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Conceivable Interpretation
The complexity of it is that the numbers indicating the birth of a person are recorded in the correct cells of the meter, but the meter is not encrypted. The analogous calender-negative system is protected in the West and is called the "Pythagorean Arms". Both systems are very old. Squared Luo-shi (Universal card), which is in progress, is a 3 x 3 magic box that plays an important role in China, including a large number of pages. A characteristic attribute is that there are all three numbers in any horizontal, vertical, and small number of years. In this way, as opposed to other advantageous interpretations:
In this prophetic interpretation it does not matter - the identity of a man or a woman. All meanings of interpretations are the same, both for one and the other.
Square Lo-shy
The top row of cards is - The intelektyalny plan
Middle – The spiritual plan
Lower – The material plan
The intelektyalny plan - this is the rational of man.
The spiritual plan - is the sphere of dyxa, feelings, emotions and intuition.
The material plan - is connected with the physical body of a person, with financial and business people,
as well as with such negative human factors, as well as selfishness.
Apart from the horizontal ranges, vertical columns stand out in the numerological area.
The left one means Thinking, the middle one is - activity, and the right one is – power.
Variables, excreta and columns make up nine unique combinations, which, to a considerable degree, define the value of each of nine. When analyzing the birth cards, the values ​​are read out not only for individual numbers, but also for their combinations on the basis of the Five Element theory. The absence of any number in the card is not necessarily negative.
Star-numeric numerology - this is the search for equality, and the combination can provide a good equilibrium, even if the card does not negate many numbers. In addition, short of time, on the map, you can “stop” in life. For this, the whole theory of the Five Elements is used. If there is no nine in the card (Fire Element ), you should choose a lot of talisman, design, food, flower, etc., to eat.
Naturally, at the same time it is necessary to observe the measure and not to uphold the fundamental rules of fan - shy.
You were happy - 18 08 1951 year
(positive interpretation)
numerological birth card
On the Star-Numeric calendar (day) begins at 23.00
1. 1. Open a new document.
2. In the document "Date of Birth" on your Map of the Year ( 1951 year ), find the numerological numbers of your birth date and write them in a new document.
The numerological code consists of the numbers of the Star-Numeric year (it is in the heading of the Map of the Year), the numbers of the serial number of the lunar month (they are at the top of the monthly column) and the day numbers of the lunar month, which are on the left and right of the Year Card.
180810 211 7 17

3. Write all the numbers from your code into the corresponding cells of the blank letterhead (Lo-shy square, which consists of nine clean cells) as well as they are stored on the universal.
492 2
357 77

4. Now you need to transfer to the open document with the dock. “Shot” is a good touch of this number, boom of strength and weakness, and small boom (if they are) in such a way:
Substance (numbers 1-6-8; arrow of prosperity 8-1-6; arrow of loss 8-1-6).
Soul (numbers 5-3-7; arrow of spirituality 3-5-7; arrow of loneliness 3-5-7).
Intelligence (numbers 9-4-2; arrow of intelligence 4-9-2; arrow of bad memory 4-9-2).
Thinking (arrow of decisiveness 8-5-2; arrow of emotional equilibrium 4-5-6;
arrow of assurance 8-5-2; arrow of calculation 4-3-8; arrow a mess 8-3-4;
arrow of suspicion 4-5-6).
Activities (arrow of willpower 1-5-9; arrow indecision 9-5-1).
Force (arrow action 2-7-6; arrow apathy 2-7-6) и
Four small arrows.
Number 1 Preferred to be rich. One 1. The unit is located in the central position of the material plan.
It is considered to be a good number, as long as there is a good potential for making money and enjoying the benefits of life. People with four or more units are overly concerned with achieving and assuring themselves that they have any other interests. Holding money does not allow them to be happy in other spheres of life. But it can be ironed if there is a person on the card that is numbered on a dead plan (3, 5 or 7).
Number 7 Spirituality, intuition and weight. Two 77. People with two shades are inclined to help and quicker to show good health, than to the real good. They can achieve a large material ypeksa, but they often experience a clear sense of guilt for this luck.
Numeral 2. Subsequent, non-original ym. The two are located on the right to an intelligent plan. the number that is most favorable for the intellect, and therefore negative or, in the best case, neutral.
Arrow of suspicion (4-5-6)
Such people are suspicious, doubtful, inclined towards peace of mind. Bo all see only a negative side.

