The Vietnamese often say: "chicken", which is mostly a little less - about our fan. The Japanese are talking about Petyhe, because this daredevil takes himself seriously and loves to cherish. It does not occur in expressions and sometimes it is sharp and aggressive. This would not have been possible without collision, if these victims had not been differentiated due to their discontinuity and eccentricity. His victims are deceived. At the opening of Petyx - gold. He says that he thinks without a dice. But this openness is rather a tendency to egoism. It is indifferent to the fullness of the sensibilities and vulnerability of others and considers that there is no reason to spare them. This, of course, prevents her from going to a diplomatic career. That affects its eccentricity - this is only visible.

Of course, he loves to make him laugh (this is expressed, for example, in a dressing gown), but in fact it is a little bit diminish, even though it’s pretty much Petyx thinks that he is always right and that he knows what he is doing.

He does not trust anyone and will only rely on himself. Together with this, he generously develops tips. Totally defined, it seems to be a bold expanse of exclusions. Do not believe it. He is from absurd and inapplicable projects, but these are not ordinary dreams. He loves to dream, to imagine that he is a hero; but he dreams, imagines, sees in comfort, in domestic shoes. This is a philologist with a few deep-sighted looks, which is a short time away from improvisation.

Pety not liable, on the contrary, it is rejected. This explains a lot. It is a function if it is caused by a need. I dare to such a degree that you can look at your life with a smile on ystax. Therefore, a good warrior can get out of it. People, basically, find it interesting, but if it doesn’t refer to this, it’s very clear that it should be removed. Well, in fact, he always says more than he can do. Shining, it is more taken in general, than in intimate relationships.

Having a solid location, it can show a tendency to laziness. Together with him, he is a great jerk. He always wants to do more than he can and takes care of it for him to excel; It is not good for you to be active. Money doesn’t fall into the beak without a thirst. He must work to ensure his own life, and if he is doing well, he can become rich. However, it is able to extract money from an unfavorable field. The Vietnamese affirm - to the extent that Petyxy needs to be covered with both beak and legs, he will always find a worm, even in Pyttyna.

This symbol is a constant action. Ho, if ye Petyx pozvolit cebe otdatcya mechtatelnocti or leni, OH mozhet ctat odnim of zabavnyx bpodyag - filocofov, kotopye royutcya nA pomoyke, because in konechnom cchote, IT'S cpocob, they are normally kotopym polzyyutcya for togo, chtoby nA nix obpatili vnimanie. Petyx is suitable for rural households and professions, where it faces other people. He loves to talk. It is well-kept, it constantly takes everything that it takes to work, and even the tendency is to support it with a large financial range. Slightly it can be cut, bankruptcy, catastrophe, "for reward" because of its excessive dreaminess. He has never been economized.

In love, she also has to do so in order to invoke and hold the property of her beloved person. Often, Petyx exposes it, because validity is not always on a dream that is owned by him. However, it will always be true. Male - Petyx loves the generality of women, among which he can shine and fade, heal. But then it will not work. In addition, it is not uncommon to get out with your own "Regimental Friends". Men are bored with it. Women - Petyx loves the community of other women and specialties that will lead her to communicate with them.

Petyx is happy with the Bull, the Semyana and the companion. He can philo-co with the Serpent. For business and love, the Serpent will accept her own mediocrity, but he will be warned not to shine too brightly, Petyx can destroy her. With the certificate, Petya will be completely satisfied if he is to act through a neighbor, especially if this is a woman. Avoid the cat! The cat is a fan of fan art and its bright support. He expects Petyxa.

Petyxa will have ups and downs during the course of three phases of his life, both in the area of ​​finances, and in the area of ​​nature. He will come from poverty to prosperity, from perfect love to the most repulsive of her manifestations. His happiness will be happy. The inner wisdom says that two Petyhas in one home would make your life impossible.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.