Bull (Byuvol)

Bull (Byuvol)

Strong, silent, restrained and slow-moving, indispensable and equitable, precise, methodical - these features make the concealment of the original and intelligent. It has the ability to cause others to remain open - this is its main trump card, with the help of which it can be achieved. For him, the character is meaningful, so he loves one. He is fanciful as a sectarian. Often a chauvinist, sometimes a hypocrite, for which it often criticizes. Despite the external peace of mind, it is a nasty and hot-tempered character. The wicked nest of his ego.

It is direct. Hates nothing in his own business. With those who interfere with him, he is forgiven and he does not stop anything. This is the type of driver. Although it is closed, if necessary, it can be short-lived. Byvol does not tolerate innovations, which are worried by it. He is very traditional and loves conditionality. In his clothes do not expect courage or fantasy. His family plays a big field in his possession. Clever. It can be a good hippy. But the special abilities of y him - to the rural economy. She should avoid working in transit, as he c get along with people. She does not have to choose the professions associated with the incidents, she loses the same for all of this and health. He loves his family and is proud of his children. It requires from them a slight invocation, a great deal of them incites and unhappily bears its own autonomy only in order to be deemed to be the main one.

By luck, love for the palate is a nice, freak little joke. It can be gentle, devoted, sensitive, but never remotely reminiscent of. He wants to play love and passion. This material position is for him a source of lack of love in love and even marriage. Byuvol does not live with his wife, but with his own products, and the return of his subordinates and this is his product. He is neatly gentle, but this does not have his great merit.

His children and youth go without any special history. For the second time, a vital part of it is to maintain safety in marriage. There is a risk that this is his own home, because of his indifference, he has come to grips with him and will no longer be able to remove the romantic connection on the side. For such reasons, Byouvol, if, of course, thanks to its intelligent intelligence, it is possible to handle it, looks similar to the environment. This work and the family man have no descent in any way, which he considers to be wrong. In the third part of his life, you will encounter a great deal of trouble, but she can handle it and make him calm. The bus, born in the winter, is more fortunate, she has less work to do. There is no rest during the summer. Allows the family to get them. A farmer and a companion.

The bull is stronger than the Cat and attacks on the Tiger. It can be destroyed. Sustainability, empowerment. The supporter of violence. Unexpectedly does not inevitably lose the chance of returning for years, but this is returning to it. Often falls into pessimism, all in all.

The bull is calm, it is safe with it. The bull works for a long time, having loved it. Materialism, but the refinement is small - It’s pretty ridiculous with him. Woman Bull - perfect, perfect, but not finished. Ideal marriage - Petyx, good and faithful - Kryka. The snake, although often not true, but the family does not throw. It is kept and loves the Monkey. In no case, do not bind life with Goat or Tiger.

A private property:
still unborn children and those who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years old)
from the World of the Sun - to the World of Darkness.