Snake (My)

Snake (My)

If y Snakes are a good reptile in chronic countries, then in the country of Asia it is, on the other hand, it is reckoned for the growth, maturity and will. Male - The Serpent is sentimental and received. He has ecstasy of humor. Women are beautiful and often have a good life thanks to their beauty (Gray Kalli, Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Faipa Diby and others).

In Japan, when they want to make a woman a compliment, they usually say: "My dear, you are a real snake." This compliment would have caused a little triviality and could not have been kept in our countries. The snake is dressed very well and even a little bit: always a little dandy. Women have mania for exquisite accesories.

The snake is small brisk. She thinks deeply and deeply. This is an intellectual and philoph. She has ecstasy, but she could have done without mediocrity, because y her remarkable intuition. When it is formed, its intuition may become apparent. She also trusts her impressions, sensations, emotions, facts, related experiences and experiences to others, experiences and advice. She has just got the sixth feeling. She very well leads the business, which, to the end, until the end, she hated it. Although it is quiet, the solution is quick. She, on the other hand, will move the whole Earth to reach the intended goal. This is a good player.

The snake does not like to lend, but it happens that because of sympathy it can come to the aid. He often pays a good-for-nothing coin, more often than not. Alas, it almost always falls into extremes, and her good will to help others absorb it entirely. In fact, it has a tendency to increase and, if it is found to be slightly comfy, it will become more inconvenient than useful. But her instinct tells us to get around her and even to finish him. Therefore, please contact BEFORE contacting Zmeee before contacting.

To make money - Serpent is lucky. She does not need to worry about them. She always finds them, when she pleases them, and, moreover, she knows this (or rather, it is only a little good, that it is not necessary). By the way, it can become a scraper, it only lends a bit and a little skip. The snake can perform any work, which is not connected with anything else, even if it means that there is a lot of work to be done. The snake of laziness - like y.

In love, if she chooses a partner for herself, she is insufferable and equal, even if she doesn’t love her anymore. In any case, it can be avoided all over the sky without leaving it with any freedom of movement, and often because of the accident. T.k. our girl is a summer woman, especially a man-Snake, the Snake will strive for extramarital affairs, which complicate her life. It is advisable that she overcome this tendency and, if she could devote her best family, her life would be harmonious, inconsistent. This is her painful place. The snake will often have a large family that can be used for her, or otherwise, to remove the partner.

She is happy with the Bull, which will inevitably allow the Snake to make a living, if it is necessary to play the main floor, which will take care of the Snake. The fight of the Snake against Petyha, if they are married, jerking or engaged in common business, is favorable for the reciprocal correction of their deficiencies. Pity the Pig, if it falls into, say, in the claws of a snake. She will be paralyzed, occupied, and the Serpent will erase all of her, which is erected in her innocence. He must not have a Tiger in the life of a serpent. Tiger is a spreader.

The two first phases of the life of the Serpent are relatively quiet. Attention to the last phase. That is the point at which it is a mental and responsive character, it can be used as an exception for play, even if it could be. But everything can change, depending on whether the Snake was born summer or winter, at night or day, and even depending on that, this was the day before. In short, it will be more happy if it happened in a hot, tripy country on a hot day, than on a cold December night. The fate of the Serpent only depends on this, that the Serpent is born on a day, when there was a birch, it will be safe for all your life.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.