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The Acceptance of the Nine Stars

Interpretation of numbers
(jiu jean minley)
Rest code
The architecture of the Nine Palaces or the Qi of the Nine Stars is a very ancient calendaring system, which is dedicated to an extensive literature. The code, in a short date of birth, contains three stars in itself, i.e. three of the numbers range from 1 to 9. These numbers are valid for certain elements of the cosmology: religious myths and the assumptions of scientists about the creation of the existing world.

846 735 624
792 681 579
351 249 138

513 492 381
468 357 246
927 816 795

279 168 957
135 924 813
684 573 462

The date of birth is three stars.
For example, the code - 8 4 9.
The number of Years of Birth - the first number is 8, The Number of Months of Rest - is the second number of 4, The Number of Household - the third of the number 9.
Number of Years
Each year of the Star-Numeric negative calendar is one of the numbers from 1 to 9. Exactly one, not two, but one, several, one. If you are a man, then look at the number of men who agree to your year of birth. If you are a woman, then look at a woman's number and you will have the right to give birth to a woman.
Number of Months
Each solar month of the Star-Numeric Calender also accepts a primary (male) and an additional (female) number.
Number of houses
Numbers from 1 to 9 - form a map of the plant. The card, in the center of which there is 5 (five), is called the Universal Card. The cell of the card, where there is a number, is called a house. If, on the card, it is moved from one home to another every day, month and year, then the house (number) is constant (if you look at it in a universal box) and I do not need to. The number of houses (cells), where there is a need for a year on the month (in the center of the card), if necessary, In our example, the Year of Birth 8 is on the Month of the Day (4 in the center of the card) in house 9, if you look at the Universal Card.

