Aquarians are not unambiguous, straightforward nature, because they are controlled by two planets at once. The influence of Uranus turns them into destroyers of traditions, into rebels, and Saturn into melancholy people, prone to sinking into sadness and sad memories. Aquarians are simultaneously domineering, helpful, sensitive, kind, calm, soft.

The representative of this sign is a big fan of distant travels, opening new horizons, acquiring new friends. People are impressed by his humanity, humanity, willingness to help, even if it is needed by a person whom he does not know. Aquarius has a lot of friends, but they call only a few friends, preferring quality over quantity. However, strong friendships that would last a long time are not often present in their lives, since Aquarius is still more prone to making and maintaining new acquaintances. They start quickly and easily, because people flock to the representatives of this sign, like butterflies in the light. In turn, Aquarius can trust only those friends who are considered the closest. People to whom the representative of this sign of the zodiac has lost their interest for some reason will never again be able to gain his favor.

Relations with relatives and friends of Aquarius are built on the basis of equality, categorically not accepting any kind of coercion, oppression. According to them, in any situation there is an opportunity to compromise and find a common language.

Aquarians are not burdened by prejudice; in their opinion, any traditions and authorities act as restrictions for individual freedom. Foreign opinions for them do not have weight for the reason that, according to Aquarius, everything in our life is too volatile to take them as a basis. Frankly, bluntly expressing their point of view, people of this sign, however, do not impose it on anyone. Even if someone does not share it, they are not offended, moreover, Aquarius understand everyone, they feel sympathy and sympathy for everyone.

Fine nervous organization allows you to feel people perfectly, penetrate their innermost desires. Aquarians can skillfully reassure people like no other sign.

For those born under this constellation, there is such an interesting feature as addiction, sympathy for eccentrics, people with oddities. If you analyze the circle of close acquaintances of Aquarius, then among them, by all means, such an instance is found. A person of this sign will provide him with his guardianship, support, and the ward will not be the first one to meet, as they say: Aquarius will take a closer look, observe for some time, strive to understand the motives that drive him before taking him under his wing.

All representatives of this sign have moments when they want to be alone, too lazy and do nothing. This is because they spend a lot of energy on other people. However, such a period is never delayed for a long time.

Loyal to other people's weaknesses, Aquarius are extremely demanding on themselves.

Despite the fact that those born under this sign are constantly in contact with people, they often remain incomprehensible and therefore lonely. Astrologers generally believe that Aquarians are people of the future who only sometimes behave like mere mortals, and the time when others can finally understand them will come no sooner than half a century later.

Compared to other zodiacal knowledge, Aquarius is rich in geniuses. The life mission of these people is to improve human society, change the world. Aquarius is sometimes called the hope of mankind.

If you do not look closely at the behavior of the representatives of this sign, then they can be considered idealists. However, careful observation of them leads to the idea that after all, Aquarius is realistic. Their intuition is too developed in order to soar in the clouds and live in castles of castles built by hand. Nevertheless, with all their souls they are directed to the future, despite the fact that their life path can consist of only continuous obstacles. When Aquarius is not easy, rebels awake in them, zealously fighting for their independence, including from unfavorable circumstances.

In some situations, it seems to those around that Aquarius have abandoned their characteristic state of struggle. However, this does not mean that they have deviated from their views and ideals - just a discussion in this case seems to them a waste of time. Representatives of this sign voiced their agreement with the wrong opinion, occupy the positions that they had secured for themselves in advance, and accumulate new forces for confrontation.

The actions of any Aquarius are often completely unexpected and obscure in terms of their motives. It doesn’t even occur to people of this sign to coordinate their actions with anyone, but they cannot be called spontaneous. Aquarians produce a continuous analysis of other people's actions, with a particular interest in solving puzzles. If, as a result of observations and conclusions, they discover the truth, then the situation, the problem, and its main characters cease to be of interest to them.

For people born under this constellation, the truth is of the highest value. So that she triumphs, they will never back down. The driving motive of Aquarius is not the desire to originalize, but the struggle against terry conservatism, inertia. Confronting public opinion gives them considerable pleasure, especially since they know the reaction of society to their actions in advance.

People of this sign can be safely called subtle politicians. They are inherent in the ability to catch on the fly the essence of any business, as well as talk and hear everything around them at the same time.

Aquarians categorically do not accept when someone is trying to impose their own or other people's will on them. They do not consider themselves entitled to impose their opinions on others. The representatives of this sign simply hate lies, deceit, they have a special flair for dishonorable people. At the same time, Aquarius does not ignore meetings with such characters in advance: they want to make sure that their hunch did not deceive them. Having done this, they do not try to bring the liars to clean water, to sort things out with them. The philosophy of their life does not provide for the struggle with hypocritical people, but at the same time to call Aquarius cowards would be extremely unfair.

Representatives of this sign can ask others questions on fairly intimate topics, and therefore look tactless. Such situations are related to the fact that they are busy solving a problem that worries them. Having dealt with it, Aquarius turns into scattered people, their eyes become detached, wandering on the surface and not stopping at anyone.

People of this sign can not boast of a wonderful memory. But this does not create big problems in life for them, since Aquarius has a pronounced ability to acquire knowledge. How they manage to assimilate them so easily and quickly is known only to them.

Aquarius is not addicted to things, accumulation, because for them other ideals of a higher order come to the fore. In everyday life, they try to get by with a minimum, and giving up everything at all is no problem for them.

Strongly developed intuition helps Aquarius to prevail over the most complex everyday troubles.

Soul of Aquarius

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

So, the planets Saturn and Uranus endowed Aquarius with suspicion, exaltation, eccentricity, confusion of thinking, depression, power, fanaticism, superstition, blind faith in supernatural phenomena, conservatism, phobias, a tendency to slander people, illusory ideas, short temper, constant expectation act against one’s own will, inability to control oneself, passion to destroy everything around.

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still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
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