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Year- Rat
1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008
People who are happy this year, usually have an attractive appearance and are attractive. They are intentional, friendly, eager to acquire ownership, differ in accuracy, which is worthy of detail. They are economical and like to save money, forget about their economy and can only make up a strong feeling. These people are generous to those they love. They easily fall into nests, but they can keep external self-indulgence. Many of them are small, but at the same time they are lovable and, as a rule, sing. Starting somewhere, they are not at all restful, while they are not yet reached. Usually these people are honest and open-minded, but many of them should not be gossiped about.

Year - Bull
1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009
Tolerable, not a lot of words. They are rooted, can be eccentric, easily come out of oneself. In this case, they should be warned that, to a great extent, they do not know the boundaries. They are not very trustworthy, but they have been adored, they are short-sighted. They have excellent physical and physical data. They are known for people with a light character, but besides this they often show directly and don’t like when they contradict them. Ha love some of them will look, just as a matter of fact, that often leads to misunderstanding between them and relatives.

Year - Tiger
1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010
Sensitive, inclined to entertainment. They are friendly, however, they are friendly. They are using the statement, but often they are in conflict with the old or the beginning. These people, as a rule, are valued by virtue. They are not infrequent in their decision, but they take great or deliberate decisions, or they take a long, but late decision. They are too suspicious and a little egotistical, but in general - strong and strong people.

Year - Rabbit
1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011
Individuals, talented and respectable. In life they are always lucky. They are friendly, kept, distinguished by a unlimited life. Caused by the general recovery and accession. Material matters are successful for them. They love to gossip, but when it’s tactful, they’re not evil. They are not evil to those whom they love, but at the same time they are often attached to their relatives. These people almost never go out of their own possession, have excellent business qualities, are respectable, obligatory, although they are beautiful and inclined to small ones.

Year - Dragon
1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012
They are very healthy, energetic, easy to exclude, sometimes cutting and straightening. They are fair, emotional, decisive, and usually should be done on them. They are more self-righteous and open to others. Their opinions have always been justified. They are capable, but inclined to gentleness, and this allows others to take up above them. But not long. They quickly get rid of their delusions. Usually they are loved, but they themselves are in love with this. As a rule, they marry or marry in their young youth or do not do this in general.

Year Snake
1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013
These people are complex. They say little, but from the endowed with wisdom. Their financial affairs are perfect. There is no cash grudge. Often they are conceivable and hospitable, however, they can strongly demonstrate sympathy and help their lesser-than-well-educated people. They often bend the stick, do not trust the rest of others and rely only on themselves. They are decisive and purposeful; they go through their idle time deeply. Outside peace. It is equipped with a comfortable interior, attractive exterior and some comfort, which leads to family complications.

Year Horse
1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014
It is popular, the oars are characteristic, they have the ability to handle money, they are very sensible, they say a lot, they are talented. Y all of them are happy, some of them pay attention to themselves with unimpeded behavior. They are self-confident, they know the price, are not equal to the full fledged floor. If you keep them, these people are able to forget about everything, except for their day-to-day care. They include the maximum ardor and passion in a loving game. These people love entertainment, big gatherings, they love to be in the center of events. They are indifferent and rarely heed to advice, always get out and work according to their wishes.

Year - Ram
1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015
These people are endowed with facilities in the area of ​​exquisite art. Ha first glance y them all seems to be yummer than y other. However, they are shy, prone to sexism, are incapable of life, they don’t know which way to go. Usually they are religious, indecisive. They differ in contrast and always leave their convictions in love, love their business. Money is sufficient. They appreciate the benefits that make money. They have a good look, they are friendly, soft, and kind.

Year - Monkeys
1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016
The most unreliable and contradictory, left, clever, inventive, original. Easily solve the most complex problems. It is unlikely that you could name a field of activity, where they could have achieved success. They are easy to overcome and to dismiss. They want to do everything at the same minute, any, even a small obstacle, is able to fix them a build-up and knock down their plans. They are able to make decisions and have a healthy mind. They are interesting, they read a lot, they know, and there is a great memory. These people are temperamental and self-righteous, many of them make words, others do not interfere with it.

