Color (Cat) (good person)

Color (Cat) (good person)

For the Vietnamese, this is about Kote, but for the Japanese, this is often a sign of Kolik. A cat or a rabbit, it always falls on its paws. This is a lucky guy. The one who is completely loving is, to a small extent, accepted, medium-sized, kept, finished and friendly. They know this, because who speaks and appreciates himself. But there is one drawback in this accessibility, although not a big one, but not less important: this is a perfect person. From everywhere, its best quality is also excellent.

Cat loves society, society loves it. He loves gathering and sometimes gossiping, but he does it in a subtle, tactful, smart and careful way, so it expresses a lot of things. He loves to take a guest and a house and done everything with a finished vkum. This is a man of some who would have called him, even a little. It is pedantic. The female cat makes her beautiful with relish. He can go a little deeper to find out some points with a single purpose: to shine, while he can know nothing more about other important things.

It doesn’t so quickly exit equilibrium. It is immovable. It has more intelligence than real sensibility. It is more likely to be when the inconsistency is affected by it, than with the great troubles of other people. War and starvation in the world touch and affect him only in that case, if he personally suffers from this. He will suffer so much that he can not pull it out and die. It can be easily cried, but quickly cured. The melancholy of women of this sign is one of the main trumps of their decontamination.

Cat - a concert. He will not see everything that he can shake his life, that he can cause complications. More than ever, it is necessary in comfort and safety. T. K. is cautious and even a little respectable, but he doesn’t do anything without weighing everything in advance and against it. For this reason, people are encouraged and entrusted with it.

In financial terms, it is always happy. He is well versed in business and the one who signs a contract with him is not at all left behind. This is a good speculator, y have a good chance. In short, this is a good cat, just like a business person. It is obtained by ypeksa in trade, and it is not ecstasy in vkyc. He can also be a lawyer (lawyer) or choose a diplomatic career, if it is true that his life will not be risky.

Women of this sign can shine in all kinds of activities, which require some kind of housing, hospitality and good amenities. Human politicians should have decided to choose a woman behind this person. Lovely, helpful with those whom he loves. Although it’s nice for love and faith (it’s good), it is easy to find it with your loved ones in your own friends. He does not have a sense of responsibility before the family and often considers his close, his own children, as he will have to wait a little.

Materinsky instinct of this sign is very limited, but it always fulfills its debt. He well survives with Goat, in which he appreciates the authentic style. He will take note of her own proper comfort, her privacy will not touch him. Everything will go well with an honest dog and a very nice pig. But Petyx will take him out of himself with his fanfare, and he must avoid Krycy, as the woman. C A tiger of his relationship in love and business. Cat, more powerful, can always make a pirét and exit the game; There is no general approach and there is no fighting Tiger.

The cat has a good living condition for three phases of his life under one condition, which does not allow him to take a sufficient place to pay for it. War, revolution, catastrophes - this is not his business, they don’t like to be an adversary. Anything that can be disturbed by its speed, indispensable to it, and if it is not compatible, then you can go away from you, go to yourself or leave one.

Asian people with an intolerance are related to Koty or Kolik. In the meantime, they say that the sorcerers are turning to Kotov. In Europe, they were burned, accused of being with the devil. But it is visible, since the good reception is not so much desired, and the people adored Kota, like God. God, sorcerer, or man; along with that, in his view, there is something mysterious, as if he wanted to tell the truth. Its apparent weakness can be converted to dangerous force.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.