12-st Horoscope of the Four Pillars


Animal Sign - Dog
Personality: F - Horse
8-th pillar - FF
Male - Yang Fire (Horse)
Restless stallion, he needs everything,
Hoofs on the ground... The horse grazes here.
Woman - Yang Fire (Horse)
Whatever the day, problems and they need to solve them:
Why is the striped stallion rubbing here?

Animal sign - Pig
Personality: f - snake
9-th pillar - fe
Male - Yin Fire (snake)
He attacks everyone and devours everything,
But to work is not a master, everything lives by dreams.
Woman - Yin Earth (goat)
All worries about the essentials from dawn to dawn,
I was exhausted from the naughty kids, don’t wait for the goat...

Animal sign - Rat
Personality: L - Dragon
10-th pillar - LM
Man - Yang Land (Dragon)
Dragon inflates, wants to be noticeable,
Will rule this year, the skin to tear from sinners.
Woman - Yang Yang Metal (Monkey)
In front of the mirror, a beautiful woman sits up,
And he grimaces, even fights with reflection.

Animal sign - Bull
Personality: l - bull
11-th pillar - lm
Man - Yin Land (bull)
Our master, a little "under the fly", I can’t say that he’s hell,
He got up early and walked out of the yard out of boredom.
Woman - Yin Metal (cock)
Every day screams at everyone, everything is torn,
Trying to find a worm for a rooster.

Animal sign - Tiger
Personality: М - Monkey
12-th pillar - ME
Male - Yang Yang Metal (Monkey)
The one who created the world of people forgot about the brothers, -
That they live in the forest now, in the monkey kingdom.
Woman - Yang Earth (Dog)
I’m ready to help everyone who asks her,
Can passionately love who is worthy of love.

Animal sign - Rabbit
Personality: m - cock
13-th pillar - mw
Male - Yin Metal (cock)
From shouting, from a grumbling in the throat, someone is standing.
People will not appreciate... So the chicken is silent.
Woman - Yin Water (pig)
If you like "red pig", you will live with her, "as in paradise";
And you have a lot of children, only not through it you are strict.

Animal sign - Dragon
Personality: W - Rat
14-th pillar - WW
Male - Yang Water (Rat)
Rock not only breaks the Yellow Rats, people often also suffer:
For years they have been saving for their children without thinking that there is a villain nearby.
Woman - Yang Water (Rat)
Goodness should not be wasted in vain and how is it, because it happens often,
Forgetting about friendship, the entire rat race was in a hurry to fill his hungry belly.

Animal sign - Snake
Personality: w - pig
Animal sign - Snake
15-th pillar - wl
Male - Yin Water (pig)
When you get the basics, on cleanliness you can think of it later;
But in love it cannot be overcome, all year long - you are with your beloved and loved.
Woman - Yin Land (bull)
The state has strengthened, things are going up higher,
The rumor went about a new fraternity and undoubtedly surprised everyone.

Animal sign - Horse
Personality: T - Tiger
16-th pillar - TT
Male - Yang Tree (Tiger)
The tiger is seen in forest oak forests and often sleeps in tall grasses.
Woman - Yang Tree (Tiger)
But there are problems in the hunt, and he wants to eat the beast.

Animal sign - Ram
Personality: t - rabbit
17-th pillar - tt
Male - Yin Tree (rabbit)
Lucky to work hard to earn a living.
And he brings home, happy, and will give his wife good.
Woman - Yin Tree (rabbit)
Where is the carrot, where is the grass, the rabbit is sitting there:
And chews in a hurry; suddenly, the fox is wandering around here.

Animal sign - Monkey
Personality: F - Horse
18-th pillar - FL
Male - Yang Fire (Horse)
Restless stallion
Hoofs on the ground... The horse grazes here.
Woman - Yang Land (Dragon)
You can get rich, only arrogance die a little bit,
Love all the faithful, do not claw the earth...

Animal Sign - Rooster
Personality: f - snake
19-th pillar - ff
Male - Yin Fire (snake)
He attacks everyone and devours everything,
But to work is not a master, everything lives by dreams.
Woman - Yin Fire (snake)
The year of the snake gives hope: to all who solve problems;
He who works hard has not forgotten the questions of faith.


Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.