The fate Map Book


(today-tomorrow-in the future)

for divinatory interpretations
The stellar-numerical calendar is compiled for the divinatory interpretations of processes occurring in nature, events in the lives of people on planet Earth. The current edition of the calendar has been compiled, basically, according to the book - "The Chinese calendar is 100 years old", authors: A. Koctenko, I. Petushkov. This is a popular publication at one time that served as a good help for divining, explaining what is happening, the role of man in the present, and his role in organizing life in the future.
A star-numerical calendar is necessary for the study and practice of Feng Shui. No hieroglyphs! Convenient for use of the table contains Dates (year, month, day) in the form of a common western and sunny-lunar calendar: The Four Pillars of Destiny, heavenly trunks and earth branches for every year, month and day, 28 stars for each year, days, 9 numbers for year and month, 12 "day indicator" for days. The days of the beginning are not indicated only by the lunar months, but also solar periods, used in a stellar - numerical calender penetration. That, who is very practicing Feng Shui and technology, It has cosmic rhythms and their influence on life on the 3rd, this Star numerical calendar will be appreciated for good. In the calendar you can find all the important information for any day, just by opening the calendar card of the year that you are interested in.
The site includes a detailed description of the interpretations of the calendar and seven interesting systems based on it.
About the Star-Numeric Calendar
Under the calender, we will understand the system for organizing time units. The main units of this type are: year, month and day. In the world, there were many different calendaring systems. Calendars, depending on which, in any of these years and months, may be Sunny and Sunny - Sunny. The calendar is assumed by man as part of the culture, religion, tradition, and to the extent that it is true and different man from the living. Orthodox painting, as I recall, has not been taken by the calendars (which is currently common World).Bo all the country. The drain at a glance with the igrian retains its own customary calendaring systems and is not necessary for people gathered from them to be withdrawn in the coming decades.

Residents of Western countries, who are the originating of pre-Christian pagan religions, also have their own calendars. Kalendar Maya and His the Aztec analogue is not only slightly dying under the bell-shaped cigarette yoke of the Spanish resident, but it also takes a lot more advantage. To say the same about the traditional stellar-numerical calendars. More people living in the West, on the eve of the new year, are interested the color of the year old "zodiacal livestock", as well as a special "sign of birth"
As in the case of the Mayan calendar, the interest of the western public domain causes a significant increase in the stellar-numerical calendaring. This is a calendar not only can people keep track of time, but they also calculate Fate.
And it’s impossible to call it simply cyber. The practice of calender penetration (and, in the last word, we assume not only the penetration Formerly, but also the understanding of the previous and true analysis of a particular disclosure of this man at a given period of time and compatibility of other people and events) there are thousands in China (and in other countries of the world).
Due to the long period of time, the years, months and days of the Chinese calendar are “behind” and do not fully comply with the economic months, months and days, they are not satisfied with certain cosmic power flows, combinations of long-distance ones affect the life of a person on the Earth and, of course, the days of the Gregorian calendar do not correspond.
In order for the calender penetration to really work, how many other romantic systems work, and it was created A stellar numerical calendar, not like any other, still existing, calendar of counting time. And practically all who begin practice, prophesy in life, are expected to do so. A successful, very soon begin to understand that green bunnies and fiery horses, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And then there is a need for more complete and specific information.
“Long-legged barbarians” (you have, therefore, had the inhabitants of a few generations backwards), come to the Star numerical calendars, beginning to learn the case, and in the last years of the fan - Shy.
Art Feng Shui (energetic healthy human health - space), if you try to study and practice it carefully. literally, not inconceivable without knowledge of the Star numerical calendar.
The site provides the theory and practice of seven negative systems that are not directly associated with Star Numeric calendadem (not counting systememfeng-shy). This is:
Four Years of Life (the major version of which is the notable twenty animals) Dvortsov, Twenty Eight Constellations, Twelve Indicators of the Fate and Star-numerical numerology.
The systems provided on the site do not relate to the respective technology.
The significant value in them is not attributable to the real position of the heavens on the sky, and the number is calender units. Therefore, for effective penetration by this technique, only the calendaring and understanding of the principles are needed numerical system on the basis of which the Star-numerical calendar was created. No additional accessory tables, etc. not required.

Our conscious universe

What is the sense of life? Generally, does life have a Meaning? And if so, what should I do with it?
When we ask ourselves these three questions and look for answers to them - only then we become people.

