Tiger (Energy)

Tiger (Energy)

The tiger is a fundrader, it is not disciplined, it is not a short-tempered temper, it always rises against the old cause. It is from that tree, from which they make revolutionaries, each. By accident, as all the bosses, he does not always relieve the credits that she renders. When he shouts, "go ahead!" - as in business, so in love, as well as in war, people should be minded before they act and even keep it in the fold. The tiger could have been catastrophic. Vkyc to the top and bottom of the sky, all the way to safety, before any recognized actions. It is also possible to resist its magnetism. Its natural condition is presented to her by some kind of impression. He hates to defy, but makes others hear it. They say it. No one is telling me the right. And even then, when they try to destroy it, it is shown and honored. If it is possible for me to enlarge it before operating and listening to it, it may be possible to achieve a great deal of success.

A sharp, hot-tempered fighter, he is able to make a difference for himself. Stubborn and straightforward, loyal and small, it is often needed with someone in conflict. Egoism is small, it is capable of tameness in great matters. Narrow-minded, he does not trust anyone. The tiger is always moving forward, it has a fixed power, hierarchy and confinement. It is very good, but it can be left off by taking an important decision before doing so, when it should be taken already. A tiger can be a warlord or executive director of a company. It can even become a dangerous gangster. He loves all kinds of activities. Directly, the Tiger is not interested in money, but it can keep itself in good condition.

This person is unbelievable action. This is also a man of an exclusive family, unexpected situations. In fact, this warrior is sensitive, emotional, and is a little refined, strong love, but by the way, it is very loveful.

In women - the Tigers will have many adventures, which can often end in ploxo. A tiger can relate its life to an honest horse; The dragon, who will take his power and stability; c So long as it is always near to stop big business. The tiger should avoid very much the Serpent, who will catch it and, too tricky for him, Monkey. However, the Tiger is in constant danger. In love, friendship and business, he SHOULD NOT TRUST the MONKEY, UNFORGENT and GOOD, CLEVER to support him. Nothing to do with the Bull, as the bull is stronger than him and attacks on him without food to destroy. If in one house the Tiger and the Bull, then the Tiger should go out so that it is not destroyed. That cat, he never survives with the Tiger. In the meantime, they say: to replenish the Tiger, Which will take care of the tree, the heavier the tiger can’t lift, and will allow it to work. In reality, they understand the other hand, because related to one view.

The first phase of the life of the Tiger is calm, without difficulty, and the second is a steady and rough. She has to solve all kinds of problems: financial, personal, cypriot - nothing has been canceled. If these problems are not fully implemented, they may be transferred in a third phase; It all depends on whether the Tiger was happy at night or day. Born at night, especially around the sun, the Tiger will be canceled from a baby trap of all kinds and its life will be slightly shorter than that. It will be sturdy, sharp, to support many issues. Bo all the same, she never has to be sad.

A tiger, born day or night, should never be counted on for a quiet life. Why, he doesn’t want her. Completed by chance, it will be stable, by-train. And this life, all the way to Russia, will push him to play with it constantly. This is a man of violent death. But this is also a man of luck. No one is so happy as the Tiger. For Asian people, this is a great sign, it personifies the power of the earth and is the emblem of the protection of human life. The tiger in the home can be removed from three large incidents: from the gate, from the fire, from the chitzer.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.