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Four Pillars

Conceivable Interpretation
The time of the birth of any person (hour, day, month, and year) can be expressed in the form of a number of characters:
letters, symbols.
Example for a person who was late at 12:00 a.m. 04. 04. 1946 year
Scheme of the

Four City Halls

Letters (or characters), located in a navyxy, are called heavenly stems, and, down terrestrial branches.
There are ten heavenly stems and twenty earthly branches, and together with these 22 pumpkins form the basis of the Star-Numeric calendar of the life of earthlings. Each of these symbols satisfies any Element. In this way, we can convert these characters to the full Element (doc. Interpretation section 1).
Jansky WaterYansky Metal Jansky WaterYansky Fire
Yansky FireYansky Metal Yang LandYang Earth

If the letters are written in large, then this is yang, if in small letters it is yin. In our example, all the letters are large, which means the Elements of Yang (heavenly spirit, stars), the Yin Elements (earthly) are indicated in small letters.
The time of the presentation, provided in the form of eight symbols, in fact shows the influence of the elements at the time of the birth.
Other words trunks and branchesor cyclic signs, represent a separate cosmic component of a person. If we know the Five Elements, then with the help of the laws and the scheme of the governing these elements, changes to the elements at the time, it is possible to predict the succession of future events of human life. This method of recognizing the future is based on the influence of the Elements, and there is only one provision for this, which is Four Pillars of Fate. He received such a name, as long as our Fate made up of four informational units associated with the time of the year, a day, a day.
Each unit provides a separate column (column) containing two elements, one of which is relative to the heavenly trunks (topxy), a friend to the earth branches (downy). Unless a person is found to be perceptible, it may not be known that the custom pillar cannot be built. But this, of course, to a significant extent reduces the reliability and value of the final result. It can be seen that a person who was born at 12:00 on April 6, 1946 diagram of the Fourth City Hall, is due to the effect of the separation of the living room and the living room for two people. All signs are Japanese (strong, cosmic, affecting the recognition of man). This and this, on the other hand, define life and the fate of this person.
For example.
the identity of a man and he was born at 20:00 06. 04. 1946 year
(Conceivable Interpretation)
Four of the City Halls
at the same time
According to the Star-numerical calendar, the day (new quotes) starts at 23:00.
1. Open the new doc.
2. Open the document card: 1946 On this year's map are written the codes of the birth of earthlings and the succession of luck that will occur in the life of every person born this year. For this person need luck pillars recorded after the month pillar, in which a person was born: 3rd April - a pillar WL for men.
3. Record the Pillars of Good Luck and the Code of this man, openly by you, a new document.
Pillars of success will be yours to help later.
You can find out all the rest of the information in this document: Interpretation.
Date Code
Code You only need to record the letters (characters):
0604MM WL FE9
MM - the crowning of the day, WL - the crowning of the month, FE - the crowning of the year, 9 - the age, from which the first succession of luck is starting to increase.
For a good explanation, use the step-by-step instruction for the full reading (Doc. Interpretation)
4. Transform the birth of the person into the scheme of the Four Pillars of Love.
5. Add the hour pillar of that birthday to the birth card. To do this, define the winter branch (lower letter) of the pillar (Table 1 or 2, doc. Interpretation). Western clock 20:00, (Two hours 19:00 - 21:00) corresponds to the earth branch - E

Table 1
E->Yang EarthDog 19:00 - 21:00

Table 2
19:00 - 21:00EDog
Earth branch an hour for the - E. Record it in the lower crate column "Hour" on the card.

Map of Rest
6. It remains to add a heaven in the private column.
In order to determine the heavenly style of the hour (upper letter), we will need the barrel of the day that we already have (Birth Card).
The celestial trunk of the hour pillar is determined by the celestial trunk М of the day pillar - М М. First, the trunk of the first hour of this day is determined (23:00 - 01:00). To do this, we need to open the dock.
Interpretation, in Table 3 find the corresponding trunk-letter of the daily pillar. In the left two columns - the trunks of days, in the right - the trunks of the first two hours (letters) of these days. Opposite the letter M (Trunk of the day), there is the First trunk of the first “hour” (23:00 - 01:00) of that day. This is the letter F.
Table 3
Trunks of the
The first hour was

Using Table 4 or ruler 5 (Doc. Interpretation), you can set our barrel (letter) of the hour (20:00).
Table 4: in the third column of trunks (the first two-part - F) of the eleventh two-part (19: 00-21: 00) there is a letter F.
The same can be found on the ruler, counting the letters from the letter of the first two-part F to the necessary (eleventh) two-part (letters).
It remains to record the found letter F in the upper “Hour” chum column on the card. Letter F - Big, Yang. Also, make sure that in your recordings, the capital (large) letters are different from the long (small) ones.