The main merit of our traditional religions and nights (some are conservative, others are progressive) is in the transfer of new, knowledge and understanding of the process of life in the Blessed people who are in need of this, trying to take their place in this process. But in this life so not much else understood, not known. But some people can catch a glimpse of the eye, with my own intuition a little further, diminished in it a clear section of the Darkness, easy to drink in the unexplored followers and all mankind (on these visions religion and even science are built). Such people, for the time being, are able to accept this, we still have not known beyond the limits of Darkness, helping other people better to lift the processes of Blessed, trying to collaborate with this Blessed, thereby expanding human knowledge. What bothers us to tell ourselves: yes, we still many do not know? What is it to recognize that, in fact, is there sacrament?
There are only a few examples of anomalous phenomena, which in some cases contain a mild (a, therefore, alarm) meaning:
1. It has been known for many cases when a physically separated person was separated from more tall “bodies” in the condition of clinical death, after driving drugs or at a high speed (with a blow, in the center), in a state of shock, etc.
2. People who are shameful are considered to be unaware, we observed our physical body and were able to accurately describe the events that had occurred.
3. All of us have dreams, and sometimes, and visions of other cities, which many say to us about our internal conditions (not detected illnesses, complex, etc.) or to wait for it from the future, as well as tell you as you can (if we don’t analyze them).
4. There are a lot of reports, so-called poltertergisty, maintenance and other papessychnichesky phenomena.
5. Reminiscences from past lives that appear and many people can be aware of the multiplicity of life.
6. Sometimes children say such details about personalities and events of past or distant places, which, apparently, could not have been known. At all this is an option: we can use this new colossal opportunity to expand our consciousness, our life and become an important part of these new energies, or we can continue to live in a relative immunity, choosing what eliminates from the limited system of compensation, our culture, and causing others to think for us. And once again, let’s say: What is the meaning of life?
Answer: The meaning is in the very existence of Life and its extension.A bonfire cannot burn for long unless it is replenished with firewood. In case of people - if the birth rate stops. And, in general, why do people on Earth are needed, why did they start to think? You were born from Chaos and became a member process called - Life. Find your place in this process. Harmonious development of this process and its duration depend on your desires and behavior, from the environment, in which you turned out accidentally or by choosing deliberately. And to improve this life is a process, so that by chance, prevented not to fail, this process is to be processed and submitted by Meaning, in your own opinion. Try it. Xy will not be.

The fate
Star Numeric Calendar

There is an interesting saying in China. When it comes to conversation, it’s about the actual factors that affect a person’s life, the Chinese say: First, Fate, on the other hand - Good luck, and on the third - Feng Shy. Understandably, people usually associate something that is shared by some Higher Forces and is generally reserved for freedom of man. Unchanged in all manifestations of Destiny the innate qualities of man remain.
All the same, we differ from each other from intellect, temperament, abilities, body design and character. All these factors have a significant impact on the development of personality and the life of a person; most of them cannot be changed either By education, not by circumcision, in the meantime, man is being nurtured. These inborn components of personality and make people so no other friends on friend. Therefore, you can consider it as a fundamental combination of human qualities as a dynamic change in this combination.
There is no biological structure of a body, which is more or less people are smaller or smaller. You need to understand more broadly, considering all aspects of human life: the character, the inherent capacities, rather the given person in our complex built-in Generality, its relationship with other people, and even such abstract concepts, as gratitude and joy. To describe such an innate combination personality traits, the Chinese developed a divinatory system, developed "Fate"
This system is widely known in China and the country of South-East Asia under the name:
Four Pillars of Cycle (Sychzhymin), More than one Glyph (Bays) or just Cycle (Min or Min).
The first two names indicate that it is negative on the tehnic, calendar data, which is only subject to analysis from the point of view theories of the Five Elements. For many methods of predicting the Habitat as an initial point of the report of vital events, the moment is used birth, and on it all the prediction of the future life of man is based.
In other words, the moment of the birth of a person is a unique "passport" of each individual, decrypted shortly, It is possible to determine the characterization of the life of man and his future life. Western operators use dates and times for cooking Disposal of the plan of the solar system at the time of the person’s birth and define fates help the star charts.
In China, a long time ago, widespread use of other, simpler and more advanced methods.
The moving planes on the map are numbered according to the years, months, days, and hours of the traditional Numeric calendar. Numbers from 1 to 9 (the so called nine stars) are used in the System of the Nine Palaces Acturology. In practice, the Minimum uses two special cyclic numbers, so-called heavenly heavens and earth branches. In the first cycle 10 signs, and in the second 12.
Each of them accords with a certain element of cosmetology.
Any calendaring date recorded in the form of these signs, in fact, represents a combination of the Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth (Four Pillar of Fate). And this is enough to establish all the hapactepistics of Fate. It is only necessary to correctly use strength and weakness of these Elements and to be dealt with as they take care of each other. In addition, the twelve earthly tribes meet the twenty animals, the so-called "Zodiak". On the quality of these “living signs” and the relationship between them and the prophecy is based, all that an unannounced person is called "Astrology" or "Horoscope".
In fact, the numerology is a much larger and more sophisticated system that uses live animals only part of the winter images of the earth, understood as "simple outdoor".
For the professional - the perpetrator, however, even the earthly branches and the heavens do not have value. They are important only to the extent that because they indicate specific types of tex or other elements. You could also say about nine stars. Numbers from 1 to 9 are only the "masks" of the Five Elements.
So, to master the methods of numerology, you need to learn the theory of the Five Elements and have, here presented, the Star numerical calendar, in which the heavens, the earth branches and the stars are indicated. About the law of cooperation of elements Practically in any book devoted to the traditional Chinese art.
As for the Star-Numeric Calendar
The traditional Star-Numeric calendar is not linear, but is sunny and is important to show how important it is, a sunny dates. About how to use the calendar, and more precisely to predict the future with the help of this calendar, you can find out on this site. To do this, you need only your mind and ability to think, analyze what is happening.

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Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.