The fate Birthday codes 12 luck indicators


(Jianchu - Twelve Indicators of Good Luck)

Conceivable Interpretation

At the time of the early Han dynasty (about the second half of the year BC), the capital began to use the Mantes. Signs that have received the name Jian (under the names of the two first characters). Every day of the year one of such "indicators of success". Moreover, jianchu is not just a cyclical sequence of twelve signs. Cycles are constantly “confused” in accordance with a certain complex rule when switching from one lunar months to another.

Definition of luck indicators
(For the sake of convenience, indicators are designated by symbols - numbers)

Designation of success indicators
NumeralTitleValue NumeralTitleValue
IJianCreation VIIByBreaking
IIChyDestruction VIIIWeiDanger
IIIManCompleteness IXChengCompletion
IVPinEquilibrium XShoyAdoption
VDeanDefinition XIKaiOpening
VIJiRetention XIIWouldClosing

Fortune Indicator Chart
BзДд ЗoOz MмZв

The good luck indicator of each day only depends on the winter season day and month
and the month and your day of birth.
According to the indicator of the day, it is possible to determine whether today will be
or tomorrow's generally good, what is better
to do this day and what should be avoided.
You should find out what matters best to do on the following week:
2004, January, a month, the second week (5-6-7-8-9-10-11).

1. 1. Open the new doc.
2. In the year - 2004 year
find this period of time in the west of the calendar and record it openly, as well, in a new document.

2004 year, January. The second week.
05012264711214 647923в z Д Bвz101 VIII
06012274711215 638932Д M д звzOO VIII
07012284711216 638932д м д звz110 IX
0801214711217 638932O Z д звz19 X
0901224711218 638932o в д з вz19 XI
1001234711219 638932З B д звz29 XII
110124471122 638932з з д звz28 I

09 01
In these recordings, you are only interested in the Western date and indicator of delivery (Roman numerals).
Green color indicates the winter branches of the day and month (table - indicators of yield, see above).
3. Now you have to open the document- Interpretation of 12 indicators good luck and transfer to it, open by you, a document of a good understanding of these indicators and analyze them.
Do not forget:
The Chinese interpretation of the meaning of brown color, the modern western interpretation of the black color.

05 01-06 01
VIII Wei - Danger

Gripped by a big grin, the wind is crashing: a lot of security. Have a drink of wine. From all the rest - there are few benefits.
Another day, when it seems that everything is going wrong. Do not attempt to do business when they do not go.
It’s better to do anything - this is nothing to do. Calender Council: go and have a drink!

07 01
IX Cheng – Completion
There are ten thousand things in the heavenly Annal.
Run a wedding, go on long trips, drink the earth. All this will be beneficial.
However, avoid spreading rumors.

A great day for all kinds of activities, especially long-term events.
Go about your business and give everyone the opportunity to do their own thing.
08 01
X Show - Acceptance

Today, the treasury of the Heavenly Empire is arriving.
Open the barns, trade, stay in school, arrange for a wedding, save the earth - be active.
All these things will be favorable.

Disregard and lower the support Нe блaгoпpиятнo иглoyкaлывaниe и пpижигaниe.
This day is for trade and, if necessary, to use the savings. Activities outside the home will succeed. Undertake the weddings, but the neighbors should be reposed on the day after tomorrow. Great time for study.
But you should not use this day for visits to the doctor or the dentist.

09 01
XI Kai - Opening

The Messenger of the Heavenly Emperor is out of danger.
Read the notes, turn on the deals, set up the weddings, follow them. All this is good.
Please be careful of the rest, and other business is also not safe.

Good day to send messages. It is also good to deal with business issues, knock out bills.
It is possible to complete a small trip. This day has been given for practicing any kind of art and for study.
However, a heavy trade does not lead to success.
10 01
XII Bi - Closing

Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Opening and Closing.
This is a day of support and hiding, you can post billboards, but other matters do not return good luck.
For most events, this day is not happy and distressing.

11 01
I Jian - Creation

This day, ten thousand things are expected.
Paying bills, changing and trading, scoring, installing posts - all these things will be extremely successful.
Avoid digging, watering, and opening warehouses and treasuries.

A great day to start a new business, all kinds of business, shopping, selling and short business trips. Try to avoid long trips on the road and at sea, as well as work outside the house, including construction, food, a also moving heavy loads. Think twice before opening the door of the store, start dismantling with a hot shoe or touching it, that was left "for a black day".
4. What to do: in your opinion a bad day, but do you have to work?
To work. Just do not expect a miracle. It is necessary to be less and less profitable.
Worry and worry about it doesn’t.
Everything that is done by you is one more brick in the foundation of your future, yours The fate

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Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.