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Twenty of the Constellations


Prophetic interpretation
Twenty of the Constellations (nyanbacyu) - is one of the most important attractive systems connected with the Star-numerical calendars.
Cyu approximates "lunar houses" or "unar zodiky" of the West and the Arabian acolyte and the indoctrination of the Indian acolyte. Once you find the constellation in the calendar for the day or year you need, refer to the divinatory interpretations below.
You were happy - 09 03 1971 at 23 h. 15 min.
Prophetic interpretation
(prophetic interpretation)
Stars in (moment) day of birth
CHECK THE RECORD OF THE BIRTHDAY. According to the Star-Numeric calendar, the day (new quotes) starts at 23.00.
And since the personality was born after 23:00, you need to look the very next day, that is, the 10-th.
1. Open the new doc.
2. Please refer to the document Interpretation of a brief description of the sign of the animal (personality born this year).
You can use this feature - Pig
Year is a - white pig. Good, some safe and capable of self-immolation.
Bo all matters include all strengths. For them, there is only one direct path without shutting down.
These are strong and manly people. They don’t leave their friends in trouble. Not many, but they are interesting,
they read a lot and are well-informed. They are attentive to those they love.
Their family affairs go a bit smoothly, they do not allow long-term rupture, which would be difficult problems,
they should not be left in, they should be left in for a short while.
At first glance, it may seem that the characterization of the sign of this animal refers to the personality of this person, that he is a “Pig”. But this is not so. This sign of the animal, its characteristics are correlated with the energy of this year, affecting the subconscious of those born this year, correlated with the spirit, the ancestors of this person - grandfathers and grandmothers. The personality itself is characterized by a birthday (two hours), its sign of an animal. In addition, it would be nice to find out something about the parents of this person, about how this person was brought up and in what conditions, what information she received. For the actions of the personality, its future depend on this information. Information about the month of birth (parents, guardians) and information about the birthday (personality) can be obtained using the characterization of the sign of the animal under whose care this month or day was.
3. In the code of the day of birth find the Code of your birth date (1971 year) and write it down, open later, with a new document.

10032610ЗО мдмв10231 2 84 1 82 VI

The letters in the calendar indicate stellar-numerical years, months, two parts and signs of animals. The pillar of ЗО - is a person, З - is a personality itself, О - is a wife. мд - parents: м - father, д - mother. мв: м - grandfather, в - grandmother. To find out what animals are hiding behind these letters, you need to open the Calendar tables document and see Table 2, that part (day) that refers to this year -1971. Year - a White Pig, the day ends, the last two hours - at (21:00 - 23:00). Therefore, you need to look back (above this two hours. After all, you are already looking at the clock, not 9, but 10 days): the letter - З, this is the Green Dragon.
З - The Green Dragon, О - The Red Horses, м - The yellow rooster, д - The black rabbit, в - white pig.
The characteristics of these animals can be found in the birthday codes.