Map of Rest

Now we have the full four- story card of the Human being, who was born at 20:00 06 04 1946 year.
Ha it is immediately visible, which elements are present and in which case. On the map are two Fires, two Metals, one Water and three Earths. All the pumpkins in Kapte are larger, in Jansky (strong). There is not one sign of the Indian. Is this good for a person or a nice one?
This means that the person is endowed with the Yansky force coming from the cosmos and will constantly be ascertaining for recognition. Well-being, mood, emerging issues, and the whole Fate this person will largely depend on the processes occurring in the cosmos, in the world and in the country of residence. In all events occurring on the Earth and around this person, she will see the criticism, a little bit of flicker. This is also noticed by people who surround it. One must be condescending to the weaknesses of other people. Man is not God. It is only a person and, of course, makes mistakes, which are then eliminated and perfected, as a person. The influence of cosmos can be felt both in everyday life and in self-esteem. Sleep, "like a baby," this person will not be able to. Thoughts are constantly changing one other, even in sleep. This will all be said to be, and not in the best way, on an uninterrupted system. Influence the person on this energy through elements that are in the Map of the building: Fire, Metal, Water and Earth, a. Also, elements that are in fact also people who will be able to defuse the person at this time. There is a need to look for a way to neutralize this strong Japanese energy, otherwise psychological problems will arise. What kind of energy will come in the future and affect the personality, and what kind of elements is this energy over the course of life, can be found from the pillars of success.
Now we are satisfied with the success of the progress (when the first success of the success begins, you already know).
6. It is necessary to calculate the age from which each of the following yields should begin.

Pillars of good luck
919293949 5969798999
wf TF te FM fm LE lw MW ml WT

The influence of the celestial rule of the success of the yielding will prevail for the first five years of the life strip of the person, and the influence of the earth network for the next five years.
The person died in 1946 year. It can be seen from the table that something starting from 9 years of age (1955) and over 5 years (before 1959.) on the boy will be additionally able to use energy .Water, Yin water (weak, earthly).
Beginning in 1960, the predominant influence on a teenager is to have the energy of the Element of Fire, Yin fire soon (weak, earthly).

From 1965, the energy of the Element Tree will already influence. Tree.
What does that mean? Is this good for this person or is it nice?
7. For this, it is necessary, first of all, to examine the day pillar and to determine the identity of the person. The celestial condition of the day's pillar is always personal, regardless of whether the person is male or female.

Heavenly TrunkM
Earth branchМ

Since the celestial vault of the day pillar is occupied by the jansk metal, and this personality is also characteristic this Element and it can be called "the man of the Yansk Metal."
8. Let us determine a little how strong the Element of this personality is and whether or not the personality is strong or weak, taking into account a little the amount of time, as well as a little. (doc. Interpretation. Tables 7 and 8).

Table 7

According to the table, the metal is in the most favorable conditions, "dominates" in the fall. Personality is a person of Metal and was born the eternal and, as you can see from the table, this Metal person is weak, since the Metal of the whole is dying. If the child would be happy in the fall, when Metal reaches its top, then Metal in the character of this personality would be strong. On the other hand, the metal associated with the person of a person who is second to none, should not be automatically considered weak.
It all depends on the set of Elements in the Card of this personality: Elements help the individual or, conversely, destroy, suppress the individual. To do this, consider Table 8 (Doc. Interpretation).