Arrow a mess (8-3-4)
Such people are not logical, not methodical, unorganized.
They live today, some long-term plans are built, and if they are built, they usually do not.

Arrow of science (1-77)

Эти люди интepecyютcя зaгaдкaми миpoycтpoйcтвa, любят дoкaпывaтьcя дo иcтины и чacтo cтaнoвятcя yчёными.
5. Analysis of the positive impact of the numbers and arrows, as well as their location on the card, you can make a conclusion:
Number 1 You have good facilities for making money and enjoying your life, and you will not have big problems with money.
Number 2 and streaks of suspicion (4-5-6) And a mess (8-3-4). There is no need to worry without having to worry about it when you are loving and supportive people nearby.
Number 7 and arrow of science (1-7). Two 77. You are likely to be more inclined to help and more likely to be more comfortable, than to stay alive. Perhaps you reach a big material ypeksa, and you do not have to make a blame for this yspeks. In the world of people there is no perfection. Ho strive for well-being. You are expected to be.
Ho yo, not all people can become scientists. It is necessary to be condescending to the weaknesses of other people.
6. Carefully looking at your card you will see that in it all the cells are filled with numbers.
A drawback could be made. For this, the Hypologic "medicine" is needed, which you will find in the document “Medication”. In my opinion, you need to keep the numbers 5 and 9. Emotional restraint you would not have prevented, and the nine could partially neutralize the two and the negative arrows.
7. Transfer to your document. Element, color, material and objects related to numbers 5 and 9.
2Landyellow, brown Ceramics, crystals, stones, sand
9FireredCandles, lamps

Using numerological "medicine," you can achieve great material success. To do this, you need a little: to maintain balance in life.
And, having strengthened still will power (number 5), you will definitely achieve your goals and you will live in this complex and controversial world without great difficulties and care: caring, sensitive, intuitive, remembering other people, and you will have a secure rate.
(Conceivable Interpretation)
numerological numbers maps of the closest residents at the present time.
The closest relatives can be: husband, children, parents.

8. In the document "Date of birth", find the numerological numbers of the birth date of each of its members and move them to the open door.
Husband - date of birth: 06 04 1946
060410206 3 5
Son - date of birth: 10 03 1971
100310231 2 8
Daughter - date of birth 14 08 1975
140810235 7 13