Each number in the System of the Two Doors Accessory is compatible with a color, an element, and may also be in the first place in Indian or Japanese (female or male). In an adult, the character traits of the numbers - the stars are most visible in the number of years of birth, which, as it is estimated, is about 45 percent.
Numerous Months of Establishment identifies the person by about 30 percent, but this is a very important percentage - the spiritual incentives of a person.
Number of the House of Rebirth is the most important number for people who are still not eighty years old and for those who, by the way, are "immature." It may also become the most important number when the person is allowed to be at a reasonable or reasonable rate.
The number of houses of residence is 25 per cent of the personality. It reflects the habits and the inclination of the person. The most important is the first number, secondly, importantly, secondly, ay young people, and secondly, even more importantly.
Number 1
Color: White, Element: Water
People born in the Year of the White Unit are easily accommodated, comfortable and usually soft. This is an active, intelligent, lasting personality. They are responsive and can quickly evaluate the situation "completely." However, they are cautious and rarely show that they are anything else. They think deeply and more like to hear than to speak. It’s not always easy to understand what they think, but because they are very good at keeping secrets.
These people love alone. They reach ypeksa in business and steadily move to their tops in their own carriage. "Units" - eager for variety, over the course of their lives they often suffer. The unit is the yang number, or the male.
Number 2
Color: Black, Element: Earth.
People born in the year of the Black Dvoika are reliable, balanced and entertaining. They, as a rule, are communal and love common activities, work fine in a collective. They do not expect mercy from Husbands and, in other words, work to achieve their goals. Therefore, the "Twos" are usually the most prosperous at the late stages of their life. They are straightforward and resistible. It’s hard for them to copy important things other, so they are too demanding and hopeful
that no one can do better than them. "Twos" are attentive to the little things. They very much need to take care of them and need to work for a long and long time, as a result of which they need to pay remuneration. They love to sing and, as a result, tend to grow. Two - Indian, or female.
Number 3
Color: Lazy, Element: Wood.
Born in the year of the Lazyrny Trees - emotional natyry, ideals. They are attractive, although they have a lot of good looks: they get the outside, not a bit of attention to the subject, and a slight understanding. They are great. The tree - "Trios" are very loving and often get yopexa already in young age. This is an impressive interior that has a great potential for energy. However, this is the energy they should "sprayed by surface". Pretty emotional, they can get very angry,
when their plans come down. Although they usually tend to be rejected, the "Trios" are, in general, always irreplaceable. The love of independence is also shown in that, as a rule, they prefer to open their business, and do not work in another, In the collective for them, the ideal position is the "generator of ideas." They have to save a lot of money because of that, they like too much “good time” and also very generously. Trike - is the yang number (strong)
Number 4
Color: Green. Element: Wood.
People born on the year of the Green Tree are practical, independent, thoughtful and loving. They are a constant source of fresh, new ideas that make them interesting for all who are refining. Samples of fairness - Fours always actively express their position when they are subject to freedom of personality. However, they express their objection in a gracious tone, not just a remnant. They are not very attentive to the little things, preferring the "global" look on things.
Therefore, they need people to work, who could have taken care of the details. Such personalities are inclined to be put off for a long time, and then set aside in the “avalanche” mode, although it is extremely difficult to make such a strain. Four is an Indian number.
Number 5
Color: Yellow, Element: Earth.
Born in the Year of the Yellow Earth - practical realities. They are comfortable and communal, but they have a solid "internal content". They have clearly expressed expectations on the basis of things that are important for them. They may exhibit strong directness. The exterior is always assembled and found in oneself, the Five are often vulnerable to self-immunity and vulnerability. They are often eager for great vacations, as long as they are independent and cannot
be operated easily in the team. These natyres are responsible. The five is the center of the Whole Order and is in the middle of the nine-decimal cycle. Therefore, in it the original number of Indian and Japanese energy.
Number 6
Color: White, Element: Metal.
People born in the year of White Metal have self-discipline and self-control. They are analysts, logicians, "blind in the spring." This, however, makes them communicate with other people. They have a firm belief that can be shown in the form of a cross-category and suitability to people. But, first of all, they are very user-friendly and often blame themselves for any possible errors. They work a lot and should take on more than they can "pull".
Such work usually leads to material welfare, but they are needed in sufficient amount of time for relaxation. Thrifty and do not like to spend money on, in their opinion, unnecessary things. They are operating in a texical and often work in a tekhnichesky area. These individuals have a strong liability, which is already apparent at a young age. These people are "family-oriented" and, with the help of the young, help the young and old members of their family. Usually held by traditional religion and tend to be deep. They work with pleasure in the collective of the like-minded people. Six - is the yang number.
Number 7
Color: Fine, Element: Metal.
The metal of the Seven Smeka - this is the metal melted. Those born this year will experience many changes in their lives. It is often difficult for them to "stand by the feet" but, once achieved independence, they are quick to preserve. They are attractive, but they can be slightly variable, which prevents them from focusing on important goals. Even if they are left to survive, they always leave the situation laughing.
"Sevens" is very general and like to say different things, regardless of whether they know something about the subject or not. They don’t like disputes and stressful situations, they always say that they want to hear from them, but not that they think so. They want to like it and it’s hard for them to say something “no”. Seven - Indian number.
Number 8
Color: Color: White. Element: Earth.
Born in the year White White Eights, Equally Responsible and Responsible. They love family traditions and need love and support of their residents. They are metodic and reliable. Therefore, they are not so fast as others perform complex tasks and this sometimes creates problems. However, the Sevens achieve all the perfection and love the tasks, which give rise to challenges to their abilities. They are usually kept, but when they say, exactly express their thoughts. The integrity
and straightforwardness of the time give them a disadvantage. The seams are steady and straightforward. They are controversial by nature and don’t like shifts. The externally are invisible, kept in relation to others, but very slightly inside, they are very sensitive. They are constantly developing over the course of their entire life, reaching maximum benefits in the average age. Very often they achieve financial success, although this is not always noticeable, since they do not affirm their wealth. Eight is the yang number.
Number 9
Color: Purple. Element: Fire.
People born in the year of Pipyrnoy Nines, bright, cheerful and full of ideas. They have a good view and prefer to live and work in a pleasant environment. Typically, such personalities are much better started any business than it ends. Their enthusiasm is lost if a task cannot be resolved in a short time. Nines are always noticeable if they aren’t appreciative of the external visibility, but thank you humor and charm. There is always an impression that everything in their life is going
well, even when it is not so. These people have the ability to take care of themselves and can easily inspire and save others. Money is not the most powerful of them. They are inclined to live their entire income and do not have to save. Devyatka - Indian number.

Favorable directions for the
Universal Card of Nine Stars (Lo-shy square) also indicates the direction of the light:
South EastSouth South West
49 2
East3 57West
81 6
North EastNorth North West
These directions remain unchanged, despite the fact that the number within the space is changing all the time. The position of your Numbers of the Year and Month of Rest in the map of the year or month shows you the best way to go. Well, if, for this reason, the number of times a holiday falls in favor of a house.
When Numbers of Years or Numbers of Months of Rest are available in House 5 (center of the map), do not recommend.

Favorable and unfavorable positions
Your number of rests is moved around the map of Nine of the gates and carry some time in each of the nine houses of the map. Some of these houses are beneficial for you and, as long as your number is Raised in such houses, yo everything goes perfectly. Some of the houses are not suitable for you, and at the same time it seems to you that all and all of them were part of the agreement against you. To ensure that there are no and no homes available, you should always pay attention to the elements that apply to them.

