Koza (sheep)

Koza (sheep)

Elegant, authentic, loving, goat, it could be the most distinctive of the signs, if only it was not such a fast-moving, fast-tasting food. Kozza is never satisfied with her part, she brings to the closure of her own good. She is a prisoner, although she herself does not recognize it. Her indiscipline, systematic residences (she doesn’t have any sense of time) make her inalienable and, at the same time, it does not mean anything. Despite this, it doesn’t have any independence, it is easy to adapt to any way of life, when it ensures a minimum of security.

Fine, feminine, sometimes spoiled, she likes to complain, as she likes, when she speaks, she is very good, she is very happy. She never knows which direction to choose and should always be on the other. Saying about her, you could say that she and her restless pessimism. Her manners are sweet and tender, but the character of her is reserved. Often it happens to be religious, but independent of its religion, it performs rituals in such a way that its life was neither broken nor changeable. However, it is considered to be fantastic, superficial, occult and hot.

Koz is good, even the most glorious. In fact, it is inclined towards charity, it is completely shared with other, more than anything else. It is inconsequential that it is shared, and it does not always belong to it. It must be said in her possession that there are no goats of any property. Kozza easily allows you to pull, but it pulls its rope. The underneath says that a goat that is tidy up on a nice lounger, is nice and quiet when compared to a warm one. It all happens, as long as life were not dependent on anybody, but on the other or, at least, from luck. Whatever happened, it never happened because of her fault.

Her advantage leads to disagreement. She does not have any sense of responsibility, no initiative, no will. It may be shown that it is co-operative, but it is hard to fool around. It is created for hearing, but if it is well influenced, it may even be displayed in any form, because y her ecology and talent. It can be a good specialist, to successfully carry out work, which at the same time combines texical and antique, so it is. But she never plays the first field and this is better for her, because By the way, it’s a good campaign (if you just want to get a good job), it can become a good start-up. Her system is full of fantasies about solid wa

This is a feminine sign, at the very least, our nurturing and our traditions have made it easier to forgive women of their independence. Kozza wants to live in peace and dreams about marriage, who will take her fortune, about a profitable friend, or about a great meseto. She can also live and be wealthy. It is from this material, from which they make a cortisan, cyber, and infectious substances. It is also from that material, from which they make great aptics, paints. It all depends on the yield, from the transferred influences, from the quality of the bribe on her light.

Ho she escapes a compromise, this is a miserable seller. Her speech is incoherent, it spoils her thoughts hard, she speaks too fast, but too slow, it is indigenous. And she doesn’t go at war, she never has to be neither a commander nor a soldier. When you turn around, the goat can end his life shortly.

For Koz, there is no serious problem, where it comes to and-so, that - Japanese means: clothes, table, comfort, so it is very possible. If you are ecologically clean, well-maintained and equipped with apertures, avoid entering Goat and letting it go there. You should be careful not to move it away. Comfort is necessary for her to be equal, the attendance of the utilities allows her to color (she does this).

After a while, one often has to face amorous problems and, what affects her senses, her life will be bypass. If Kozat will connect his life with a cat, a pig or a horse, you can go well. They can guarantee her luck for various reasons. Her catastrophes open Cat, the Pig disappears (before a certain limit) and they do not disturb the egoist Horseman. No other sign can take out the Goat too long, especially the Bull. If the Bull also provides stability in its own family, it will also consume a lot from it, and the Goat is thought only of itself. That the couple of Koza is a dog, the Dog, in love and in their work, the connection is dealt with. These two lifespans would be, like in the iron collar, a dissatisfied friend of another. In all cases, no matter how familiar her partner is, the goat will not keep him underneath.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.