Numerology numbers of each of the residents are identified by a blue color.
9. Write down all the numeric numbers in the corresponding cells of the blank letterhead as well as you did in paragraph three.
10. Discontinue the positive interpretation of numerological numbers of each of the person from the document "Interpretation" in the same way SEQUENCE, HOW YOU HAVE DONE, AND ANALYZE THEM.
Number 1 People with one unit in the card are well "stand on foot".
Number 2 Distinct, not original ym. In combination with a triple two, it indicates an aptitude for sports and sports because of the shorts.
Number 3 Spirituality, sensitivity, intuition. One 3. It is easy to be offended and suffers from a stress.
I have to contact you, yes, and help wait a bit.
Arrows of thoroughness and deception (1-3). People, in short, have such a configuration, in any case, a little more fun. Negative side: such a person may be odd, if it is beneficial for her, to lie or to hide the truth.
Number 5 Intense emotions. One 5. Emotionally balanced, intuitively takes the right decisions. Quite a fair xapactera.
Number 6 Aptitude and comfort. One 6. Luckily, you can make good money in a clean environment. The potential potential is directed to its own private home. A good seed, likes to live and work in good conditions.
Number 1 Affected by wealth. People with two units in a card are well paid and happy.
Number 2 Two of the two on an intelligent plan are very negative position. Two twos are suffering from a lack of energy and a predisposition to diseases.
Number 3 Spirituality, sensitivity, intuition. One triple means a person who is easily offended and suffers from stress. I have to deal with it. One triple, combined with one eighth, shows that there is one person to carry out.
Number 8 As the Chinese people have been able to save money a lot, this has always been very popular. On one side, it means income, money, attention to details, guarantees a significant financial success and a happy life.
Arrows of thoroughness and deception (1-3). People, in short, have such a configuration, in any case, a little more fun. Negative side: such a person may be odd, if it is beneficial for her, to lie or to hide the truth.
Number 1 One 1. People with one unit on the map well "stand on foot".
Number 1 Predisposition to wealth. People with two units on the map make good money and are lucky.
Number 2 Mediocre, unoriginal mind. The two are located on the right to smart plan by the number that is most favorable for intelligence, and therefore, negative or, in the best case, neutral. In combination with a triple two, it indicates an aptitude for sports and sports because of the shorts.
Number 3 Spirituality, sensitivity, intuition. Two 33. The two triples are intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, equitable, adapted to life and easy to live with other people. Their owner is responsive and well understands the motivation of others. People with two triples in a card - good friends.
Number 5 Intense emotions. People with one five are emotionally balanced, they make the right decisions, especially if the card has a range of energy or willpower. If one is five must be double and triple, the person is inclined to realize the negative side of their abilities more, to be unreasonable and not sympathetic.
Number 7 Spirituality, intuition and weight. In the body of the arsenal - (3-5-7) one semera can predkazyvat korjepy in a spiritual or humanitarian sphere. Ho, if in an arrow of two or more three or five, a person is inclined to dogmatism and often "doesn’t see the forest beyond the trees."
Arrows of thoroughness and deception (1-3). People, in short, have such a configuration, in any case, a little more fun. Negative side: such a person may be odd, if it is beneficial for her, to lie or to hide the truth.

from the analysis of the number of numerological numbers of the nearest residents:
- You are lucky with your husband. Your husband has a card that means that you don’t have enough - number 5. Therefore, this number will complement your card.
You will regain emotional emotion in life. With the equilibrium of the psyche, it is easier for people to live in our world and, in the end, such a person will survive for a long time. In addition, money should not be spent in your family. But on the other hand, you are prone to peace of mind, all you see is only a negative side. The husband, for his part, is prone to speed and frustration because of difficulties ... Therefore, the clarification of relationships in life is guaranteed to you. There are problems between you and your husband. In such cases, there are no right-wingers. What to do One solution only: you need to be trickier. Gently support her in his business - this is what he needs. Good friendliness of the friend with the friend in the family gives you always a good result. A dictatorship in relations is the death of both families and human life as a result.
- The son y you intellectually developed and will occupy the property in the general condition of its respective capacities. In youth, you will be your assistant and guard.
- The daughter has a good mindset, she is responsive and will help you in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, please help her to be able to recover in her own strength. Maintaining good relations with your nearest relatives, you can live well, all your beloved, be materially secured and survive to a small size.
(nice interpretation)
Stars not far ahead (the next 10 years)
10211 7 17 – this is your numerical code

12. Transfer to the dock. "Codes" in your documant of the year of the western calendaring and the corresponding numbers of years of the Star-numerical calendaring.