Year - Rooster
1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017
Deep-thinking, one-to-one personalities, loving and committed to their work. They try to fulfill any obligation, even if they are not strong enough, and are very worried if it didn’t work out well. Somewhat eccentric, do not immediately find contact with others. Sure in his turn and always are so. They are single, closed, although they can produce a decisive impression. Natype - good. Their plans are never realized, they are neither in life, nor sharp declines, or rises. There are good luck or bad luck. These people are egotistical, interesting and capable of the most desperate and courageous pursuits.

Year - Dog
1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018
They have the best human qualities. They are true, they certainly inspire trust, so they can keep the secret. But they are somewhat egotistical, inexplicably straightforward and eccentric. They are eager for riches and money and they are always spent. They look at a lot of criticism and are fond of a sharp language. However, these people stand for justice. They know what they are fighting for. In the beginning, he is always brought to the end. The victory is usually obtained by him. Out of them come out perfect pykudeliteli.

Year - Pig
1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019
Good, some safe and capable of self-immolation. Bo all matters include all strengths. For them, there is only one, direct drive without shutting down. These are strong and manly people. They don’t leave their friends in trouble. Not many, but amiable, they read a lot and are well-informed. They are attentive to those they love. Their family affairs go a little bit, they do not allow long term rifts, which are difficult problems before them, they do not completely relieve them.

East goroskope

1 Horn
The overall good value is - good.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Lively smooth dragon.
Symbolizes the beginning of the spring. It contributes to the multiplication of animals and flowering plants. The property offers all kinds of growth, building, opening a home, and a small farm. The days due to the influence of this constellation are ideally suited for the start of construction work, the purchase of the ground and the shutdown of the marriage. It is believed that everything that occurs in a marriage this day will take on an important location in the community and "get close to the 19th Hospital." For the sake of this, this day is not good, because "for three to three years there will be pain and illness." On the day of this constellation, you cannot even take a cemetery. The winters are predominantly rain and wind, while in winter it is rainy nights, which should be kept warm for some time. Genius of this constellation has the ability to disengage with his own sight the snake.

2 Neck
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday Day. Lively dragon.
Chinese New Year affiliate. Consists of punishment and punishment, as well as exemption from prison. It is also considered to be a disease of illness. Day Shea is unfavorable for family gatherings and starting a large business, in particular, building work: "If it is a large house, it is open, but it must be removed." Unwantedly also give the phrase: "all the same, to write out the sheep’s most recent wolves." It is impossible to turn off the braces and complete the funeral rituals. A person who has made a promotion to serve on the day after the man Shay, at the end, will lose this post. If the first day of the spring begins with the Neck, it indicates strong storms and hurricanes; if the Neck falls on the first day of summer, then there will be a strong heat; if on the first day of autumn, while harvesting, the yoghurt will stand raw, rainy; If on the first day of winter, there will be dusty storms. Genius is a constellation of the Shay considered to be the rule of alchemy.
3 Grounds, Origin
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Earth. Planet Saturn. Saturday day. Animal marten.
“Grounds” is, probably, the “House” foundation (section 4). These two constellations, apparently, originally constituted one whole. It causes rain and thunderstorms, but also spring illnesses. Prevents badness by those who have not correctly completed the support or who have not displaced the elderly. If this day a marriage is taking place, "evil people will be attracted to night work." Children born from such a marriage are poor, inimitable, or even deaf. If you are going to a ship, it will suffer an accident. The base rains and winds are all over, yet more heavy rain and winds are in the summer, yet more are strong in autumn, rain and snow in the winter. The heinous constellation of Korea grants the ability to fly by the way and knows the secrets of magical aids.