Personality - З - Green Dragon. З - it is written in capital letter, which means that the person will be more concerned about issues related to the spirit, mental labor, rather than questions related to physical labor. Relatives, on the contrary, were worried about issues related to physical labor (small letters).
The second one. Personality is a wild animal, relatives, however, belong to domestic animals. Therefore, the joint life of the individual and relatives is possible only until a certain time, until the personality is mature. And then their paths diverge. The dragon will inevitably leave relatives, will leave their way of life. Another life awaits him, the life of the Dragon. From this moment, the possibilities of the individual will increase, but there is no one to protect him from danger, in everything you will need to rely on your own strengths. How he will live is briefly written here, in this characteristic of the sign of the animal - the Green Dragon.
10 03 - the date of your stay on the western calendars. 26, 10 - number of constellations, after which you were lucky:
The first number 26 - is the number of the annual constellation (1971 year).
Top 10 - The number of the day constellation (Virgo) after which you rejoiced. This association (day) is the main year-round and will determine your life, influence it all your life. If you are not lucky and you are not happy with a good connection, do not despair. The annual connection will help you to neutralize the negative impact of the day, in separate cases, even replace the daily connection more. If and secondly, the collision is not favorable to you, and therefore, do not need to exclude pies, you must look for help in people who are more likely to be beneficial.
10231 2 8 are numerological numbers: 10231 is the stellar-numerical year of birth, 2 - is the month of birth, 8 - is the number of the lunar day in which the person was born.
4 1 8 - the numbers of the Astrology of the Nine Palaces: 4 - the number of the year of birth, 1 - the number of the month of birth, 8 - the number of the house of birth (the house in which the number of the year of birth was located on the map of the day of the month of birth).
2 - the age of the person (year) in which the first Pillar of Fortune will begin to exert its influence. Impact can be both good and bad.
VI - an indicator of good luck, it indicates how this day was for the birth of a person - good or bad.
4. Now you are left open the document - Sensing 28 connections and portions, opened by you a document, a nice pushing these joints.
26 Pulling
off The overall good value is- good.
Element moon. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday.
Lively - deer (Old male).
Pulling over reminds a tight bow or extended wings, a spread-out wardrobe. The last type of accreditation takes place with holiday makers and recipes, as well as with feasts, food, and kishne. In the old age, it was believed that if this co-formation is not visible, the importer can become overwhelmed. A Pulling of overall retraction and encouragement for remuneration, correct reward, endowment in a nice pastime. This is a sign of happy, harmonious human relations and the acquisition of a new property.
10 Virgin
Generally negative - unfavorable.
Element of the Earth. Planet Sat. Cybot Day.
Live - a flying mouse.
Legend o Pastyxe and Virgo are given above. No matter how strange, in spite of her own spontaneous love, Virgin is a proxy of all the girls who wish to go out and get married. Therefore, this combination symbolizes marriage and the construction of new houses, in which young couples can live. Days administered by the Virgin are not suitable for the rest. The grave of bitter oneself this day leads to diseases, especially to the disease of digestion. The day before the sign of Virgo is fraught with disagreements and questions in the family, with conflicts in the community. Thank you on this day to learn.
5. Having analyzed above, it is possible to make a conclusion:
You had fun in an unpredictable year and a rather delicate day. The fight against disease is provided to you.
But in another you will succeed - in the material. Stars are favored by you, but under the same conditions,
you have to work. Everything depends on your actions. AT LEAST YOU WILL BE CARRIED OUT IN THE BAR.
This refers to the first part of your life. It all starts to happen at a later stage of adulthood
- in the second half of your life, when they do not have emotion, but business, partner tendencies.
Analysis of Stars (Nearest Residents) Currently
Chinese and many other factors divide the life of a man for three parts:
- Up to 20 years. During this period, for a person, parents (externally, the Stars, after which they were born) have been identified.
- From 20 to 40 years. In this period, women and children have a greater influence.
- From 40 to 60 years. In this period, you will reap the benefits from your previous life and activities, vacations.
You will reap what you understood before.
First part
Your life is up to 20 years.
of your parents:
6. Record the favorable interpretation of the Superstar, as well as the performance you have done with your Stars.

1 Horn
Generally good value - good.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day.
The animal is Dragon.
Symbolizes the beginning of the spring. It promotes the propagation of animals and flowering plants. Therefore, the property is maintained in all sorts of places, building, creating a home and rural support. The days due to the influence of this co-construction are ideally suited for the start of construction work, the purchase of the ground and the shutdown of the marriage. It is believed that everything that occurs in a marriage this day will take on an important location in the community and “come close to the seventh hospital”. For the sake of this day, it’s not good, because "in seven years, there will be pain and illness." On the day of this co-creation, even the cemetery cannot be visited. The winters are predominantly rain and wind, while in winter it is rainy nights, which should be kept warm for some time. Genius of this constellation has the ability to disengage with his own eyes the snake.
12 Imminence
The overall good news is unfavorable
Element moon. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday.
The animal is tray.
The Trap Trap is controlled by accessories, auxiliary equipment and earthen shafts. In general, any kind of construction work is necessary when it is consumable. Days of this Constellation (every fourth monday) are covered with accessories for those who are on the road. It is important to avoid starting these trips these days, as long as you are comfortable with the risk of bandits, and the ships can be swept away. It is better to be limited to these matters, which you can do in one place; for example, repair a house.
6 Tail
Generally good value- good.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday.
The animal is Tiger.
If you are symbolizing Imperator, then the Tail is the Heir, a young Tsarevich, who is still in that age, when he lives in the female half. Therefore, this association is related to small children, mothers, nannies, and also to inheritance. The day before this sign was given for the construction and shutdown of the marriage. Having burnt this day, there will be rich rinses. The tail predisposes to the unladen treasure and extension to a high post.
11 Void
Generally good value is not good.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed.
The animal is rat.
This constituent symbolizes one, no, cold, winter hibernation and a grave. Likewise, it manages cemeteries, grave diggers, graves and pons, wards. Since it is a combination of cold and winter hibernation. In the modern world - the protection of frozen food indices. Days administered by Hatching are covered by domestic spokes. This is an unsuitable day for construction or ground work: for "the tigers take the baby and burn it, the tears of the graves are buried recently, the illnesses must be kept three times a year, but a little". People who are welcome to marry, may be expected to see very unforgettable children a day after they know that they are pregnant.
If for some reason you do not have information about the parents, then it can be obtained using the characteristics of the animal sign:
(мд - parents: м - father, д - mother) м - yellow rooster, д - Black rabbit or the characteristic of the zodiac sign Pisces. (the month of birth of the person is correlated with the parents, guardians of the person).
7. Having analyzed the favorable interpretation of the Stars, you will see that with the parents you are, to some extent, “lucky” (family quarrels) and they are somewhat influential. You will feel good as you live, and you may need to be comfortable and supportive of them, as well as you must, without a doubt. You just need to apply a few resources to your own, so that this connection is not resolved, and the remuneration will not be burnt out. Only in this case Stars can help you, in your life.