Table 8
Personality Too WeakThey are waiting for the necessary energy SUPPORT PERSONALITY ENERGY
MetalEarth Metal

The person is a person of Metal and has been reigned supreme, weak, but in her system of the Four Halls of Fate well provided by the Element of the Earth, which supports the Metal (Cycle of the Dip) and, as a result, the Metal of a human being.
With the impressive support of the Earth, the metal of your personality has become quite strong.
9. Having determined the strength or weakness of the person’s identity, it is necessary to determine the elements that are favorable and not favorable to her.
10. It is necessary to determine for the second time the strength of the favor and the second the strength of the indefensible for the personality of the Element. This stage is called equitable and it is very significant in predicting the future and the life of this person.All Philosophy of Four Stolp is based on the concepts of equality and harmony. An individual who is human must not be excessively strong or weak. And then, and another means that a person in his life will not be happy. If a person's personality is slightly too strong, then it is necessary to allow this to be achieved by discharging excess energy and heating. The metal personality was born weak, but reinforced by the earth gained strength and, at first glance, is excessively strong. But in the system of her four staircasesIt is well provided for the Fire Element, which will provide an excess of energy (as shown by the Cycle of Enhancement, the Fire is allowed to be ignored, and bypassed by this, ignore and Disable. Therefore, there will be no imbalance in the Energy. Therefore, the life of this person will follow a more or less rolled up dogma. More or less, because some Elements balanced the influence of other Elements, and the Yansky Metallicity remained, reinforced by the Yansky Metal of the earthly branch-wife. Therefore, further life will depend on this pair, and all the good and all the bad, how they will respond to the influence of other Elements in the future.


During the fight with the Element of Fire and the rise of the Element of Water, the strength of the Metal will weaken, but it will still remain strong. Expanding Elements 3, and supporting 5 (3 - Earth and 2 - Metal). Therefore, for the personality, the beneficial Elements are: Tree and Water. A tree is necessary in any case, for it is for a person - money, means of subsistence, and Water creates a Tree.

Table 8
is Overly Strong
the energy of personality
MetalTree and Water

11. 11. It is also necessary to establish which elements of the life are governed by various aspects of a person’s life: power, wealth, autonomy, education, intelligence.
Table 9
of human
and the general
in the community
and education,
and intimidation,
and friends,
MetalTreeFire Earth WaterMetal

12. In addition, it is necessary to install the elements that provide different human relations with the mother, the father, the friends, the child, and the child.
Map of Rest

Ttable 10
At Home
SonPersonalityFather Grandfather
DaughterSpouseMother Grandmother

Table 11
Dedicated Communications for Men
FloorPersonalityMother in law Father, wifeDescendants Mother-in-lawBrothers and Centers
The manMetalLand TreeFire WaterMetal

13. Using the results of steps 7 and 8 and above, you need to go through the success stories to find out: there is a life for a person to go through a little or no work.
Pillars of good
luck Pillars of good luck in the month of April, pillar of the OT for men:
919293949 5969798999
19551965197519851995 20052015202520352045
wf TF te FM fm LE lw MW ml WT

And so you know: the influence of any elements should be expected in the future and you can imagine how this influence will manifest itself in the life of a person, her Fate.
1955 - 1959 year. – w - The negative value is unfavorable. (paragraphs 7,8).
This period of your life Yin Water will extinguish the energy of the personality of Metal. But the person knows what to do, and, to the best of his ability, will strive to achieve his goal. Study. Ha other and not at all (table 9).In addition, on this shortage of life, the influence on you also shows the father (in - table 10). With the best flats. This is discipline and need for adherence. This is on the one hand. And on the other hand, another Water acts on the personality, it creates the Tree, makes it possible to improve your life. The person has no choice. It is necessary to improve his living conditions. Here - not to fat...
1960-1964 year – f - The negative value is unfavorable.
With this period, there is less risk. You gain independence and begin to resolve issues that arise; on practice prove that you have already taken a bit. You achieve this in a tough fight for survival with the Fire Element (table 6). You are a strong personality. Your power is strengthened and the general situation in the community is strengthened (table 9). Bac starts. This, a 10-year period, is a solution to practical, winter issues and confirmation of oneself, as a person in general. In this case, you decide what to do next, what to do, learn and work in the future.
1965-1969 year – T - Favorable period
You will begin to study in an e-book, at the end of which you can make money for life. This is not a higher order (university). God did not offend a person by intellect (Map of Rest and Table 9), but with the money in the Map it is empty. Quickly, it will be a middle school, a special, responsive to your strong personality. At the end of your studies, you can already rely on the realization of the acquired knowledge and, in practice, earn the necessary funds.
1970-1974 year – F - The negative value is unfavorable.
1975-1979 year – t - Favorable period
1980-1984 year – e - Neutral period

