Animal sign - Dog


28 Сart
The overall good value is good.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Lively earthworm.
(28) A truck is not entirely a cart, but only a platform that provides its basis. It may be assumed that some of the outlying lands provided tribute to the emperors. Therefore, this sign of accreditation takes place with the benefit of riches, and also, quite naturally, with the benefits of a small amount of food and vehicles. The truck is not without profit in business. Everything, whatever is done on this day, is partly concentrated. Happening dead and reverending this day is a letter to the fellow, but I’m kind of like a child (much less). This same order of hope awaits tex, who is getting married this day.

Animal sign - Pig


1 Pog
The overall good value is auspicious.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Lively Smooth Dragon.
(1) Symbolizes the beginning of the age. It contributes to the propagation of animals and flowering plants. The property offers all kinds of growth, building, opening a home, and a small farm. The days due to the influence of this co-construction are ideally suited for the start of construction work, the purchase of the ground and the shutdown of the marriage. It is believed that everything that occurs in a marriage this day will take on an important location in the community and "get close to the 19th Hospital." For the sake of this, this day is not good, because "in seven years, there will be pain and illness." On the day of this co creation, even the cemetery cannot be visited. The winters are predominantly rain and wind, while in winter it is rainy nights, which should be kept warm for a short while. Genius of this constellation has the ability to disengage the snake with his gaze.

Animal sign - Rat


2 Neck
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday Day. Lively dragon.
(2) Chinese New Year affiliate. Consists of punishment and punishment, as well as exemption from imprisonment. It is also considered to be a disease of illness. Day Shea is unfavorable for family gatherings and starting a large business, in particular, building work: "If it is a large house, it is open, but it must be removed." Unwantedly also give the phrase: "all the same, to write out the sheep’s most recent wolves." It is impossible to turn off the braces and complete the funeral orders. A person who has made a promotion to serve on the day after the man Shay, at the end, will lose this post. If the first day of the spring begins with the Neck, it indicates strong storms and hurricanes; if the Neck falls on the first day of summer, then there will be a strong heat; if for the first day of autumn, while harvesting, the yoghurt will stand raw, rainy; If on the first day of winter, there will be dusty storms. Genius is the constellation of the Shay considered to be the rule of alchemy.

Animal sign - Bull


3 Refurbishment, Korea
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Earth. Planet Saturn. Saturday day. Animal marten.
(3) "Foundation" - this is probably the foundation of the "House" (section 4). These two constellations, apparently, originally constituted one whole. It causes rain and thunderstorms, but also spring illnesses. Prevents badness to those who have not correctly completed the support or who have not displaced the elderly. If this day a marriage is taking place, "evil people will be attracted to night work." Children born from such a marriage are poor, careless, or even deaf. If you are going to a ship, it will suffer an accident. The base rains and winds are all over, yet more heavy rain and winds are in the summer, yet more are strong in autumn, rain and snow in the winter. The heinous constellation of Korea gives the ability to fly by the way and knows the secrets of magic aids.

Animal sign - Tiger


4 House, Room
The overall good value is good.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Live ring.
(4) The house is the dragon's female. This is a combination of accidents and the Sun, as it always comes to light. However, some speakers state that, for the most part, it belongs to Jupiter (Planet of the Tree), and in the past it is believed that this is a sphere of influence of the Fire. In any case, it is considered to be an unusually well-known sign. It is wonderful that it is connected with the internal rooms of the buildings and is beneficial for all matters relating to the building and the interior, there is a risk of freezing. To build this day - to a large degree: a good house-keeper, who has built or started to build on the house, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, open, Home is fortune, wealth, health, and longevity. This day, it’s nice to keep the bunks safe - "you should try to help keep the whole family warm and have fun". In China, wealthy people took taxis to grow more sons. And the day managed by the House was considered to be good for the fact that, in addition to this, a new housekeeper, as long as it guarantees a little rest for the son. In the general case, it is obvious that the house must be restored to the ground.