The second part is
your life from 20 to 40 years.
Wife: 15 09 1968
8. Record the favorable interpretation of the Wife Stars in the same sequence as you did before.
23 demon
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Venus. Friday day.
The animal is ram.
The full name of this co-creation is ("Devil Palankin"). Four stars from the constellation of the Cancer of the Western Acronym, lying on the line of the ecliptic, form a palanquin, this is not a large tonnage, it is spaced apart from the middle.
In the old days, as far as possible, this constellation was seen by the Chinese, as a cloud of pollen, fluttering from the flowering Willow (following). It is believed that the Demon runs the dead, and also in the places where the killing occurred (for example, combat fields), soldiers and military units. In addition, the Demon is accustomed to clodes. In modern Chinese technology, this combination is underestimated, in general, not happy: "in the door, open on the day of the Demon, enter a little," and so on. Any new projects will end with a catastrophe. A woman who has married before this day will be more likely to be a double than a married one. Subsequently, the support and reading of the fronts are very favorable.
28 Cart
Generally good value - good.
Element Boda. Planet of Mercy. Wednesday Day.
Animal is an earthly worm.
A truck is not really an entire truck, but only a platform that provides its basis. It may be assumed that some of the outlying lands provided tribute to the emperors. Therefore, this sign of accreditation takes place with the benefit of riches, and also, quite naturally, with the benefits of a small amount of food and vehicles. The truck is not without profit in business. Everything, whatever happens on this day, is partly concentrated. Happening dead and reverending this day is a letter to the fellow, but I’m kind of loving (I don’t mean much). This same order of hope awaits tex, who is getting married this day.
9. Having analyzed the favorable interpretation of Wife Stars, it is possible to make a conclusion that in childhood it was a "hard child". The stars repaired her obstacles and did not cause a calm way of life and youth. With satellite in family life she is also not evil. This is the first part of life. Subsequently, the second half of life, a healthy sense and practicality will make it possible for her to become equal in life. Find a satellite just a short while later on, you can go all the way to it, which will help you in three minutes. For the most part, find out that this interpretation emphasizes the negative part of the weekly exercise of your Stars: freeze It seems that you have met your double and partner for life, met in order to be separated in the near future.
But everything written above, a characteristic of a wife, is possible only if the person is married. And before that, before marriage, information about the wife can be taken from the characteristics of the sign of the animal Horses (О - Yellow horse).
10. The general conclusion from the analysis of the Stars. A output is made by you. Well, child and child support (clarification of relationships in the family can and have a beneficial effect on the worldview of the person) can help you to "stand on legs", to allow yourself to be happy. Arrangement and self-satisfaction for any property, and so on for the good of the family today. The care and support of one’s personal life, and perhaps (The Selfish Horse), will prove to you its commitment and acceptance until the moment your paths diverge.
(good interpretation) of Stars in the near future
(for the next 10 years).

Third part.
11. Refer to, open by you, a document of a good interpretation of the Stars for the next decade and analyze it. Open the document - Interpretation (Section - Western Calender and Stars) and rewrite the number of Stars for the next 10 years.

Year 20042005200620072008 20092010201120122013 20142015201620172018 20192020
Stars 34567 89101112 1314151617 1819
2004 year - 3 Base, Root
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
It causes the onset of illness. It is bad for those who did not show the elders.
If you are going to a ship, it will suffer an accident.
2005 year - 4 House, Rooms
Generally good value good.
The House cis considered to be extremely well-known. It is beneficial for all matters relating to the construction and the interior of the office of shops, shops and apartments. Restoring children and giving birth to children.

2006 year - 5 Heart
The overall negative value is poor.
It predicts a conflict with power, corruption and punishment. It shows not at all the favorable results of all-embracing enterprises, at the slightest respect for the requirements and the general longitude. Heart imperfections at the service and inadequacy of the sale of property. Children will suffer from various diseases.

