Fate The Fate Day Codes Codes Four Pillars

Fifteen penetration stages


What and in what order should be done for analysis of their own
The Fate
or other person.

1. Convert the date to the Four Pillars of Fate.
2. Get a heaven a private pillar.
3. See the daily crowd. The celestial style of the daily crowd is personal. Identify the Element of Personality.
4. Determine how strong the Element of personality. Evaluate: strong or weak personality, taking into account the time of the year in some cases, the person was lucky, as well as the number and quality of the supporting elements.
5. Definition of favorably and not favorably for the personality of the Element.
6. Specify the second best way and the second best way not for the personality of the Element.
7. Determine which Elements of Life are eligible for different aspects of life: power, wealth, autonomy, education, intelligence.
8. INSTALLATION OF ELEMENTS ALLOWING VARIOUS HUMAN RELATIONS: with mother, father, friends, with a cyber (s), with children.
9. Define other characteristics. Fate such as: career, health, character, failures, serious miscalculations, deficiencies, and also rejection.
10. Exit the crowds of yield from the monthly Four Pillars of Fate.
11. Calculate the age from which the progress report will begin.
12. Using the results of steps 7 and 8, “go through” the success story in order to find out the life of a person, to go through a little or no time.
13. Consider the impact of the ceilings on yields, the relevant current life of a person. Is this influence beneficial?
14. Consider the influence of the Element of the current year. Whether the person is supported or this effect is not good.
15. Consider the nature of the foregoing by a human being, and then decide what to do with it.

Four Pillars of Fate.

1. Convert Western dates 06 04 1946 year 12:00 in the scheme
The Four Stands of the City.

Map of Rest

Stop clock
Identify the earth branch of chaca according to the table: 1 or 2.

Table 1
and Element
and Element
AnimalsWestern clock
TJanuary Tree W->January WaterRat 23:00-01:00
tYin Tree l->Yin LandBull 01:00-03:00
FJanuary Fire T->January TreeTiger 03:00-05:00
fYin Fire t->Yin TreeRabbit 05:00-07:00
LJanuary Land L->January LandDragon 07:00-09:00
lYin Land f->Yin FireSnake 09:00-11:00
MJanuary Metal F->January Fire Horse11:00-13:00
mYin Metal e->Yin EarthGoat 13:00-15:00
WJanuary Water M->January MetalMonkey 15:00-17:00
wYin Water m->Yin MetalRooster 17:00-19:00
TJanuary Tree E->January EarthDog 19:00-21:00
tYin Tree w->Yin WaterPig 21:00-23:00

Table 2
11:00-13:00F Horse

Fill the found letter in the lower cage column "Hour" on the Card.

Map of Rest

2. Define the heavenly first hour (two) - the letter of the day of birth - 06 (Table 3) after the heavenly bosom - M day column:

Table 3
Trunksof the dayFirst Hour
T->l-> T
t->M-> F
F->m-> L
f->W-> M
L->w-> W

After you have found the heavens the first hour (two) - the letter F, Table 4, the counting, trunks are turned downward or the “line” 5, counting trunks forward, set the heavenly trunk for the seventh deviation: 11:00-13:00 -F
If necessary, you can set the heavens for all the clocks (two) days, counting them from the barrel of the first clock (two) of the Day of Rest.
Table 4
Pillars Hour
(two hours)
Heavenly trunk in the watch pillar branch
FirstTt FfL lMm WwW 23:00-01:00
SecondtFfL lMmWw Tl01:00-03:00
ThirdFfLl MmWwT tT03:00-05:00
FourthfLlM mWwTt Ft05:00-07:00
FifthLlMm WwTtF fL07:00-09:00
SixthlMmW wTtFf Lf09:00-11:00
SeventhMmW wTtFf LlF11:00-13:00
EighthmWwT tFfLl Me13:00-15:00
NinthWwTt FfLlM mM15:00-17:00
TenthwTtF fLlMm Wm17:00-19:00
EleventhTtF fLlMm WwE19:00-21:00
TwelfthtFfL lMmWw Tw21:00-23:00

"line" 5

FfLl MmWw TtFf
12345 678910 1112

Write down the found letter В in the upper cage column "Hour" on the card.

