Dragon ("not all gold that shines")

In excess of health, vitality, and activity. Open and pure as gold, it is not capable of smallness and hypocrisy, malignancy and even to the most elemental diplomacy. Although he is not naive, like a good pig, he is credible, he could always be deceived.

He is sensible. The dragon often worries about good reasons, his commitment to perfection makes it self-friendly, as well as others. He is scrypylezin. It requires a lot, but it brings a lot more.

An irritative and direct dragon is not kept in the language and, so to speak, often means thought. However, it should be taken into account that it is good, or well laid out, because He gives good advice.

Heyable enthusiasm, it is easy to enjoy. He gord. The dragon is capable of everything - intelligent, strong-willed, strong-willed, gorgeous. He is heard, he is influential. Throughout his life, the dragon is in no need to wait. He can do it anyway. Whether he chooses a career agent, priest, warrior, doctor or politician - he will shine everywhere. If she has to devote herself to great work, she will always achieve the goal. By accident, he may, by the same way, go to the good cause and win: he is the winner.

BIn love, he is often loved, but he himself loves. He never has any amicable excretion or burning. However, sometimes the Dragon may be the cause of dramas and despair. Women of this knowledge will benefit from the opportunity and will often get the offer of pyka and sergezha. The dragon recklessly turns into marriage to the young, some even remain idle. For him, it’s great for him to have a good life. It is one that is even happier

He can relate his life to the Skin, because the amorous paint will take away everything, even indifference. Of course, Kryka will take advantage of everything that the Dragon will take, in the first place, he will help him with his critical cleverness and love for money. It is possible to relate to the Snake. Petyx - Fanfon can find a common language with the Dragon. It with food will pick up the hats of his friends. As in love, so in other matters the Monkey will add to it. She will accept her trick, and she will be able to. They need a friend in a friend, but only the Monkey should recognize it, and the Dragon should be careful: from all the signs, the Monkey can be removed. Her humor will often soften the dragon's palate. In addition, the male Dragon will be tied to the short women of the Snake, who will be proud. The Union of the Dragon with the Tiger does not lead to peace of mind. But it is especially necessary for the Dragon to avoid the restless Dog: the spirit and realism, which will not turn it in the dark.

Уhe Dragon will have some minor difficulties in the first phase of his life, because he will require many of his close ones. Its aptopic temperature will be due to many many problems and the second phase of its life. The perfect environment of the dragon is often to be left with incompleteness. In fact, they need to be kept clean, it can be heard, only a little bit of it was printed, to a great extent ypex. He has a hard job, he is not satisfied. But it will be happy, even if it does not mean its luck - in the last phase of his life, which will take all that he wants.

This is a sign of good luck. This is a sign of heavenly power and the most beneficial influence of the world. It symbolizes life and growth. The dragon will benefit from four beneficiaries: wealth, moneys, harmony and long life.

But each medal has its own opposite side, and if you get the impression of a light family and dragon, do not forget that this is an illusion. Every day, the Dragon shines, but its blue is not bright, it can’t be blinded and its strong personality is only visible. It is not real: it is a live-made type of type - a permanent figure - immutable and immovable. According to all, it will burn fire, gold and water, but it will be burned after the holiday, and as a sphinx, it will rise from the heater. This is a living animal.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.