Monkeys (Trick)

Monkeys (Trick)

This is the most spoiled character from all the signs. Monkeys - the soul of society, it has a sense of humor, it is always lukava and cunning. The monkey is sociable and it seems that she is very familiar with it, but this agreement is often only tactical. The monkey is very tidy, playful, even tidy, and has a pathetic opinion about other irresistible things. In fact, all this is known to all other characters and, therefore, it is considered to be higher than others. It is thorough.

Monkeys are intelligent, and she has a great thirst for knowledge. She read everything, knows infinitely many things, in the whole, something that happens in the world. It is well-designed and has such a fine memory, which may recall the smallest details of the seen, read or heard. In the end, this is the memory of her, as long as she is out of order.

It is inventive and original up to the size and ability to resolve the smallest extremes with amazing speed. But, if it does not start at once, they are thrown away, so it is not the beginning. The Monkey has a lot of good sense and exquisite dexterity to keep people busy. She can even fake the Dragon, which, however, is the most powerful, tallest and smartest and unsupported by the Tiger magnetism. By far, very diplomatic and cunning, Monkeys can always get out of most laboring situations.

She is indivisible and she can’t impose or impose anything. This one she chooses. She is a little scrupulous, does not hesitate to be unprincipled and to be lied when it is not necessary for her to do. She can do odd things if she is sure to be safe. Monkeys are easy to catch. For some Monkeys, such flexible recognition leads to theft, but not all of them are thieves, liars. Whatever happens, it’s not too angry for her, because It is very ingenious and very shallow in art. In short, Monkey is a clerk. For this, there are all the basics and chances to sing. In fact, in spite of its negative features: vanity, deceit, lack of sensitivity, other characters are looking for a little closer to it because of its negative. Monkeys a lot of fishing for the enterprises of a large size. A hit in financial deals. She is a great worker in all areas, which require a good working environment. Sometimes she may go on a deal with property.

Monkeys can be successful in any field: politics, diplomas, commissions, intentions do not provide a secret for her. She can take it all. Allow yourself to be entertained, especially if you have higher education. Often, it can be identified if it is observed to be worn out. It is only necessary to avoid the outpourings that may tire people. Despite some financial problems, the monkey is generally in good condition.

In love, she does not find happiness. Relationships, men-women, will be positive. By contrast, it’s easy to find a treat, but it’s quick to find and seek other love. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to look for it. Despite the fact that it’s fundamental and critical, it quickly leads to cooling. Ho her humor will save her from despair. More than that, it can be replaced by other than proprietary materials and make appropriate conclusions.

Monkeys can be in a good union with the Dragon. She will attract her trick, but use it with her might. They may also be domestic partners, even though Monkeys always have the idea of ​​leaving a Dragon. The monkey will get along with Kryky, which will be cleaned. She will be transferred from Monkeys and she will love her whole life strenuously, even if she doesn’t have to pay her rent. The monkey is laughing over the Tigris, but it would be okay to ignore this. Any union in love or in business between the Monkey and the Tiger will lead to tensions and flashes. The monkey does not like the size and laughs, that does not prevent it from becoming dead. Okay, it risks being eaten. Whoever becomes her companion - y Monkeys have a tendency to have many children.

The first part of her life will be happy. The second one is that of a Byrnoi, that of a peaceful one, its plans are often expected to be made. The third part is quiet, but she is alone. She is dying away from her family, sometimes from an accident.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.