Map of Rest


The Theory of Five Elements

Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Wood, Fire and Earth are considered fundamental energies of the Universe.
All phenomena are the same as material, and so are not the result of the interaction of these Five Elements. The Most Immediate Relation The elements have all the aspects of our life. For example, it has long been considered the time of the year associated with the Tree; note in music - this is a sound that refers to the Element of the Board; white color is associated with Metals, and black is color of Body; the south, as the direction, is connected with the Fire, and the human being is the one that refers to the Earth. The Qin Dynasty was considered to be associated with the Body Element and, therefore, the first Qin emperor wore black clothes and had a black banner. Although the Five Elements are called by the names of the phenomena that we encounter in everyday life, they do not need to be considered as physical objects.
For business, these are five species of invisible and interacting between each other energy, which are the fundamental moving forces of the Spacecraft. But with this, each Element is truly possessed by the characteristics of its physical symbol. For example, the Element of the Tree is fully equipped with a green color and is kept in the ground. So, the "physical" names help to understand the essence of the Elements. A man in the whole is only a small object and it also obeys its laws and takes a separate place in her structure. All of the Blessed Composition of the Five Elements and our Fate are also subject to a combination thereof. The differences in the Fate of people can be explained by the differences in the proportions of the Five Elements.

Interactions of the Five Elements

The Five Elements of the Universe are not static, once and permanently installed. They are constantly located in various. The relationship of the friend with the other person and it is believed that all movements and changes in the course of life are apparent in the case of people.
On the other hand, this is not at all - xaoc and the Elements are between each other in accordance with certain laws.
These laws are called:
Descent Cycle and Expansion Cycle

Table 6
DESTINATION CYCLE->Metal-> Water->Tree-> Fire->Land-> Metal->
Breakdown Cycle->Metal-> Tree->Land-> Water->Fire-> Metal->

The Vacation cycle shows that each Element waits (keeps) one more Element, as a result of which it is closed. This is a harmonious relationship similar to that between a mother and a child.
The Disruption Cycle, defines conflict-related relationships, in which each Element breaks out, allows for some kind of other. The world becomes alive thanks to the cooperation of the five fundamental forces. The Theory of the Five Elements converts the bridge between a person and a Universe. It was on her basis that thinkers built a deep system of analysis of human Fate. This system makes it possible to discover and to offer the opportunity to be wholly separate for each individual in the course of his life. It may seem to be completely inexplicable that a complex and integral whole and many other things may result in it. But at the same simple Theopia, Chinese needle-piercing and herbalism are based. These medical practices are thousands of years old for the Chinese, and their effectiveness in treating a large number of diseases has become the focus of attention for large-scale specialties. The interplay of the Five Elements does not only control the functions of the internal bodies of the person, but also forms our life and Fate.
If the Great Law obeys the whole, it is completely logical, that man must obey.

Four Pillars of Fate.

3. Before that, it is necessary to isolate from these all the same signs that the Element, which determines the identity of a person.
Personality is forever provided by the heavenly day Pillar, a rest of the family of elements indicate the closest human environment: living environment, holidays and friends.

In our example, since the heavenly vault of the day the crowd occupied by the Yanskiy Method, the identity is also characterized by this Element. This person can be called "the man of the Japanese metal." Having installed the Element, which determines the identity, it is necessary to ascertain how this identity is located among other families of Element. All over the world there is the principle of equality and harmony. Any redundancy, like strength, so and weakness, is a dish that is meaningful in the Fate.
4. After the identity of the Element has been removed, we must ascertain whether it is a little strong or weak in relation to other Element families. For this, it is necessary to investigate two aspects.

Two aspects:
The Special Power of the Element and the Total Side of the Element.