2007 year - 6 Tail
Generally good value good.
Having burnt, there will be rich floods. The Tail predisposes to the unladen treasure and extension to a high post.

2008 year - 7 Sieve
Generally good value good.
The Sieve predicts a whole year of great yielding to those who begin new things: "reward for love of love."
A new property is acquired. And a secondary meaning: related to gossip, malignancy and security.

2009 year - 8 Ladle
Generally good value good.
This combination indicates all types of yields: those who receive it receive an increase in the rank,
families are enriched.

2010 year - 9 Bull
The overall negative value is poor.
The days that the Bull, manages are inconsistent, especially for incorporation into a marriage, and also for closing the contacts: the parties include this.

2011 year - 10 Virgo
The overall negative value is poor.
The day after the familiar Virgo is fraught with differences and clauses in the family and conflicts in the community.
Thank you on this day to learn.

2012 year - 11 Emptiness
The overall negative value is poor.
Days administered by Emptiness are laden with domestic cops. People can wait for the holidays to be very unusual children.

2013 year - 12 Danger
The overall good value is poor.
The days of this constellation (each fourth monday) are covered with accessories for those who are on the road. It is recommended that you avoid traveling on these days, as long as the following are acceptable, the bandits should be protected, and the ships may be swept.
It is better to be limited to these matters, which you can do on one place, for example, with a renovated house.

2014 year - 13 house
Generally good value good.
The Day of the Chamber is welcome to carry out any construction work and start new businesses: "the emperor is mercifully happy; Heaven will pour out his generous gifts to the happy people born under this auspicious sign.

2015 year - 14 The wall
Generally good value good.
The wall is available for literature, art and goods. Expand your property, build and save. To open the doors is a fortune for the whole family. Read readings - to prosperity and acceptance in "topx". Children born out of marriage, included in this day, reach a lot of things and send their own words.

2016 year - 15 Legs
The overall negative value is poor.
In general, Nogi’s day is unholy. It is not possible to engage in construction work, otherwise the prosperity must be handled. Earthen work leads to a failure. Family spheres and recognition are possible among consumers. The security process this day will be played. The disease is ameliorated.

2017 year - 16 Hill
Generally good value good.
This association accords with yozhim and with the accompanying harvesting of holidays, at which all members of the community have taken part. Therefore, it is believed that the Hill preserves large gatherings of people, meetings and meetings. Good harvest also means peace and harmony in the family and government. Holm Day is a place for tri-mphalic arches, opening doors and any kind of construction. In children born in a marriage, who was imprisoned this day, "the coffers are always filled with silver, gold and precious stones." This day is also well-suited for dripping and filling the water channels. Dyx - the repository of this zodiac sign knows the secret of longevity.

2018 year - 17 Желудок
Generally good value good.
The modern Chinese operators ignore the “prison” value of the stomach and interpret it as a sign of wealth and accumulation of richness. It is beneficial both for construction and for use, as long as it is compatible with the 3-element. In China, it was believed that the children born from the marriage, turned off by the seventeenth connector, had chances to become close to the emitter.

2019 year - 18 Pleiades
The overall good value is poor.
The plaids are litigated by litigation and the death of one of the members of the family. Once a person knows how to play, you can’t build a house and dig channels: in other words, “the little children will be as close to the grave as it is nice”. The marriage, concluded on the day of the Pleiades, is considered unhappy: the cost is practically inevitable.

Information about all the Stars that met in the past is and will be in the future, can be obtained from Table 1 of Calendar tables And how they influence the personality and events in general can be found in the Interpretation document.
- Stars not only affect the subconscious of the personality, determining its fate, but also, as a good host, check the health of the person, how things are, how the personality’s life program, laid down in the personality from the moment of its birth, is implemented.
Stars will verify this personality already from the age of two; the test is diverse, not the same at different times. Check will be made every 10 years and so on, until the end of life. In 2013, the identity will be verified for the fifth time. Different people relate to checks differently, so the consequences are different.
12. Analyze the good value of these Stars.
The person will have problems in the period from 2010 to 2012, problems inherent in the person from the very birthday: the 10-Virgo day star is not supportive of understanding between lovers. And the Stars of this period, each and every one, will seek to dissolve the marriage between lovers and, as a result, the lovers of lovers will disperse. This is life, each person has his own destiny, and it does not have to be similar to yours. In other years, other stars will put everything in its place and life will gradually improve, and the sun will shine again.
Having analyzed the value of all the stars, you will understand that it is constantly necessary to take excerpts and patience, to constantly bother to have your own and your family. The problems were - in the future, and in the future, and they need to be solved, it is good to have it, without hurry, and only then you will be able to achieve your dream, it is easy to The stars will help you in this.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.