Horseman (honest man)

Horseman (honest man)

The horse is well suited: y it is good to go, she has clothes to wear. She loves shows, theaters, concerts, gatherings, lively events, in short, where the crowd is. Horseman can make a compliment, she is bright, smart, sympathetic and even popular.

She can go through politics, which will entail her a great deal of satisfaction and the opportunity to deliver speech. It is brilliant in this. She has a great lightness to manage in a crowd. Her mind quickly catches the minds of people, so that they express themselves. This allows her to identify, deny, or approve them. BASIC HORSE is comfortable and left-handed not only in artificial, but also in physical work. More lovaya, than intelligent, and she knows this well; in spite of the fact that y is her faithful appearance, she is not at all self-righteous. This is her weakness.

Horsad has hot blood (from everywhere, unconditionally, the expression: "horse’s hot"), it easily comes out of itself. Therefore, it often loses its well-known knowledge of accessibility. That, once it was visible to her nests, never could not trust her, because in her nest there is something infantile. In order to be able to provide it, you must provide this to yourself.

Horses selfishness. She will trample tex, which will appear on her way without a pollution, because her individual identity is great. It is selfish and more often than not, it may be involved in other matters, even if it involves interfering with other matters.

It is very indispensable in nature, it does not hear the light and does so as it climbs into the head. It would be nice if she still in her young age left her family in order to live her own life. However, it does exactly that, because Circumcision will push on it. When it is part of a family, its beauty is good, it comes with a central finger and captivates it. It all spins around her, her position, her problem, ironing the sweatshirt and a folding tray. It must be said that this relationship is justified by the fact of her presence, which keeps the family. If it disappears, it’s all a python, like a drawer.

Although this ego-work works for yourself and your own right, all the benefits of this work are used. Horseman is even a good financier. By accident, with its variable character, it quickly starts to do something: it works, either - or love. LATER ONE AGAIN, it is taken up with this matter, as well as with the previous one. It may have any specialty, not requiring any solitude or contemplation. She always needs to be surrounded by readers and hear the words in her address.

In its relations with the opposite floor, the horse is weak. She can throw for the sake of love. Make love in love so big that it can become indifferent to everything else. Therefore, it often tolerates no luck in your life, and if it succeeds in making this a bit better, and if it is in any way better than it could be, it can be.

A horse can relate its life to Goat. They are welcomed by the partners and together will go over the spare parts - the bonuses and the variable character of the Goat are over the egoism of the horse. It doesn’t even notice. The horse saves a good union with the Tiger, for any other good reason. The last one has always been concerned about solving the big problems, it doesn’t show any significance to the lack of stability of the horse. She can live her life. Ho, by no means, should she have to bind herself with the Skin, especially if it is a woman and the Fire Horse (1906, 1966).

The first and second parts of the life of Horsy are restless. At a young age, it will be dropped by the family and this will not be necessary without problems. In the area of ​​the senses - life is also available as a bypass. The third part of her life is peaceful. It’s not possible to speak about Horseman without saying a year about the Fire Horseman, which happen after 60 years (1846, 1906, 1966, 2026). These years are unsuitable for all species of Horses, as well as for families where Horses are. Often, illnesses of these families are affected this year. Men and women born in the year of the Fiery Horse have the same characteristics as those born in the year of the same period, but these are also very important. However, more amicable, more left, more nice, you, she has a healthy ego and she is very kind, she loves you very much.

Some people find it more suitable for the family, but the original version confirms that the Fire Horse causes a slight build-up in the house. This theory is not supported by any fact in the past. Her life is more exclusive, saturated with unexpected things, than the life of an ordinary horse, it in itself means that it is possible to be famous. And it will be expressed through good or evil.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.