Seasonal cycles
Table 7
SeasonsMetalTreeWater Fire
Springdyingprosperityweakening birth
Summerbirthweakeningdying prosperity
Autumnprosperitydyingbirth weakening
Winterweakeningbirthprosperity dying





May ----------------------- Dominates ---------------------Earth





August ---------------------Dominates -------------------- Earth





November -------------------- Dominates -------------------- Earth





February ------------------ Dominates --------------------- Earth

In accordance with the table, the metal is found in the most favorable conditions ("dominate") in the autumn, the tree is long, only a little in winter. Pay attention to the fact that the table does not contain the Earth; this is why the Earth is considered an Element lying in the back of all other Elements and is mined for the third month of each year. If a person is metal, it was all the same, as you can see in the table, this metal is weak, since a lot of metal is dying. But if this Metallic man were autumn, when the metal reached its top, then the metal in the character of his personality would be strong. On the other hand, the metal associated with the person of a person who is overdue, must not be automatically considered weak.

Collaborative Factor

Further, it is necessary to consider other factors and, first of all, a number of factors, that is, there are only a number of supporting elements in the FOUR KEYWORDS OF Fate. If, for example, a man was happy in winter, but in his system Four Pillars of Fate. Element Fire is provided in large numbers or well provided by Element of the Tree, which is short SUPPORTS FIRE, THEN FIRE OF A PERSONALITY PERSONALITY WILL BE UNDERSTANDED. In this way, before deciding to take a decision on the strength or weakening of a person’s personality, it is necessary to take care of everything. In our example, the man was blessed with the eternal (weak), but in his system Four Pillars of Fate. of love are well provided by the Earth Element (З-Z), which supports Metal, and as a result, the Metal of the human person is strengthened.
DESTINATION CYCLEMetalWaterTree FireEarth-> Metal

With the support of the Earth Element, the metal personality has become quite strong and self-confident.

Balancing stage
5. 5. Having established, strong or weak personality of this person, it is necessary to identify favorable and not favorable for the Element's personality. This stage is called equitable and it is very essential in predicting the future life of a person. The entire philosophy of the Four Pillars of Fate is based on the concepts of equilibrium and harmony. The point is that an element representing a human person must not be excessively strong or weak. And then, and another means that a person in his life will not be fair. If a person's personality turns out to be excessively strong, then this force is necessary to "suppress" to liberate "its excess." This can be achieved with the help of Elements that are capable of "suppressing" or "releasing" its energy. It is true that, if the Element is a person that has too little weakness, it must be maintained with the other by "a little".

Taблицa 8
too much
is too
the necessary
the energy
of personality
TreeMetalEarth and Fire TreeWaterTree
EarthTreeWater and Metal EarthFireEarth
WaterEarthFire and Tree WaterMetalWater
FireWaterMetal and Earth FireTreeFire
MetalFireTree and Water MetalEarthMetal

In our example, the metallic personality is strong at first glance, calling the Earth Element for help and is confident in its abilities.
But in her four- way system Four Pillars of Fate. there is a good supply of Element of Fire, which will allow an excess of energy (as indicated by the Diffusion Cycle, the Fire expands Metal), a Water will help to remove and recharge the excessive energy of the Metal.
6. As the Cycle of Dormancy and the Cycle of Decrease , the Metal with one side is taken from the Tree, while the other will wait for the Body, which therefore requires it. In the course of a fight with one Element and the fall of another Element, the strength of the Metals will weaken. It is true that if the Metal is too weak, it is necessary to provide a little support, increasing the size of the Earth and the metal, so I just let it go, as the Earth in relation to the metal is the “mother” - it is the forefront of the metal in the Cycle of Descent.
If you have the same Element, in other positions, you can help the Personality.

DESTINATION CYCLEMetal-> WaterTreeFire Land->Metal
Breakdown CycleMetal-> TreeLandWater Fire->Metal

The main thing is to conclude that when the human person is strong or cross weak, it is not healthy. In these cases, for the sake of improvement, a Fate must receive a “medicine” in the form of other elements. Favorable elements can help to restore equilibrium and harmony. Elements of the same, enhancing imbalance, are not considered to be favorable. Because the Star-Numeric Calender is affected by any element, wait a while or a different moment, we can evaluate the characteristics of Fate at a specific moment in time, simply observable then: is whether the influence of the Elements is positive or not positive If a person is identified as a weak metal, then for her beneficiaries elements will be Earth and Metals, a not favorably - Fire and Tree.