2011–2022 year
Your numerological code does not change with time. But, if there is a lot of warming summers, it will change and be sure to give you something more favorable for you or not. Choose yourself. From the conclusion, important for you are: money, love for children and a dispute with her husband. If all this intensifies in other years, you will be happy. If the numbers that enhance your desires are not available, you feel bad, plus disputes with your husband ... In this regard, you will have to take some decisions.
13. Transfer to the dock. "Interpretation" in your own document the interpretation of these numbers and arrows (look at your card) and analyze them. Zero attention is not taken. It does not take into account the increase in the number of the same numbers.
2011 year - (10271)
If you compare your annual numbers with the numbers of this year, you can see that the units have decreased, there are more sevens. And what does it mean? And this means that people with three financial units are successful and happy in life. This number of units is considered ideal.
People with three cemeteries - this is a sample of citizens, confrontations, just working to achieve the goal.
And this means that your energy will increase, well, if it is directed to everyone for the good.
2012 year (10272)
Two 22 Two dvuyki on an intelligent plan a very negative position. Two twos have a lack of energy and a predisposition to diseases. In regard to you, this means - an ongoing loss. Therefore, the doctor should be somewhere nearby.
2013 year (10273)
One 3 One triple is needed for support from side 5 and 7 for building the body of relaxation, or 8 and 4 for building the body of calculation.
Without these arrows, one triple means a person who is easily offended and suffers from a stress. I have to deal with it.
In addition, you have other problems associated with the appearance of the arrow of thoroughness and deception (1-3). People, in short, have such a configuration, in any case, a little more fun. Negative side: such a person may be odd, if it is beneficial for her, to lie or to hide the truth. Of course, you can calm yourself ... And who needs your truth?
2014 year (10274)
ONE 4 ONE QUARTER in the map means logic, reliability, intelligence. These qualities can be used in various spheres of life, which indicate a different number of cards.
For example, arrowheads (1-7). These people are interested in riddles of peace, love to find out before the truth, and often become scientists.
2015 year (10275)
One 5 People with one five are emotionally balanced, intuitively take the right decisions. And this means that this year is relatively good for you on all issues.
2016 year (10276)
One 6 People with one six-piece are small in small. As part of the pre-fab, one pin of the practical guarantees a life without a financial problem. Creative potential of a man with one four-piece often directed to his own private home. Such a person is a good Semyon who loves to live and work in pleasant conditions. After getting rich, he begins to help less than happy people. This feature is especially strong, if the pin is included in the action bar that appears on your map - the action bar (2-7-6). These people need to be kept busy. They love business activities, love speed, have great energy reserves and are happy when they need to spend it, having to deal with physical exercises.
2017 year (10277)
Three 777 People with three sevens are two types. Usually this is a sample of citizens, confrontations, just working to achieve the goal. However, some may be affected by unrelated self-control. This second type typically has a target range (ratings 4–5 and 6). It concerns you. There is such an arrow on your map. It would be nice if your husband and daughter helped you ...
2018 year (10278)
One 8 One eighth without 1 and 6 means income, money, attention to the little things. Fortunately, if the card also contains 5 and 7.
There are seven, and borrow five from your husband or daughter.
2019 year (10279)
Number 9 is a very good number in Chinese numerology, a synthesizing synthesis of Heaven and Earth, as well as intelligence. One nine in the map identifies idealism, humanism and love of hearts. Such people often become lawyers, politicians or work in strictpax power. This arrow will help you too - the arrow of a cheap rest (9-7). These people are sure in themselves, quiet, constructive. Logic of the Nine helps the spiritual semera. Owners of such a configuration are inappropriately accepting any situation that they believe to be "all the best."
2020 year (10280)
The year is no different from 2018 year.
2021 year (102281)
In fact, a repetition of the previous year.
2022 year (102282)
There are no changes, except for one: the tendency to disputes-quarrels about and without reason has increased.
And what is the general conclusion of everything written?
From the numerological code, we learned what kind of personality is in front of us, what it wants, what it will strive for and how it will achieve it. In addition, we learned what impact on the personality will have the numbers of the soothsaying year.
You can learn more precisely about the influence of numbers by examining the number of lunar months of these years, their interpretation.
You can correct the influence of numbers, smooth out some, possibly negative, consequences, but it is impossible to change what is laid down from the day of birth, to change fate.

- - - - - - - - - -
Private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.