You are an energetic and strong person. But during this period, the Energy of Fire will crush the personality, deprive the possibility of maneuver. What to do "Take yourself into pyki" and do not succumb to emotions. This period is not easy for you. One must think that you will find a good way out of the events of this period, which is very easy, and you should solve all the problems. In one, this period is good for the individual: she will be able to replenish her funds during the period of the influence of the Tree Element. In the period from 1980 to 1984, the Element of the Earth will strengthen, and this means for the individual that his ability to earn money will increase.
1985-1989 year – F - The negative value is unfavorable.
1990-1994 year – M - The negative value is unfavorable.
The initial period, under the influence of Fire, will bring personality a lot of trouble, the decision of which will determine the future life. In the future, under the influence of Metal, the problems will not diminish. Strengthening the Personality Metal will not lead to good. Therefore, colleagues, brothers and sisters will be for the person during this period the enemies, their influence will be negative and undesirable.
Elements will not affect the personality in the following years:
1995-1999 year – f - The negative value is unfavorable.
2000-2004 year - m - The negative value is unfavorable.
14. Define other characteristics of the Fate, such as:
In your Karte of the Rest, the Element of the Earth is preferred. For this person, the Earth is: reciprocations, education, support and auto-immunity (table 13). It is likely that a person will do business in this area. This is a search in the area of ​​Nayka and the practical implementation of issues related to the source of resources: richness, money. This is the improvement of knowledge, the application of them in practice and, as a result, autonomy.
To find out your health and your health, you need to check the heavenly position of the month long pillar - W (Card) and the Element, which is a long-lasting one. In general, the tree and the boat are beneficial to the individual. It means good health, good health, no pain.

Health and Moms
Elements: Earth and Tree. Wood and Earth are beneficial elements for a personality. But in some cases ( steps of yielding ) The ground is a pleasant Element, in other cases - it brings an imbalance. Therefore, mother’s health is good, but she will be treated when she needs to see a doctor.
Health y wives
Elements: Metal and Wood (Table 11, Doc. Interpretation). Favorable elements for this personality. Metal enhances the energy of the individual, and the Tree for the individual means money, means of living. Therefore, health and her will be very good. But did she get sick, or is she sick? A if and yes? But in all other cases it will come out victorious and these diseases will not affect the duration of her life.
Child health
The health of the children is also not nice. Elements: Fire and Wood. However, the excessive power of Fire is not desirable for your personality. In these cases, children can become sick during this period of life. Therefore, it is not necessary for them to forget, especially in such a period, when the Fire is affected by the Metal Person. These are the periods: 1970 - 1974 year, 1995 - 1999 year

Respect many people. It needs to be on them. Looks good at least, but is less susceptible to their weaknesses. Stubborn in reaching your goal (much of the Earth, increasing the energy of the Metal personality).

Hey, serious miscalculations and shortcomings
When reinforcing the Metallic personality with other Elements: Metal, Earth, a feeling like self-righteousness and straightforwardness is likely to appear. These are not some of the best personality traits. And this trait of the character can seriously affect the correctness of the decisions that it takes in the periods that are not pleasing to the person:
1981-1985 year – e - The negative value is unfavorable.
1991-1995 year – M - The negative value is unfavorable.

For a Metal Personality, a woman (Element Wood; table 13, doc. Interpretation) is an enhancement of a person's abilities. But the strength of this personality - Metal and decisiveness in relations between a person, husband and wife, can lead to undesirable consequences, are not visible and can only harm this person. You need to be more kept. Use your own purpose and directness for other purposes. Sometimes, you have to be condescending to feminine weaknesses - for your own sake, to your advantage. Your wife is also a man of Metal.
But this means that the woman, this is your co-worker and one-minded person, friend, for some help you can count in three minutes of life, when it comes to an end at a time. It would not be reasonable to lose this source. And this - you also know.