DESTINATION CYCLEMetal ->Water TreeFireLand -> Metal
Breakdown CycleMetal ->Tree LandWaterFire -> Metal

7. What is the Element in the scheme of the Four Pillars of Fate. affords riches. From the philological point of view, richness is an object that must be "subordinated" to a person. Therefore, it is entirely logical that the riches are provided by the Element, which, in accordance with the Expiration Cycle, is responsible for the self (break). In the case of Metallic man, the subject is the Element of the Tree. Consequently, the Element of the Tree is symbolized to be rich in its Fate. Using this method, you can find the Element that is responsible for any kind of source data in the Fou Four Pillars of Fate (Table 9).
After that, as the Element was found, it is a symbolizing riches in your Fate, the following step: an assessment of the power of this Element.
If there is a lot of positions of the Element of fortune, it means money and fortune will play an appreciable role in the life of this person.
In our example, for the person of the metal of money do not play noticeable ground. The purpose of his life will be other. Wealth, of course, is not the only important important part of our lives. There are many other areas that are, in general, and may be more important. The following table shows how to use the Four Pillars of Fate, you can interpret various aspects of human life, comparing the relationship between personality and other elements.
Table 9
Area and
in general
Pecypses and
and installation,
and friends,
TreeLandMetal WaterFireTree
LandWaterTree FireMetalLand
WaterFireLand MetalTreeWater
FireMetalWater TreeLandFire
MetalTreeFire LandWaterMetal

By giving birth, we can also remove our innate features and significantly reduce the chances of an improper lifeline. In general, if in favor of the day the Element is rich, the person is inclined to have business with money and finances. It is true, if the Element is connected that is not related to r.h. It can become a government official, an administrator in any organization, or a professional policy. If the Element is rich in Four Pillars of Fate the power is a little too strong, but the Element, which is a personal one, is weak automatically. In this case, the Element of fortune is not corrected, but in the uncontrollable fortune there is nothing good. One of the following situations is possible.
First, the Element of Fortune is defined as the Element of Conquered Personality. If we carefully consider the Dormancy Cycleand the Difficulty Cycle, we will see that the Element, won by the personality, will win the Element, won by the Personality. Consequently, it is possible to make a conclusion: that a somewhat different fortune creates a threat for the individual, a little wealth will wait for the Element, a decaying personality. In our example, the identity is provided by METAL, therefore, the riches will be subject to the tree. According to the Decrease Cycle, the Fire will wait for the Fire, and, in accordance with the Breakdown Cycle, the Fire will allow the Metal to be used in our possession.
DESTINATION CYCLEMetalWater Tree->Fire LandMetal
Breakdown CycleMetalTreeLand WaterFire-> Metal

In this way, if you find yourself in a fourfold pattern of Four Pillars of Fate cthere is too much strong element of wealth, so you shouldn’t immediately conclude that it can become a promising business. It is necessary to verify: Whether the Element is in a small height (personality) is slightly strong so that it can be a little insignificant. If the person is too weak, then the excess Element of wealth will only exceed the excess pressure and the strength of the immunity Element. The Philosophy of the Four Four Pillars of Fate affirms: "Too much wealth is good for health." People with a weakened personality, but a strong Element of riches and power, cannot become automatic, can be easily absorbed. There is a different view of the Fate, despite being somewhat wealthy, but the Element is not very strong. This kind of money happens to people whose career is closely connected with money, but there is no way for them to possess it. For example, a bank clerk can spend a lot of time counting money, but this is not worth the money and it should not be spent on it. So do not rejoice too much, if in the scheme of your life you find a strong Element of prosperity.
It is necessary to additionally check the diagram of the Four Pillars of Fate and assess whether you are able to control this Element.

