Capricorn characterization
22/23.12 - 20/21.01

The constellation of Capricorn (lat. Capricornus) is composed of dim stars, the main of which is Giedi, or Algedi, which translates from Arabic as "forehead".
The sign of Capricorn is the embodiment of endurance, a living mind, creativity.
People who appeared under this sign are distinguished by a strong character, vigilance, caution, resistance to life's turmoil, and impassivity.
Element - Earth.
Planet Capricorn - Saturn.
Capricorn Stone - Onyx, Malachite.
The mascot of Capricorn is a black cat.
Colors - black, gray, brown, green of dark shades.
The part of the body that corresponds to the sign of Capricorn is the knees.
The most vulnerable organs, systems, parts of the body - the heart, cardiovascular and nervous system, calves, ankle joints, lower leg.
Typical diseases are allergies, colds, paralysis, neurasthenia, cramping, as well as diseases of the above parts of the body.
The favorable climate is cold, at a more mature age - warm, hot, tropical.
The best place to live is a city.
Capricorn's typical appearance is thin arms and legs, thinness, dark hair, and dry skin.
The most suitable specialties of the sign of the Zodiac Capricorn on the basis of the subject of labor: "man-man", "man-art image", "man - a sign system."

Character character

People born under the sign of Capricorn are distinguished by practicality, extreme seriousness, stubbornness and dexterity in achieving the goal, the desire to win at all costs. Their movement to success is bold and confident, but at the same time they are careful and try to get around all the obstacles in their path, and not go ahead. People of this zodiac sign achieve success exclusively on their own, thanks to hard work, therefore they are used to setting themselves only goals that can be reached alone, not counting on support. If the task is very difficult, the stubborn Capricorns do not give up, but only become more energetic, concentrated, ready to act.

There are no obstacles in the face of which Capricorn would decide to retreat or at least stop halfway for a break. Fatigue is completely uncharacteristic for them, and if they pause, it is only to search for new, more correct approaches to reaching the summit. Sooner or later they find themselves there, because no other zodiac sign can compete with Capricorn in physical and mental endurance.

You can often hear how people born under this constellation are compared with animals. This parallel is not accidental, as is the comparison of the life of the Capricorn man with the overcoming of mountain paths leading to the top. Capricorns - animals and people - are distinguished by their special perseverance, caution, endurance, patience, careful probing of the soil under their feet, spirit stamina in the face of sorrows and failures. In addition, the characteristics of these people can be supplemented with such a virtue as wisdom: without it, the thorny path to the mountain peaks can turn into a drama or tragedy. Most likely, this is why Capricorns never openly conflict, they try to get along with people so that they do not turn into their enemies. Representatives of this sign unpleasant remarks addressed to them simply pass their ears, swallow grievances, make concessions and compromises, adapt to society and the situation so that they stay in the shadows until a certain moment, and do not attract attention.

Looking at Capricorn, you can never say that this calm, restrained, gentle person will certainly achieve something worthwhile. He will not get into trouble, will not impress others with ideas, will not show off his oratory, will not demonstrate his business qualities and boast of achievements.

Outwardly, many Capricorns give the impression of not aspiring to power, ungodly, not conceited people. However, the day is coming when they, having outstripped promising candidates on the palm, are suddenly at the target before the rest. The people around were amazed, because they did not assume that this modest, unhurried, inconspicuous one, who seemed to only observe the process, was in fact also moving towards the goal. However, unlike many others, he did it stubbornly, with complete dedication, without excitement and impulsiveness, without distraction for secondary classes, intrigues, entertainment, relaxation and PR.

Whom the genuinely hardworking Capricorns cannot truly understand is lazy people. It is idleness, idleness, laziness that look in the eyes of the representatives of this sign as the greatest evil that prevents it from achieving success in this life. They do not respect frivolous, careless, selfish people, envious people, believing that it is these qualities that make people failure. The Capricorn ideal, a role model - people with a stable, high social position.

Representatives of this zodiac sign act very carefully, incredulously, scrupulously thinking through all their actions. They do not welcome moving and other major changes in their lives: because of them, the results of previous works may be destroyed, and the Capricorns really do not like to return to the stages that have already been completed. It is not surprising that they are great conservatives, opponents of reform and innovation, because all this threatens with the loss of previous positions and other changes. These people are characterized by stability of views and solidity in everything.

Thrifty, prudent Capricorns may well lead a rather modest lifestyle, in which there will be no room for excesses and luxury. Public recognition, prestige in their eyes is more important than material accumulations. They are quite satisfied with small incomes, the main thing is that they are guaranteed, permanent. Afraid of losing them, they will not take risks and therefore often miss good chances. Here, too, their natural obstinacy and desire for consistency is manifested: they have a clearly developed plan and will adhere only to it, without being distracted by any doubtful deeds and any kind of illusion. Their goal is to secure material independence for themselves, to have solid ground under their feet.

Capricorns give the impression of closed, callous, dry people who are not familiar with any attachments. This is not entirely true: in the soul of a person born under this sign, one can find all the same feelings and emotions as the rest. But unlike many others, Capricorn keeps his impulses under strict control, does not let them out and does not allow anyone to look into his inner world.

People belonging to this sign invariably stand with dignity, strictly, from them you will not hear jokes or tales amusing the audience. Sensitive, modest, timid Capricorn prone to depression, immersion in melancholy and despair. They are distinguished by their willingness to always help, in particular with practical practical advice, a courteous attitude towards loved ones and a respectful attitude towards the elderly. With great respect, Capricorns treat their parents.

People of this sign have an interesting feature: having reached adulthood, many of them come to the conclusion that they spent their whole life too seriously, hunting for achievements and missing out on earthly joys. Many Capricorns cannot boast a happy family life, especially if their marriage was early. All together moves the born under this sign to a kind of revenge, attempts to catch up. With age, their character becomes easier and more susceptible to the joys and pleasures of earthly being.

Capricorn Soul

People rise to the next, higher stage of their development through overcoming themselves. As the personality develops more and more, its positive qualities form a more and more harmonious combination, and the person himself gets the opportunity to build his own destiny more and more successfully.

However, ideal people simply do not exist. We all must keep in mind that because of the dominant planet, every sign of the zodiac receives not the best qualities that affect the character of a person.

Thus, the planet Saturn endowed Capricorn with melancholy, pessimism, lack of imagination, suspicion, narrow horizons, intellectual primitivism, indefinite fear, fear of change, nit-picking, unhealthy conservatism, vindictiveness, retardation, yielding only in the face of physical strength, m inferiority, fatalism, avarice.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.