Pig (good side)

Pig (good side)

Knightly character (this is the top for the pig), galantine, delicate, sensitive to extreme purity, the Pig is always depleted by the sign of cleanliness. You can show it to you, it’s never presented to you anywhere, you won’t be fooled by you. She is naive, credible, defenseless. In short, you can say that the pig is a "hat". In fact, it’s easy to let yourself go, it’s possible to take its own account without paying any damages, while others can tolerate it. It is always a good player, she never finds a dyx competition.

It is so small that, in order to be sure, in your turn, you will be asked to endlessly ask a question: Unusually genuine to such a degree that it completely eliminates its own doubts and impedes its own opponents. She lies and only for protection purposes. Although it and I have it, it is not deceitful or penniless, and, moreover, it doesn’t leave a snippet. Helpless hypocrisy against it is taken care of in order to get rid of it. It is very strict and rarely goes on compromises. She always believes in what she says, and is trying to give evidence of what she confirms.

Pig food in the community, often a little desperate. She kindly says, but if it does, then it shows up all at once and nothing can stop it until it runs out of it.

Like the Monkeys, the Pig is intelligent, and it has a great thirst for knowledge. She reads a lot, but without parsing. She has a good knowledge of the knowledgeable person, but in reality this is true only partially. If you check her knowledge, you can notice that they are not complete. The Japanese phrase reads: "Pig wide ahead, but narrow back." Despite this, it is material. She is prone to love for epicuity, sensitivity. Under the gracious view of a pig, it hides a lot of will and even moisture. Whatever her love of life, the outlined tasks and goals, she fulfills her duty with all her strength, so that she can do it. This inner power of the great can be nothing more than her. If the Pig has taken any decision, nothing can stop it. But before you take it, it takes a long time to weigh everything and against it, and you can come up with an impression that it shakes and does not know what. She knows perfectly well that in order to avoid complications, she needs to think so that it does her business. Also, do not trust her visible weakness, she is only sweethearted. The Pig has a small number of friends, but it saves them for the rest of their lives and, for them, will have a great sacrifice.

She is very attentive to those who like her. Women of this sign are very fond of making gifts and organizing small holidays. This is a good hostess. The pig has a rather lively character and it could be quickly sputtered if it hadn’t fed the hatred of ccope or even. She prefers in the main to remove or pretend that she is changing her mind, and she will not show you anything to dissolve with her, if she loves you. She will come to talk with people who express. In short, it is not intended to be criminally liable, and is ready to go all the way to avoid the process. It is always played in a useful way, which is less bothersome.

A pig can dedicate herself to any profession. She will always show herself to be a kind and kind-hearted worker. Thanks to her identity, she may be able to achieve success in some ways, as well as in poetry and literature. But she can take a good turn. One of the most not sympathetic traits is that you are exposed to a nasal discharge, where it can be flattened, having got a full size.

From a material point of view, and whatever the medium, it will always find that it is necessary for a lasting minimum. She will have both work and money, and for this, it will not take a lot of effort. Throughout her life, she will be able to help, and thanks to this help, she can reach the most high financial spheres. The usual wisdom says that she always delivers food with the backside, so that it became greasy and could have been eaten on a new holiday. She is safe and does not trust anyone. Usually her naivety is consumed.

It will also occur in the area of ​​sensitivity. It is often funded, unopened, but often loved. A female-pig will be a good mother. Pig should relate his life to that, it will be for her to avoid confrontation. She escapes the Serpent, because It quickly falls from it depending on it. Koza will be evil to consume it.

The first phase of her life is relatively quiet, but for the second time - there may be various possible problems in life. Ho, no matter how much they were, a simple, good-looking pig should never run to external assistance. She will find herself exiting. If it is long before the holidays, then it will avoid the slightest stress, but soon after the Chinese holiday, it should be shorter than before. It may be possible to find the secret of the "three bed rest" story.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.