Characteristics of the residents
In the framework of the Four Pillars of Fate the human relationship is symbolized in two ways. You can define them as an intermediate: - "Homes" - a place in the scheme of the Four Pillars of Fate.
- "Stars" - through the relationship of elements with the identity of the heavenly column of the daily crowd.
For example, the heavenly direction of the month-long pillar has always symbolized the father, and the earthly branch of the month-long pillar is the mother.


Table 10
SonPersonalityFather Grandfather
DaughterCycle (a)Mother Grandmother

Since the heavenly trunk the day the crowd is a person those who are members of the party may be provided with other elements in accordance with their personalities. Rules for the determination of residents in cases where a person is male, such:
Mother - Element expecting personality. Father - Element that is solvable by personality. Floods - Element that decides personality. Wife - An element that can be solved by a person (the same as for the father). Brothers and sisters - the same Element, that y personality.
Rational communications for men.
Table 11
FloorPersonalityMother, father in law Father, WifeDescendantsMother-in-law Brothers and Centers
ManMetalLand TreeFireWater Metal
The manTreeWater LandMetalFire Tree
ManWaterMetal FireLandTree Water
ManFireTree MetalWaterЗемля Fire
ManLandFire WaterTreeMetal Land

The rules for the determination of property in the case, if the person is the same as for the man, as well as the man and the sweater are determined differently: Floods - An Element Required by Personality.
Direct communications for women.
Table 12
FloorPersonalityMother Father, mother-in-lawDescendantsMy Brothers, sisters, wedding
WomanMetalLand TreeWaterFire Metal
WomanTreeWater LandFireMetal Дepeвo
WomanWaterMetal FireTreeLand Water
WomanFireTree MetalLandWater Fire
WomanLandFire WaterMetalTree Land

Defining the characteristics of Fate residents by scheme Four Pillars of Fate,we must review the "House" and "Stars", a self-supporting resident.

9. For example, to work out your health, consider your own Four Pillars of Fate scheme, need to check the heavenly bar month column, as well as the Element, which expands the personality. If the performance is in general, do not beneficiaries (table 8), so that the father (or wife) will be a little healthy. In our example, a male METAL:

Map of Rest

To find out what health and good faith you need to check the heavenly breech of the monthly crowd - W (Water) and the Element, which is a growing personality (The Cycle of Development) - Tree. In both cases, Tree and Water are Personal benefits:
they distract the excess energy of personality (table - 8); The Tree symbolizes wealth, while Water is an intelligence of personality,
and besides: Water will wait for the Tree (wealth). It means that the health of the father is good.

How to identify various aspects of life

In the following table, the characteristics of various aspects of life of the nearest residents for personality types are given, various characteristics of various elements.
Table 13 (for Men)
(element) of
and the general
in the community
and education,
and intimidation,
and friends,
ManWife, father Son, daughterMother ElementPersonality
TreeLandMetal WaterFireTree
LandWaterTree FireMetalLand
WaterFireLand MetalTreeWater
FireMetalWater TreeLandFire
MetalTreeFire LandWaterMetal

Table 14 (for Women)
(element) of
and the general
in the community
and education,
and intimidation,
and friends,
WomanHusband, father Son, daughterMother ElementPersonality
TreeMetalFire WaterFireTree
LandTreeMetal FireMetalLand
WaterLandTree MetalTreeWater
FireWaterLand TreeLandFire
MetalFireWater LandWaterMetal

Pillars of good luck
10. How to define pillars of luck.
Pillars of luck can be defined by table 15 or by line 16, and also by opening in the document "Code" the Map of the Year.
A man who was born in the January year, and a woman who was born in the Indian year:
- The pillars are determined, counting forward from the monthly pillar.
A man born in the Indian year, and a woman born in the January year:
- The pillars are determined, counting back from the month pillar.
Table 15
TrunkWwT tFfLl Mm
BranchLfF eMmEw Wl
TrunkWwTt FfLlM m
BranchTtLf FeMmE w
TrunkWwTt FfLlM m
BranchWlTt LfFeM m
TrunkWwTt FfLlM m
BranchEwWl TtLfF e
TrunkWwTt FfLlM m
BranchMmEw WlTtL f
TrunkWwTt FfLlM m
BranchFeMm EwWlT t

Line 16
Heavens: W-w-T-t-F-f-L-l-M-m-W (etc.)
Earth branches: L-f-F-e-M-m-E-w-B-l-T-t-L (etc.)

