Kpyca (Mouse) (aggregation)

Kpyca (Mouse) (aggregation)

Kryka was born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. From the first glance, it seems to be quiet, equanimous and red. But don’t believe it. The apparent visibility hides a constant excitation. It is sufficient to communicate with her a little more, in order to open her inappropriateness, security and temperature of cholera.

Kryca is a messenger, sometimes even a maniac. Bo, in all cases, is a dispute. She loves a gathering of friends and gossips. She never and nobody trusts. It is kept, keeps its cares about itself. In addition, those who have come to this knowledge will be able to extract personal benefit and profit from everything: from friends, other people, from their own money, or from money. Kryka kicks in the run and takes it evil without him.

The player, the greyman, Kryka in no way wants to limit oneself and, at the same time, constantly waits for his future, although he intensively lives on. Always dream of saving in order to ensure your own safety. Women-Kryca, for the same reasons, differs by a pronounced degree of accumulation, often completely unneeded.

Kryka is endowed with a developed imagination, may sometimes be created, but more often it is an excellent critic. Recommend to listen to her advice. For some rats, this quality may become a bit short and push them to the door with special permissions - they will be deleted for the sake of privacy. By the way, a small townsman, Kryka has a small one, is happy to go to the end, which is something to say, even if you! - This is a matter of business. However, laziness and cross-dressing can be done with a little rabbit with bureaucrats and "stationery rags". They can be transformed into business, in politics, become popular antiviruses. They completely perform the work done, rather than physical

Unfortunately, Kryka, accumulating money, at the same time spends them. She in no way limits herself and if she lends, this is not sacred. However, it is sensible, it is great for someone who loves, even if it does not correspond to her love, as expressed in love, Kryka expresses it. Kryca - a gyrman, a drunkard, a passionate player.

She will make a good choice, if she will connect her relationship with the Dragon, which will bring her own strength, and she will give a critical ym. The bull is resting on her. She will feel safe with him. The monkey puts a spell on her, even if she only wants to change it over her. She needs to escape the horse. The selfish and irreplaceable horse cannot tolerate the owner of the Rooster. There will be a real catastrophe, if the man-Kryka is married on the Fire Horse. Of course, the year of the Fire Horse takes 60 years, this reduces the risk.

The second part of her life can be a byte. She will lose everything in poor performance. The third part of her life is built-in, and the speed is sober, just a little, you can wish. But it all depends on whether Krys was summer or winter. If in summer, it is necessary to take care of food. And hell pay attention to the traps that were put on her path, and this can end in jail or death from an accident.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.