4 House, Room
The overall good value is - good.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Live rabbit.
House - this is the dragon's woman. This association accords with the sacrifice and the Sun, as it always comes to light. However, some speakers state that, for the most part, it belongs to Jupiter (Planet of the Tree), and in the past it is believed that this is a sphere of influence of the Fire. In any case, it is considered to be an unusually well-known sign. It is wonderful that it is connected with the internal spaces of the buildings and is beneficial for all matters relating to the building and the interior, there is a risk of freezing. To build this day - to a large extent: a good house-keeper, who has built or started to build on the house, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, open, Home is fortune, wealth, health, and longevity. This day, it’s nice to keep the bunks safe - "you should try to help keep the whole family happy and formal." In China, wealthy people took taxis to grow more sons. And the day managed by the House was considered to be good for the fact that, in addition to this, a new housekeeper, as long as this ensures that the son is kept for a long time. In a commercially available condition, it is evidently necessary to abolish the removal of fodder.
5 Heart, Soul
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element moon. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday. Live she-fox.
"Top" is a symbol for an importer, impersonator, supreme power and wealth. However, this constellation is not a happy one, since it anticipates a conflict with power, revolution, lacunae and punishment. It proves unsuccessful results of all-embracing enterprises, a slight sense of respect for the long life and the general welfare. It means speed, speed of action and sudden changes. On this day, it is inappropriate to build - this will end up being a big failure: a lawsuit leads to a prison termination. Prevents imperfections at the service and inadequacy of the sale of property. Children from this marriage day will suffer from various illnesses. Dyx is the repository of this constellation, "Having sat on the cloud, will turn the soldier into a soldier" (this means - in a big enemy).

6 Tail
The overall good value is - good.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Live tiger.
Tail. If the current symbolizes the Imperator, then Xvost - Herednik, a young Tsarevich, who is still in that age, when he lives in a female at the same time. Therefore, this association is related to small children, mothers, nannies, and also to inheritance. The day after the familiar Xvost was given for construction and turn off the marriage. Having burnt this day, you will have rich floods. In addition, it predicts the storage of a treasure trove and extension to a high post.

7 Sieve
The overall good value is - good.
Element Water. Planet of Mercy. Day of the Wednesday. Live leopard.
First of all, according to some data, it was not a sieve (more precisely, a sludge basket), but a basket for manure. In China, the invasion has always been a valuable cybersettlement - mining and fuel. From here, the attributable City, the significance of wealth. Cito ppedveschaet tsely god bolshoy ydachi tem, who in this day begins a new business: "awards for love - a herd of cows and horses. A NEW PROPERTY IS PROVIDED, A SILK RIGHT BECOMES VERY MUCH active. Opening the new door doubles the yield, the barns are overflowing with a view." The winner will be rewarded and rewarded; his whole family shares this extraordinary good. The dead can be kept. But the image of the imposed basket is also different, but not at all tidy. In the meantime, the Shito constellation acquired a secondary meaning, related to gossip, malignancy and accession.
8 Ladle
The overall good value is - good.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. The day is Tuesday. Live singles.
By the way, in other words, by measuring the amount of water, the Kovsh means filling, rewarding, redeeming for good business, keeping them well. This compound controls liquids and, therefore, controls merchants' wines and general liquids. Here you can turn on the oil - the most important fluid of the modern world. Day Korosh is good for construction, earthworks and general physical labor. This constellation indicates all types of yield; those who receive receive an increase in the rank, the families are enriched.

9 Bull
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Lively bull.
This and the following constellation (Virgo) are associated with a fixed Chinese Legend: Ha non-secure vein is a beautiful virgin, a merry weaver is used, because She loved to crawl in the river, where the easter drove on the aquatic herd of bulls. Their meeting was not at all, and they liked another friend. And both lost their heads so much that they couldn’t think of anything else. As a result, she threw the weave, and he forgot about his stand. Of course, the gods were very disinclined and decided that it couldn’t continue like that. They discovered two lovers forever, sharing them with one of them, who, for the first time, met them. And all this day you can see in the sky - these are the stars Altaira - Pastyks and Bega - Tkachiksa, shared forever. Ho once a year, on the holiday of the Double Smera (seventh day of seven-month long months), thousands of birds - Scoop, gathered in the sky, to little to little, but a little bit to it, From an acuity point of view, this co-formation is generally not happy. This is due to the list of young lovers. The bull is a symbol of obstacles, safety and barriers; predicts spontaneous love, extended marriage and disfavor in the family. EASY BEHAVIOR OF PASTYXA - MEAN SECURITY, LOSS OF RESERVES AND CARE. The wandering herd of bulls is a warning that it is impossible to leave the doors open. The bull indicates hunger and disease, especially for animals, and also loss, except for the general depletion of reserves. For obvious reasons, this connection controls the fields, dividing the ground, in strings and on the road. The days that the Bull is held are not happy, especially for incorporation into the marriage, and also for closing the contacts:

10 Virgo
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element of the Earth. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Lively flying mouse.
Legend o Pastyxe and Virgo are given above. No matter how strange, in spite of her own spontaneous love, Virgin is a proxy of all the girls who wish to go out and get married. Therefore, this constellation symbolizes marriage and the construction of new houses, in which young couples can live. Days administered by the Virgin are not suitable for the rest. The grave of grapes on this day leads to diseases, especially to the disease of digestion of food. The day before the familiarity of Virgo is fraught with disagreements and questions in the family, conflicts in the community. Thank you on this day to learn.

11 Void
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Lively rat.
This constituent symbolizes one, no, cold, winter hibernation and a grave. Likewise, it manages cemeteries, grave diggers, graves and pons, wards. Since it is a combination of cold and winter hibernation. In the modern world - the protection of frozen food indices. Days administered by Hatching are laped with domestic scraps. This is an unsuitable day for building or ground work: for "the tigers take the baby and eat it, the tears will be buried recently dead, the disease should be kept by the family three and a half, and then, at the end, the family is expanding. " People who are welcome to marry, may be expected to see very unforgettable children a day after they know that they are pregnant.
12 Danger
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element moon. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday. Lively martlet.
The Trap Trap is controlled by accessories, secondary compartments and earthen shafts. In general, any kind of construction work is necessary when it is consumable. Days of this Constellation (every fourth monday) are covered with accessories for those who are on the road. It is important to avoid starting these trips these days, as long as you are comfortable with the risk of bandits, and the ships can be swept away. It is better to be limited to these matters, which you can do on one place; for example, repair a house.

13 Chamber
The overall good value is - good.
Element Fire. Planet Mars. The day is Tuesday. Lively pig.
The modern features are called the fact that for the ancient Chineses there was a combination of the Chamber - “Square of the Door” (although one of it is a matter of business). It is suggested that the constellation is a chamber that symbolizes something like a treasury or library. This value is left yo sky and now. The Day of the Chamber is welcome to carry out any construction work and start new businesses: "the emperor is mercifully happy; Heaven will pour out its generous gifts to the happy people born out of this auspicious sign.
14 Wall
The overall good value is - good.
Element water. Planet of Mercy. Wednesday Day. Lively wildlife.
The wall is available for literature, art and goods. Expand your property, build and save. To open the doors is a fortune for the whole family. Read readings - to prosperity and acceptance in "topx". Children born out of marriage, included in this day, reach a lot of things and send their own words.
15 Legs
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Live wolf.
This constellation, according to one explanation, reminds a person, the legs of which are widespread; others think that it’s more likely to be on the base of a shoe. There are several interpretations of the co-formation. It can symbolize the use of the Impertope, and then - the military, military technology and the preparation for war. This is known by the channel as well as by the channels. Associated with the basic pattern, it, by analogy, identifies clothing, especially winter clothing, and handles the seamstress and the industrial process. In general, Nogi’s day is unholy. It is not possible to engage in construction work, otherwise the prosperity must be handled. Earthen work leads to a failure. Family spheres and recognition are possible among consumers. The security process this day will be played. The disease is ameliorated.
16 Holm
The overall good value is - good.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Lively dog.
This association accords with yozhim and with the accompanying harvesting of holidays, at which all members of the community have taken part. Therefore, it is believed that the Holm will preserve large gatherings of people, meetings and meetings. Good harvest also means peace and harmony in the family and government. Holm Day is a place for tri-mphalic arches, opening doors and any kind of construction. In children born in a marriage, who was imprisoned this day, "the coffers are always filled with silver, gold and precious stones." This day is also well-suited for dripping and filling the water channels. The Holm Peninsula is a beautiful winter, in summer it is fog, in autumn it is raining heavily, and in winter it is ice. Dyx - the repository of this zodiac sign knows the secret of longevity.