In our example, a man METAL, his monthly pillar - W/L

All the pillars, after the monthly pillar W/L (Table 15) - and these are the pillars of good fortune for this man. Having recognized the result, the first pillar of yields will begin, allowing ten, twelve, thirty, etc. to it. in the summer, you will find out at what age each next pillar begins. Pillars of luck for this man:
Table 17
1020304050 60708090100 110
wT tF fL lM mW
fF eM mE wW lT t

As a result, the first passport of success will begin to exert its influence on the Fate, you can learn from the Card of the year in which the person was born. This number is opposite the date of birth ( Year Code ). On the left side of the Card there is a column for men, for women - on the right side of the Card. In our example, the firs pillar of giving starts its effect on the Fate personality of a male 9 year old metal, and on the Fate of a single female-from 1 year.
Date Code
Table 18
0604MМ WL FE91

12. . Before proceeding, take the steps you have to determine whether you need to be in a good mood. Thanks to such a pillar, which contains the good elements. If a person discovers what is needed in a good luck pillar, he can dare to put his money into business. Most likely, its investment will make a big profit. However, in real life, not every person is satisfied with the successes of success, some of which include one of the most profitable elements. Frequently, the key to success, the corresponding certain strip of our life, provides a good combination of good and no good Element. For example, a weak Fireman who needs to be supported by the Tree may be able to do so shortly the heavens are a heaven, and the earth is in the earthly branch.
Thus, it should be more accurate. As a general rule, it is possible to say that:
- each of the pillars of yields, has an effect on the subsequent 10 years for this
- the influence of the heavens will prevail for the first five years of the vital strip,
- the influence of the earth branch in the next five years.
Therefore, the slight weakened person may try to use their chances for a long five-years and let them rest a little. Practice shows that the ten-year period of the success of the year has its ups and downs. A person who is in the good fortune of success may notice that some of the 10 of these are better than others.
Therefore, in addition to the analysis of the key to the flow of goods, it is also necessary to carefully work out under the influence of each particular year and even a month, day and hour. In the calendar, the effect of the elements changes every year, day and hour. Thanks to this influence, as well as an interaction between the five Elements in the Whole and occur most likely events. With the help of the Five Element Systems and their mutual assistance, we can, at the very least, theoretically, make sure that you have a good time with accuracy up to an hour and solve many other problems: for example, to put in or not to put money in (take time). For this, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze your report and answer the following questions:

- Am I in a good mood for success?
- Is the current year good for me and does the year-old Element support my Fate?
- Is the nearest future, let’s say the next six-to-twelve months, a good thing?
- Are there any tricks of a tough competition? If there are such things, what is the strength of the opponent in
comparison with mine?

If the Element of Personality is Wood, then Wood will also have the character of a co-worker and a friend and general people who have the same or an identical property. If the identity of the slab, such co-workers can be useful, so it can be friends, ready to share with you a load. But if the personality is strong, then in such a support there is no need: it only makes the strength of the personality even more redundant and introduces a further imbalance to your life. In this case, these people will not be your friends, but your enemies. Relevant positions of the Element are often the symbols of a rigid construction: competitors take advantage of their personalities. If the competitors appear in a certain year, then it is necessary to compare the Element of the year with the Element of personality, in order to install which of them is stronger. If the Element is a year relatively strong, most likelyyou will be defeated and you will not have to go on a serious business risk in such a year.