Table 13
(for men)
Type (element)
of personality
and the general
in the community
and education,
and intimidation,
and friends,
The manWife, Father Son, daughterMother ElementPersonality
MetalTreeFire LandWaterMetal

15. Consider the impact of the ceilings yielding the relevant current life of a person. Is this a positive influence?

LE lw

2005-2009 year (59-64 years): LE
And so you are an energetic and strong person, and at the same time, your energy is even greater, the greater imbalance among the energies affecting your Fate But this is on the one hand. On the other hand, the Earth begets the Tree and you need it. What to do "Take yourself into pyki" and do not succumb to emotions. It would be nice to go and see a doctor and get advice, how to reduce your energy and to keep the system steady. This period for you is not an easy one. Hurry is not necessary. Decide on questions, well thought out, and then you will find the necessary solution. The following period will be successful for you, too, on the verge of collapse. Therefore, speed and endurance do not interfere with you.
2010-2014 year (65-69 years): lw
If before this, the Yang Earth Energy affected the personality, its psychology, then during this period the Yin Earth Energy will influence, it will affect not the psychology, but the practical activities and actions of the personality. In the initial period, the person will energetically take up affairs under the influence of the Yin Earth, to generate the Element of the Tree, means. But in the future, Water will extinguish this energy, leaving only hope for a better life and the ability to improve its intelligence.

For the male personality of Metal, colleagues and competitors are also Metal personalities. In relation to the individual, her colleague and competitors are currently her wife, Yangsky Metal (table 13).
This is on the one hand and good. She helps the person to practically bring her work to life, manage with current troubles and reach ypexa in her work.
In this period, on the side of the personality, descendants (funds), mother-in-law (energy), brothers and sisters (support). Relatives, as best they can, support this person (table 11).
16. Consider the influence of the Element of the current year. Will you get support or is this influence not beneficial?

2013 year - wf
In about the year for this metallic personality - is not favorable. Yin Water will extinguish the energy of the individual, and Yin Fire will destroy it.

Components y Net metallic personality. The friend supporting her is also in doubt, with the exception of Metal Wife. Personality - researcher solo. This is good, however, that no one interferes with her work.

The first half of the year under the influence of Yin Water, this is the refinement of their own intentions and decorations. Bo the second half of the year, the fight against Fire and the individual in practice will decide their intentions.
17. To what type of people does this person belong.
The identity of the individual to a certain area of ​​activity is visible by the dominant element in the Fate this person. (Table 19, doc. Interpretation)
PersonalityImperious typeMoney type Creative typeAcademic type
MetalFireTree WaterLand
The dominant element in your scheme is the Earth Element (see Map of the Rest). Therefore, the person belongs to the Academic type people. People, in the scheme of Destiny, which are not dominated by money, are not power and not creativity, a Element pecypco (this is the Element that gives rise to the element of personality), more often they tend to be nicer and more academic and better suited for work, where planning and research are required.
For example:
A strong experimental element in the scheme of Einstein’s cycle allowed him to reach great expec- tations in real-time research.
18. Consider the nature of the foregoing by a human being, and then decide what to do with it.
A person born at 20:00 on 04/04/1946 belongs to the Academic type people. Other children and adolescents in achieving the intended youth, without any slight weakening and living, be very young, are very good at taking care of this person. This is the source of grace for this soul. Everything else is an app to this. But zeal in young years was not in vain and the individual is waiting for a secure third, a final period of life. And it remains only to apply a little more effort in order to achieve the intended purposes for various studies. The fate help in this Metallic man. Of course, everything needs to be careful and not hasten events. At all times, fueling can only bring this personality, like any other, to the tragic consequences. To show support in making decisions in family relations is also laudable.
In addition, it may seem, considering the pillars of good luck, that this person has problems with money (not in the Map and in the pillars with the Tree is not a lot). In such cases, it is necessary to check all the annual pillars, even monthly ones, and use the period where there is a favorable Element for one hundred percent so that the earned funds are enough for the entire adverse period.

- - - - - - - - - -
Private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.