17 Stomach
The overall good value is - good.
Element of the Earth. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Lively pheasant.
In the past, the Girl was not thinking about the “girl,” but the “barn”, in which the autumn gifts were kept. In addition, this word was one more meaning - “jail” (in the barn there is room for long-term storage of grain, and in the jail “people are stored”). Therefore, the intention of the Accident was not only with abundance, but also with punishment. An element of this knowledge in the past was Metal. The modern Chinese operators ignore the “prison” value of the stomach and interpret it as a sign of wealth and accumulation of richness. It is beneficial both for construction and for use, as long as it is compatible with the 3 element. In China, it was believed that children born out of marriage, turned off by the seventeenth connector, had chances to become approximate to the imperfections.

18 Pleiades
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Lively rooster.
The ancient processors tied the Pleiades with the inclusion of varvars. Pleiades were also considered - "through the eyes and ears of the Heaven" and, therefore - by the protectors of the head of the city for individual proceedings. Both sensible aspects - the war and the imprisonment depict the immortal death and, therefore, the Pleiades were tied to such a neck. This symbolism is also supported by the modern operators, who believe that the Pleiades precede a litigation and the death of one of the members of the family. Once a person knows how to play, you can’t build a house and dig channels: in other words, “the little children will be as close to the grave as it is nice”. The marriage, concluded on the day of the Pleiades, is considered unhappy: the cost is practically inevitable.

19 Network
The overall good value is - good.
Element moon. Planet of the Moon. The day is Tuesday. Lively crow.
The accreditation was with oxides, men’s favor, as well as with bandages, changes and punishment. In addition, it has always been associated with rain (it was believed that the rain is due to this stellar cluster). The modern Chinese technology connects the Network, in the first place, with oxides (and, therefore, the extraction and the distance) and considers them to be a good symbol. Less good value: the product and the distillation, almost forgotten. The net predicts good luck in the building and in consuming the dead: first, it’s worth the fortune, but the second. Children born from a marriage concluded this day will have a long life.

20 Beak
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Lively marmoset.
The beak is protected by cattle and bird flocks. So, as a rule, it consumes a lot of food, but more broadly, the Beak is used by people who are in need of care or who need it: in children, especially in children; with old sticks, hostages, prisoners and those who are in danger. The up-to-date Chinese actuality is maintained by another symbolism. The beak now predicts punishment and exile, and in the year of the Tiger - emancipation, murder, or death. But all this is not understood as fatal inevitability, but rather, as a result of improper actions that must be avoided and must be avoided. In the days of the conduction, the Beak is very important to be extremely careful in its conduct.
21 Opion
General good value - variable.
Element Water. Planet of Mercy. Wednesday Day. Live monkey.
Opion means mixing or binder. Opion, quite logically, symbolizes decimation and in general: penalties, murder, divorce, and sudden death. It is also considered to be the owner of the borders. In China, the Opion can be as good as it is and as unfair as you know: it all depends on your actions. Tex, who is building this day, is waiting for a remuneration. It is also nice to start any new business. The main term for ypex is love of love. The option for settling the old business and the death of the dead, the inclusion of marriages and engravings.
22 Well The
General good value - variable.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Live tapir.
Although the 22nd conduit must be compliant with the elements of the Tree, some autonomy thinks that for a little more than 14 the logotype is Borod. How much water it purifies, the Well symbolizes the purification, the moral, the order, the condition and the order. This is a sign, like and Opion: neither happy nor happy. Apparently, this is due to the aforementioned conflict of the elements, or that the combination of the Well is very large (therefore, its effect is "obscured"). It is not surprising that the Well manages everything, that way, or otherwise, is connected with water: water, channels, as well as water, water mills and other types of water. This combination is beneficial for the herbivorous animals: cows, sheep, horses, deer, deer, rabbits and, in general, for livestock. Once a well-known person is well-equipped to build, open doors, pass exams and grow silk:Such a country will receive a large reward. Good work in Canada, the canal and canal digging, opening of the new routes will bring you a lot of wealth at the time. Such a day is not acceptable for burning, if the death was violent or built up as a result of the epidemic. He also did not well on the day of the Well put off the business "then." In order to start, it is necessary to complete or continue to do so by the sign of the Good One, who is apt to love others, but not to disunity. It must be completed or continued to be done by the sign of Kolodos, who is apt to be fond of love, and not to disunity.It must be completed or continued to be done by the sign of Kolodos, who is apt to be fond of love, and not to disunity.

