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Star Numerology
Value of numbers
438 - Thinking, 951 - Activities, 276 - Strength,
492 - Intelligence, 357 - Soul, 816 - Substance.
Luo Shu Square
NUMBER 1. Predisposition to wealth.
The unit is located in the central position of the material plan. It is considered a positive number, for a short time,
there is a good potential for making money and enjoying the benefits of life.

One 1 People with one unit in the card are well "stand on foot". Potentially finansovogo yuspeksa quickly grows up if in a card also there are other doors of a small plan, creating a arrow of prosperity
Two 11 People with two units in a card are well-earned and happy. If there is a card in addition to the archery arrow of prosperity, two or three cemeteries, a person can achieve a large amount of space in various spheres of life.
Three 111 People with three financial units are successful and happy in life. This number of units is considered to be perfect, especially if in the map there arrow of prosperity and two cemeteries. Such a person is exceptionally productive in material terms.
Four 1111 People with four or more units are overly concerned with achieving and relying on riches to have any other interests. Holding money does not allow them to be happy in other spheres of life. But it can be ironed if there is a person on the card that is numbered on a dead plan (3, 5 or 7).
NUMBER 2. Subsequent, unoriginal mind.
The two are located on the right on an intelligent plan. It is considered to be the number that is most favorable for the intellect, and then negative or, in the best case, neutral. The situation is changing if the two of them are four and nine: together they create the arrow of intelligence. In combination with a triple two, it indicates an aptitude for sports and sports because of the shorts.

One 2 People with a total of two in the map - these are people who are not big yama. They have a very small number of original thoughts. However, 2-4-9 create an arrow of intelligence, which shows potential for successful work in areas of law, philosophy and literature; 2-5-8 create a arrow for security. Such people have more power. They are stable, decisive and durable.
Two 22 Two deuces on an intelligent plan very negative position, if only they do not count with a four and (or) nine. Without this, twosomes suffer from a lack of energy and a predisposition to diseases. But in terms of arrow of determination or intelligence they are only more positive - like a good, clear memory and excellent memory.
Three 222 Three twosomes are extremely poor and are very serious, if only they are not present in the arrows of intelligence or decisiveness, или нe coпpoвoждaютcя arrow of prosperity (8-1-6).
Four 2222 Four and more twos are still less beneficial. People with such a combination are prone to serious illnesses and, at the same time, are mushrooms too. They are too violently frustrated at all, so what happens with them and fails on other fault for their own faults.

NUMBER 3. Spirituality, sensitivity, intuition.
The three steps are to the left in the middle row of the square Lo-shy on the spiritual plan.

One 3 One triple is needed for support from side 5 and 7 for building the arrow of spirituality or 8 and 4 for building the arrows are countable. Without these arrows, one triple means a person who is easily offended and suffers from a stress. I have to deal with it. One triple, combined with one eighth, shows that there is one person to carry out.
Two 33 Two triples are intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, equitable, adapted to life and easy to live with other people. Their owner is responsive and well understands the motivation of others. People with two triples in a card - good friends. In terms of arrow of spirituality two of the three triples indicate a strong belief and the Philosophical warehouse of mind.
Three 333 People with three triples are too sensitive. They live in imaginative "air lockers". They are easily offended by the real or imaginary actions of other people. If, for three triples, part of the boom is arrow of spirituality, interpretation is greatly softened. Such people are reasonable, enjoy spiritual intentions, intuitive. Having experienced in the real world, they are making a significant spiritual progress.
Four 3333 Such people are unhappy, secure, impulsive. The situation is not much better when there is a arrow of spirituality he intension of such people can be very unreliable. However, intuitive features are enhanced if the person has a arrow of precision.

NUMBER 4. Strong mind.
Four of them consider it to be bad, in Chinese, the word “four” sounds almost the same as “death”. But in some cases, the four can be good. In the Lo-shy area, it is left on the left on an intelligent plan.

ONE 4 ONE QUARTER in the map means logic, reliability, intelligence. These qualities can be used in various spheres of life, which indicate a different number of cards.
Two 44 This is direct, insensitive, and is legally entitled. These qualities are softened if the card contains a number of airplanes (3-5 and 7). Two of them have four "good brains" and they use them well. But they are inclined to consider themselves above others and are more likely to live with people who are contaminating.
Three 444 People with three four-way extremes and are not flexible. They can’t survive with those who have less than me, and so often they live a unique way of life.
Four 4444 People with four fours understand that they themselves and in practice cannot survive with others.

NUMBER 5. Intense emotions.
Five takes a central position in the map.