BeneficialNot favorably
NumberElementHouse NumberElementHouse
1Water167 1Water25834
258Land2589 258Land3467
34Tree341 34Tree679
67Metal67258 67Metal91
9Fire934 9Fire1258

Household Significance
House 1
Element: Water, color: White, Direction: North.
Therefore, you must be patient and attentive. This is the time to think, reflect and outline plans for the future. Often, financial problems arise at this time. Pay attention to details and do not sprinkle, especially in the sense of money. Try to find the opportunity to be alone with yourself. In this period, your development will be in the main internal. This is a good time to develop intuition.
House 2
Element: Earth, color: Black, Direction: South West.
This is a slow and even progressive meal. You will begin to drive more and you will feel that all the aspects of your life are in order. However, you all need to be careful and attentive. Wait for the hour and avoid taking quick-fire solutions. This is not the best time to start something new, but you can develop and stabilize it already. Look for tips and tricks if something is wrong. At this time, the stresses are possible, therefore, please provide sufficient time for relaxation
and relaxation. Do not lose contact with relatives, friends and relatives.
House 3
Element: Wood, color: Lazy, direction: East.
This is the time for a new start. Your energy level will rise, enthusiasm will be raised, you can start to do things, start new things. But starting a new business, do not follow up on a lack of impatience. Be convinced that your intentions are really good. This is a great time for entertainments and the start of new adventures. Good time for love. Avoid unnecessary voltages, be sure to eat and exercise physically.
House 4
Element: Wood, color: Green, Direction: South-East.
You will begin to reap the fruits of your own new labor. You will get a clear idea of ​​what you want and this makes it easier for you to achieve the goals. You are going to develop things that you started ahead of time and you will find out that, in practice, you will move forward without interruption. This is also a good time for love and friendship. You can clearly show yourself, take advantage of yourself and look more mature. This is for the time being.
House 5
Element: Earth, color: Yellow, Direction: Center.
This period can be harmful and inconvenient. At this time, various unexpected events occur that can be good, so good. In this case, you need to temporarily stop, find a copy in your life and plan a future program. It has been discreet and utterly disciplined in order to avoid impulsive actions. Inappropriateness and lack of tolerance may become the cause of the problem. This is not the best time to go and need to be as close to home.
Naturally, during this period you were lucky and this time remains the most important period in your life. And every nine years you are going to reap the fruits of the past. This is the period of Kapma (your parents and relatives). During this time, you should reevaluate your life, look back in the past and in the future. In general, it goes more smoothly in the first half of this period, than in the second. This is just as in the relation of love, so in relation to other aspects of your life.
House 6
Element: Metal, color: White, Direction: North-West.
This is the time when you have the opportunity to move forward. It works for you and you have to use it. The work done in the past, is now fully completed. However, do not let yourself go and have enough time for relaxation. This is a good way to spend time in a different friend, but only if you don’t have to drink and transfer too much. Try not to exhibit smallness and fineness, avoid ccop for your own purpose. Spend positively on good time.
House 7
Element: Metal, color: Red, Direction: West.
Everything goes the way you want, without obvious effort at your own discretion. In fact, you will receive a reward for what you have accomplished in the past. Although it’s all going on, as it would be “by itself,” you should pay attention to details so that this is a good time to use at all costs. This period is good for working out, partnership and for making money. It is not very suitable for new beginnings, however, it gives an excellent opportunity to derive profit from past events.
House 8
Element: Earth, color: White, Direction: North-East.
This is the period when it seems to you that you are treading water in one place. In fact, you develop internally, but you can not recognize it. This is good for time so that there is something to be found, to do something so that you always put it off. In the finest sense, this is a modestly favorable time. You can find out in yourself a strong desire to improve your physical form, to take care of your health. Relations with other people are in the phase of color.
At the end of this period, there is probably some “change of direction”. This can be changed by type of activity, housing or mindset. However, this may occur gradually, almost not noticeably. This change opens the new horizons for you and makes it necessary to forget about the previous dispositions.
House 9
Element: Fire, color: Purple, Direction: South.
This is the time when everything in your life “breathes”. This period may be due to the words, ydachy and yspex. On the other hand, that you tried to hide, can also “sleep up” (exit down), creating a complex situation. If you are clear with other people and you don’t have to be ashamed, for you this is a very good time. So far this year, you will soon make new friends and get new experiences. Decide one at a time once, do not try to do it all at once.
Long-lasting human relations are greatly appreciated in this year, if you, of course, pay attention to them. This is not the best time for short term, high-speed communications.

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Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.