Dog (fair)

Dog (fair)

The dog is always at ease, always on guard, never at rest, it is always on. It excites. The dog is closed, it is often straight to the extreme. Often happens to be cynicism, it is afraid of sharp and nasty remarks. In the dog, it is often observed that there is a tendency to disassemble in details, criticize the body and without bumping, look for any breakdown of the system. In fact, this is a big impact. She does not expect anything from life. She boldly took action against all instances of injustice. She is a skeptic, y her critical ym. The sense of humor and irresistible greatness of soul saves her from smallness. She does not like any gathering of crowds.

In the area of ​​the senses, it seems cold. But this impression is deceptive, because She is constantly worried about everything that affects her and the feelings of others. Despite all these shortcomings, all the good features of the human race are one and the same in the Dog. She is loyal, faithful, honest, in it a developed debt. You can count on it, it’s not a product. Better than anyone, she can keep secrets. It is very small. However, she doesn’t see how to get involved, and so on. She has too simple a speech. She even expresses her thoughts with a thread. There is no less, she is not deep, and no one can hear it like that.

The dog instills the trust and this support is justified. She does everything possible for others, her dedication to the grandfather, all the way to self-restraint. People often express it. They are rights, because it is worth it. In the course of history, the dogs have always been competitors of fairness. Any inconsistency causes a protest in it and it doesn’t need to be done so long as it doesn’t do anything to correct the situation. The dog suffers when there is no harm, free of war, war. She suffers from starvation on an earthly shape, suffers for the past, real, but that may happen. Luckily, the Dog soberly takes care of the protection of silly things, because thanking her, she takes up above them.

This is a philologist, a man, a man on the left, is not interested in money. It is great and uncluttered. It is not dependent on whether the Dog lives in luxury or on the street, it does not start smartly and it is necessary without material co-operation. Even if it’s being used, it doesn’t have a location for luxury. However, if she needs money, she can get it better than others.

This particular dog is a well-established executive, an active trade union activist, and an individual. Ho, whatever it may be, it will always be ideally honest. She can rule people. It would be wise if big nations were attracted to control such people, because no one will have such comfort and convenience, which will come in handy with a little love.

For love, the dog also has a distinct and reasonable relationship. Over the course of a lifetime, it will be lovingly loving, however, it is most of them caused by its inconvenience and restlessness. The dog can be happy with Horseman, which allows her to protect great business in exchange for some immunity. C The tiger will experience more adventures and will fight side by side in the name of fairness. For the sake of comfort, it is often confronted with the Tiger, which also helps to stay in the shade. Only with a compassionate and hopeless person The dog can be quiet. It’s very nice to take a critical and venomous dog. A, that the Goats, so the Dog will not support her.

For the three phases of life, DOGS will go through a familiar instability. There is a troubled child, a young person, a mature age with a correlation of skepticism and a loss of working speed, a complete lack of remoteness. A dog born in the afternoon, bedet, however, is more quiet, than a dog born in the night.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.