The fate Birthday codes 12 luck indicators

of luck indicators


According to the indicator of the day, it is possible to determine: whether the day will be entirely good, what matters it is better to deal with this day and what should be done to escape. The conversion of the Chinese text is lower (brown text) with compatible acoustic logic (black text). Such as indicated in the instructions for how to eat: planting, washing a small amount of water, etc., must be a little wider (as well as all other cases, when a contemporaneous western person is contacted by the old opaque). In our conditions, it can be, for example, searching for a new job (well - a source of water, work - a source of money: and so, and so on) necessary for life. When using the indicators of delivery it is necessary, on the one hand, to occupy the logical ym, and on the other hand - turn on your imagination.

I Jian - Creation

This day, ten thousand things are expected.
Paying bills, changing and trading, scoring, installing posts - all these things will be extremely successful.
Avoid digging, watering, and opening warehouses and treasuries.

A great day to start a new business, all kinds of business, shopping, selling and short business trips. Try to avoid long trips on the road and at sea, as well as work outside the house, including construction, food, a also moving heavy loads. Think twice before opening the door of the store, start dismantling with a hot shoe or touching it, that was left "for a black day".

II Chi - Destruction
Sweep away evil! This is the day of purification.
Look for a weak one. This is a welcome action.
Avoid weddings, parties, and digging wells.

This day is not for organizing activities. Only yop, washing and body care are recommended. On this day you need to make an appointment with a doctor, optometrist, dentist. Dedicate it to your health. Classes: swimming, jogging - all this is a benevolent action.
III Man - Fullness

The heavenly emperor fills the co-vaults to the brim.
Set up weddings, transfer, go to the party - this is the whole thing to support the delivery.
Do not cut anything or cut the plants.

A good day for significant events: weddings, receptions, conferences, important meetings. He is the best day to work. Better devote yourself to more urgent matters.

IV Pin - Equilibrium

Official Meetings Day.
Wedding ceremonies, pepezodez, cultivation of the Tao, painting the walls - such things are beneficial.
Do not cut anything or cut plants, dig canoes and open gateways.

Private meetings, conferences and business meetings, which were started yesterday, should be continued.
If they have finished, then you have time to sit and think about or plan your future activities, and better, than energetically get out of business, which were postponed - they should wait a little more. Now for planning and viewing.

V Dean - Definition
Heavenly Emperor planted all the dreams. Five cereals are abundant.
It is a good idea to cut, plant, plant weddings, put up the bull and horse, dig up the ground, and dig up the wells.
Expect to bring charges.

Resilient waders still have to drink, but more responsible people can return to business.
This is a great day for a variety of activities. Click here and think about your own business
Then, each one can do its job quickly.
VI Zhang - Holding

Heavenly Emperor manages ten thousand affairs and gives Heavenly Auspiciousness.
It is a good idea to dig the wells, to cut and to plant, to start a wedding.

However, avoid jogging, crashes and opening storage. This day should be left in place and to finish work. Home activities will be beneficial, but there are trips, transfers, and in general any movement is not good. More than anything else - keep track of the wallet; Inventory can entail unexpected spending. However, this is a good day for organizing a wedding at home.

VII Po - Breaking

Ursa Major predicts conflicts, unpleasant explanations, quarreling
This day is good for fishing and punishment. The remaining cases are immeasurable.

This is not an auspicious day for most cases. It’s better to just go and go fishing - such is today. Avoid any conflict, especially with the law, so this is a good day for the capture of prisoners.

VIII Way - Danger

Gripped by a big grin, the wind is crashing: a lot of security. Happy, drink wine.
Everything else is of little use.

Another day, when it seems that everything is going wrong. Do not try to do business when they do not go.
The best thing to do is to do nothing. Calender council: go and have a drink!

IX Cheng - Completion
There are ten thousand things in the heavenly Annal.
Run a wedding, go on long trips, drink the earth. All this will be beneficial.
However, avoid spreading rumors.

A great day for all kinds of activities, especially long-term events.
Go about your business and give everyone the opportunity to do their own thing.
X Show - Acceptance

Today, the treasury of the Heavenly Empire is arriving.
Open the barns, trade, stay in school, arrange for a wedding, save the earth - be active.
All these things will be favorable.

Disregard and lower the support Нe блaгoпpиятнo иглoyкaлывaниe и пpижигaниe.
This day is for trade and, if necessary, to use the savings. Activities outside the home will succeed. Undertake the weddings, but the neighbors should be reposed on the day after tomorrow. Great time for study.
But you should not use this day for visits to the doctor or the dentist.

XI Kai - Opening

The Messenger of the Heavenly Emperor is out of danger.
Read the notes, turn on the deals, set up the weddings, follow them. All this is good.
Please be careful of the rest, and other business is also not safe.

Good day to send messages. It is also good to deal with business issues, knock out bills.
It is possible to complete a small trip. This day has been given for practicing any kind of art and for study.
However, a heavy trade does not lead to success.

XII Bi - Closing

Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Opening and Closing.
This is a day of support and hiding, you can post billboards, but other matters do not return good luck.
For most events, this day is not happy and distressing.
This day is always marked in Chinese calendars in black.
It is completely not taken advantage of for anything else, except for the support and the setting of the monuments.
It is possible to consider Day Bi not bad for introducing a saving mode, switching to a diet or
to a different mode, making a person firmer and more solid.
In addition, it is favored for “posting a billboard” - a means for advertising and copying signs and
signs, etc., for writing letters and sorting out a copy.

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