23 Demon
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Live sheep.
The full name of this co-creation is ("Devil Palankin"). Four stars from the constellation of the Cancer of the Western Acronym, lying on the lines of the ecliptic, form a palanquin, and a small size, a small amount of them, which is small, together with them. In the old days, as it is supposed to be, this constellation was seen by the Chinese as a cloud of pollen, coming apart from the blossoming Willow (following). It is believed that Demon pokes the dead, and also in the places where the killing occurred (for example, combat fields), soldiers and military. In addition, the Demo is accustomed to clodes. In the modern Chinese thrift, it’s underestimated: “in the door, open on Demon’s day, and so on.” Any new projects will end with a catastrophe. A woman who married earlier this day,more will be for two than the winter. Then the support and readings are very favorable.

24 Willow
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element of the Earth. Planet Sat. Saturday day. Live deer (young male).
This combination is closely related to the previous one. As already said, in ancient times, the twentieth third was a Chinese Chinensis in the form of a dispersed windworm, flowering pollen of willow. Betvi willows were used in long-term processes and rituals, and therefore Iva was a symbol of tears. Willow is a property manager. The days spent by Ova are extremely unfavorable for almost everyone. In such days, it is impossible to carry out all kinds of business operations and complete transactions. As it is not surprising, in the light of the above, the willow day is deemed inappropriate even for short term!

25 Star
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Lively horse.
They call it another - "Bird's Star." The bird star marks the point of summer summer and, as a whole, it is also slightly longer than the first half of the bird. Therefore, this connection is controlled by bridges and fords. But, since, robbers often use lifts for ambush on not very good prisoners, this is a sign that helps robbery, piratstvo and occupation of people. The star also accords with a dyeing technique, and, in general, with clothes. From the point of view of the modern technology, the Star is a mixture of good luck and bad luck. The days managed by this combination are ideally suited for construction; Performing construction work will get an improvement in service. But this is not a pleasant day for weddings and fallows. A woman who was married on Star Day,it becomes a dead file, and someone who spends this day rests on a dead bed, is removed.
26 Pacification
The overall good value is - good.
Element moon. Planet of the Moon.The day is a monday. Live deer (old male).
The accreditation was with oxides, men’s favor, as well as with bandages, changes and punishment. In addition, it has always been associated with rain (it was believed that the rain is due to this stellar cluster). The modern Chinese technology connects the Network, in the first place, with oxides (and, therefore, the extraction and the distance) and considers them to be a good symbol. Less good value: the product and the distillation, almost forgotten. The net predicts good luck in the building and in consuming the dead: first, it’s worth the fortune, but the second. Children born from a marriage concluded this day will have a long life.Pulling over tightens the bow or extended wings, extended hide. The last type of accreditation takes place with holiday makers and recipes, as well as with feasts, food, and kishne. In old, it was considered that if this co-formation is not visible, the importer may become ill. A sign of overall retraction and promise of remuneration for the correct behavior, the remuneration for the completion of a successful career, the finish. This is a sign of happy, harmonious human relations and the acquisition of a new property.

27 Wings The
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Lively snake.
This is a big deal that used to be accorded with the annual Great Assembly, on which a Chinese importer came up with a speech, and the end was short. Therefore, Wings is considered to be the master of music and theater. According to the interpretation, this is not a sign of success and is associated with chronic diseases. Those who have married on the day of the Wing await the woes. Someone who goes to this day a long way from home - at work, returning home, is painting to get a wife in the lover's embrace. It is impossible to build a house: "hostess will die one by one." The day before the Wings' sign is also not favorable or reading the terms: “The child needs to leave the country”, (in another source, “small”).
28 Tela
The overall good value is - good.
Element Water. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Lively earthworm.
A truck is not really an entire truck, but only a platform that provides its basis. It may be assumed that some of the outlying lands provided tribute to the emperors. Therefore, this sign of accreditation takes place with the benefit of riches, and also, quite naturally, with the benefits of a small amount of food and vehicles. The truck is not without profit in business. Everything, whatever happens on this day, is partly concentrated. Happening dead and reverending this day is a letter to the fellow, but I’m kind of loving (I don’t mean much). This same order of hope awaits tex, who is getting married this day.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.