One 5 People with one five are emotionally balanced, actively take the right decisions, especially if the card has a full arrows of spirituality or willpower. If one five is double and triple, the person is more inclined to realize the negative side of their own ability, to be infinite. Ho, if 2 and 3 are absent, people with one in five may have a more attractive character.
Two 55 People with two fives are full of life enthusiasts. They love workability and are more happy when they can accommodate their facilities. They are decisive, self-confident and ambitious. These qualities are improved if the two fives arrow willpower (1-5 и 9). But two of the five may also be negative, if people do not find the appropriate use of their facilities. Then they can start to abuse the alcohol, drugs and secrets.
Three 555 People with three fives rush to mine. They have to find a common language with those who do not need to be controlled by them.
Four 5555 Four of the five signify the inappropriate intensity of the emotional power, which people can’t control. This may lead even to self-defeat.
NUMBER 6. Adequacy and comfort.
The patch is on the right to the material plan and provides financial support and a pleasant life.

One 6 People with one six-piece are small in small. As part of the arrow prosperity, one pin of the practical guarantees a life without a financial problem. Without a figure and one - it says that a person can make good money in a clean sphere. Creative potential of a man with one four-piece often directed to his own private home. Such a person is a good Semyon who loves to live and work in pleasant conditions. After getting rich, he begins to help less than happy people. This feature is especially strong if the pin is included in the arrows of action.
Two 66 Two pins are very tricky, but not sufficiently faithful in their capacities. Such people are troubled without needing time and may have to stay away from even the smallest properties. Better they work when they are softly supported and inspired by loved ones.
Three 666 People with three sixteen inclined all the time worrying about their close ones. Especially the same is true for people with four pointers. Both of these combinations fade away if they go into the arrow of prosperity. In these cases, the issue is the financial stability of Yandex. People with three or more sixteenths also help numbers of the spiritual plan.

NUMBER 7. Spirituality, intuition and belief.
The small scale is available in the right-hand square of the plan.
Influence of the semera begins to occur when a person reaches a mature age.

One 7 One series without numbers 3 and 5 is suitable for people looking for perfection and knowledge. In the range of strength Arrows - (3-5-7) one grave can predict a spirit in a spiritual or humanitarian sphere. Ho, if in an arrow two or more three or five, a person is inclined to dogmatism and often "doesn’t see the forest beyond the trees." One semester in combination with the arrows prosperity portends success
Two 77 Two-person people are prone to health and are quicker to show good health than to stay true. They can achieve a large material success, but they often experience a clear sense of guilt for this success.
Three 777 People with three sevens are two types. Usually this is a sample of citizens, confrontations, just working to achieve the goal. However, some may be affected by unrelated self-control. This second type typically has a suspension arrows (ratings 4–5 and 6).
Four 7777 People with four semera usually realize negative side of their potential, so as to them heavy equals cards.

NUMBER 8. Money, financial success, good luck.
The squad is located in the left position of the material plan.
Since a lot of Chinese people have symbolized money, it has always been a very big number.
One 8 One eighth without 1 and 6 means income, money, attention to the little things.
In the area of arrows of prosperity you can guarantee a significant financial success and a happy life.
Likewise, if the card also contains 5 and 7.
Two 88 Two eights signify ypex in business. Such people are comfortable, quickly analyze the situation and have the opportunity to take advantage of occasional advantageous opportunities. But they don’t need to forget about the spiritual aspect of life, so as not to impair equilibrium.
Three and more 888 This is a good combination, although at the beginning of life it is not easy to handle them. Owners are three-fold, as a rule, do not reach a lot of ypeksa in the youth. They get into error and start to "get on my feet" after 40 years.

NUMBER 9. Completeness.
There are a lot of good things in Chinese numerology, a synthesizing synthesis of Heaven and Earth, as well as intelligence.

One 9 One nine in the map identifies idealism, humanism and love of hearts. Such people often become lawyers, politicians or work in strictpax power.
Two 99 These people are smart and love to learn, they prefer to work in a sphere that stimulates intelligence. The negative aspect of the two nines: they are well thought out by the head, but ignore the content. However, this is not the case, if there is a spiritual arrow in the map.
Three 999 People with three nines - ideals, intelligent, ambitious and aspiring to academic affairs. But sometimes such a number of people will lead to a high pace and bad temper, especially if the card contains one- arrows single or losses.

Three arrows are called three arrows. They are pure cells of a card of a birth date,
growing in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Arrows Strength
Strength arrows are called three numbers of birth cards that are built in a row on a vertical, vertical or diagonal basis.

1. Arrows of security (8-5-2).
People who are comfortable with this arrow are tolerant, persistent and decisive. They with the satisfaction of “killing time”,
while it doesn’t have a tense moment, and then it works without replacing it. So that they don’t happen to them,
They do not put out of sight for their own purposes.