The choice of a business partner, in some respects, is to choose a wife or a husband, since in many cases the compatibility of the features is basic. According to the method of the Four Foldings , you have to strengthen the hood to keep the item in good condition . This element is identical to the Four Folds scheme . The steps of the affair of each partner must contain many of the items that are good for the other (table 8). If one person is a weak Fire that needs to be supported and fed by the Element of the Tree, then it will be necessary to eat a cup of coffee for four people.which contains a lot of trees and fire. A man, who has a lot of trees, will have to help a person with a weak Fire and add to it. If you are a weak Fire of many Earth, it will also be compatible with the stove, in the framework of the Four HallsSoon, the tree is dominated by the fact that the last person is needed in the Earth to mitigate the excessive energy of the tree. Based on such a partnership, the partnership is considered to be profitable and may turn out to be extremely small, in the long run. Some business processes employed by people analyze each candidate for profit: it is only good that it is good It is quite logical to wait for a happy, healthy worker to work better than the other, which is small and unimpeded. A successful employee is more profitable for bocca and for a company.
Types of people

Table 19
PersonalityDomineeringMoneyed CreativeAcademic
FireWaterMetal LandTree
WaterLandFire TreeMetal
LandTreeWater MetalFire
TreeMetalLand FireWater
MetalFireTree WaterLand

Pre-positioning of the candidate for a specific area of activity
The scope of activities is determined by the dominant Element in the scheme Four Pillars of Fate.

Imperious type
A small person is represented by the following four people. A person with a very strong Power Element, such as Mao Tse Ding or many other prominent political and hospitable leaders, has a tendency to politics and politics. However, a person with a dominant Element of power, which is not so much as y Mao, can and should not be consulted with the politician, but be very good with the gauge. If it is necessary for a person to be selected to be a purely administrative person, it would be reasonable to ensure that this person is strong. Such people often turn out to be disciplined, steady, use the autonomy. These are potential leaders who are good at managerial positions.

Money type
In the framework of the Four Centers, the fate of people of such a type is dominated by the Element, which is defined as the Element, which is personal. If there is a lot of positions of the Element of fortune, it means money and fortune will play appreciable in human life.

Twister type
A four-way diagram of the Cus- tomers affirms the Element required by the Element of Personality. People who are in good condition are provided abundantly, are usually distinguished by themselves and, as a result, are dressed in the same way. Such people are excellently handled with work, requiring personal and lasting work. At this point, remember: The element of solidity is expected to be an element of personality, and after that, the alternating force is only a little, except for the fact that it is only Therefore, it is necessary to have a separate control over the excess Element of the solidity in the scheme of the Four Halls. In order to have a lasting ability, a person must be provided with the necessary accessories. An element that is usually necessary for us to equilibrate the element is called an electronic element.. This is the Element that will wait for the Element of Personality.

Academic type
People in the scheme of the Four Stands of the Cases of Short-Term Pursuit do not make money, no power and no good, a Element of resources, more often they tend to be nicer and more academic and better suited for work, where planning and research are required. For example, Albert Einstein was a Fiery man born in the spring when the tree is colored. For the FIRE PERSONALITY, the TREE is a material Element and a certified Element. A strong tree in the four story scheme, Einstein’s fate allowed her to reach the big exams in the day-to-day research.
Earth Wave Combination
Earth branches can "count" or "collide" with another friend. “Collision” is a conflict, and “combination” is harmony and peace. Below are listed the pairs of winter vets that occur or collide with each other.

Table 20
Earth branchEarth branch:
month-- - daymonth ----- day
W-- --FW-----l
w-- --fw-----T
T-- --ME-----t
t-- --me-----F
l-- --eM-----f
L-- --Em-----L

On which day to make an important decision:
He does not choose a day, the earthly branch of one of the branches of the month. For example, if important events are scheduled for the month of the Star-Numeric Year, the earth branch of ect- t, then ecstasy of the yin Tree, and you are trying to take a course for such a month, so you should avoid the day, when in the earth branch his metal will be yin, a few yin Metals collide with the yin Tree. Such days are called "days of collision" and are not considered to be beneficial.
When you choose to start the exercise on a certain day, on the basis of this rule, you should avoid the chase "Collision". For example, on the day of the yin Tree, "collision" will be a bit of the yin Metal (t - m ), which is on the back. At the same time, it is between five and seven hours in the evening. Western hours: 5 p.m. - 7 p.m., and the letter clock of the Calendar: m Тable - 2
From the same frame, if you have a four-seater table , a winter time is open, winter Indian metal in the earthly world.

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Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.