2. Arrows of emotional equilibrium (4-5-6).
These people are friendly, caring, who often choose to work, where to help someone else.
Sensitive, intuitive they are understood by other people. They look shy, especially in the youth.
In children, they are calm and soft.

3. Strength Arrow (3-5-7).
This arrow is representative of emotion, emotion, spirituality. Its holders demon- strate a serious approach to life, an internal rest. But these qualities rarely appear before the achievement of the middle summers.

4. Arrows of intelligence (4-9-2).
People who are on this map, have good intelligence and excellent memory.
Sometimes they consider themselves above others.

Strength of willpower (1-5-9).
Such people are straightforward, persistent and decisive. This is a related contestant who has their own clear-cut opinions on the most common issues. This arrow is considered a symbol of prosperity, since its loyalty is sure to achieve its goals.

Arrow of prosperity (8-1-6).
It is very good for business. People with such an old interest in money for the most money and usually do not care about the highest values ​​of life. People with arrows of prosperity, who do not have one on a life-plan are cold, calculable and redundant. They reach a large material of prosperity, but ignore the beauty and the other people.

7. Arrow accountability (4-3-8).
The arrow is characteristic for tricky, agile and not very ethical businessmen and politicians.

8. Arrows of action (2-7-6).
These people need to be kept busy. They love business activities, love speed, have great energy reserves and are happy when they need to spend it, having to do physical exercises.

Arrows weaknesses
Arrows of weakness are called three clean cages of a birth card, which can be arranged in a row.
horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

1. Arrow affiliated (8-5-2).
This arrow in the map is preceded by a large number of systems and drafts that are not delivered at all.
Such people should try to figure out their own mistakes and think well before proceeding.

2. Arrow of suspicion (4-5-6).
Such people are suspicious, doubtful, inclined towards peace of mind. Bo see only a negative side.

3. Arrow single(3-5-7).
This arrow indicates an insufficiently developed sensitivity.
Her owners are so eager to reach their goals, which forget about their families and friends.
Therefore, they don’t find joy, love and laughter in life. In addition, they usually suffer from the same.

4. Arrow of the party (2-7-6).
These people do not have enough motivation. They can not be used.
They are indecisive, afraid of risk and get only a small fraction so that they could get from life.

5. Arrow out of order (8-3-4).
Such people are not logical, not methodical, not organized.
They live today, some long-term plans are built, and if they are built, they usually do not.

6. Loss of arrows (8-1-6).
These people are trying to earn "quick money" and constantly lose. Only by the middle of the year begin
to realize that if they used their energy for good, then they would have reached ypeksa for a long time.

7. Arrow of indecision (9-5-1).
Owners of this arrow very much want to like others, to be taken over by society. Therefore, it is easy for them to take care of themselves.
It’s very important for them to leave their personal interests as they want to please everyone and cannot say so,
that will not appeal to other people.

8. The arrowhead of the bad memory (4-9-2).
These people begin life with good intellectual abilities, but they weaken by the size of adulthood.
This arrow signals an inclination to mental imbalance.
Four Small Arrows

Small arrows are two numbers of the birth cards that are in the series of adjacent sides of
the square. In other words, this is numbered “small diagonals”.
1. Arrows of thoroughness and deception (1-3).
People, in short, have such a configuration, in any case, a little more fun.
If, in this case, there is more than one unit or three, a person is inclined towards perfectionism.
Negative side: such a person may be odd, if it is beneficial for her, to lie or to hide the truth.
In China, this arrow is sometimes called the arrow of the prison.

2. Arrows of loyalty (3-9).
Such people are very fond of arguing about the whole world, and in the case of heavier cases, it can be done anyway. From here and to the title.

3. The arrow of a cheap rest (9-7).
These people are sure in themselves, quiet, constructive. Logic of the nines helps the spiritual semera.
Owners of such a configuration are inappropriately accepting any situation that they believe to be "all the best."

4. Arrow of science (1-7).
These people are interested in riddles of peace, love to find out before the truth, and often become scientists.

Hypological "medicine"
NumberElementColorMaterials and objects
1WaterBlack, blue Water Cycid, Aquarius, First
2LandYellow, brown Ceramics, crystals, stones, sand
3TreeGreen Trees, in general, plants, wooden objects
4See 3
5Look 2
6MetalWhite Rings, bracelets, coins (especially gold and silver)
7See 6
8Look 2
9FireRedCandles, lamps
The Chinese numerology thinks that a person who is short of cards can be affected by the damage to the appliance. Usually "treated" only one to two places in the map.
For example:
If, on the map, there are 8 and 1, then adding a pin would arrows of prosperity. For such a person, the talisman of Metal (Element, connected with a sixth) and white color would be nice. If there is no whole number of numbers, creating
arrow of weakness so for its neutralization it is enough to "treat" only one number in this series.
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Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.