Animal sign - Rabbit


5 September
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Lyna. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday. Live face.
(5) "Serpece" is the symbol for importer, impersonality, supreme power and wealth. However, this constellation is not a happy one, since it anticipates a conflict with power, revolution, lacunae and punishment. It proves unsuccessful results of all-embracing enterprises, a slight sense of respect for the long life and the general welfare. It means speed, speed of action and sudden changes. On this day, it is improper to build - this will end up being a big failure: a lawsuit leads to a prison sentence. Prevents imperfections at the service and inadequacy of the sale of property. Children from this marriage day will suffer from various illnesses. Dyx is the repository of this constellation, "Having sat on the cloud, will turn the soldier into a soldier" (this means - in a big enemy).

Animal sign - Dragon


6 Tail
The overall good value is good.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Live tiger.
(6) Xv. If the current symbolizes the Imperator, then Xvost - Herednik, a young Tsarevich, who is still in that age, when he lives in the female half. Therefore, this association is related to small children, mothers, nannies, and also to inheritance. The day after the familiar Xvost was given for construction and turn off the marriage. Having burnt this day, there will be rich rinses. In addition, it predicts the storage of a treasure trove and extension to a high post.

Animal sign - Snake


7 Sieve
The overall good value is good.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Day of the Wednesday. Live leopard.
(7) The original, according to some data, was not a sieve (more precisely, a sackcloth), but a casket for manure. In China, the invasion has always been a valuable cybersettlement - mining and fuel. From here, the attributable City, the significance of wealth. Cito ppedveschaet tsely god bolshoy ydachi tem, kto etot den in nachinaet novye dela ". Nagpada za tpydolyubie - ctada kopov and loshadey Ppiobpetaetcya novaya cobctvennoct, a shelkoppyad ctanovitcya ochen Active Otkpyvanie novoy dvepi ydvaivaet ydachy, ambapy pepepolneny picom.". The winner will be rewarded and rewarded; his whole family shares this extraordinary good. The dead can be kept. But the image of the imposed basket is also different, but not at all tidy. In the meantime, the Shito constellation has acquired a secondary significance, associated with gossip, malignancy and accession.

Animal sign - Horse


8 Kovsh
The overall good value is good.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. The day is Tuesday. Live singles.
(8) In the case of a bucket, that is, a measured amount of water, the Bucket means a replenishment, a reward for a reward, a replenishment for a well-to-eat meal. This compound controls liquids and, therefore, controls merchants with wine and general liquids. Here you can turn on the oil - the most important fluid of the modern world. Day Korosh is good for construction, earthworks and general physical labor. This constellation indicates all types of yield; those who receive receive an increase in the rank, the families are enriched.

Animal sign - Ram


9 Bull
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Lively bull.
(9) With this and the following constellation (Virgo), a fixed Chinese Legend is connected: Ha heaven is beautiful, noteworthy, but for the good. She loved to crawl in the river, where the easter drove on the aquatic herd of bulls. Their meeting was not at all, and they liked another friend. And both lost their heads so much that they couldn’t think of anything else. As a result, she threw the weave, and he forgot about his stand. Of course, the gods were very disinclined and decided that it couldn’t continue like that. They discovered two lovers forever, having shared them one, that they were the first to meet. And all this day you can see in the sky - these are the stars Altaira - Pastyks and Bega - Tkachixa, shared forever. But once a year, on the holiday of the Double Sewing Day (seventh day of the seventh month of the moon), one thousand birds - The bird that is gathered in the sky to be slightly washed down. From an acuity point of view, this co-formation is generally not happy. This is connected with the list of young lovers. The bull is a symbol of obstacles, safety and barriers; predicts spontaneous love, extended marriage and disfavor in the family. EASY BEHAVIOR OF PASTYXA - MEAN SECURITY, LOSS OF RESERVES AND CARE. The wandering herd of bulls is a warning that it is impossible to leave the doors open. The bull indicates hunger and disease, especially for animals, and also loss, except for the general reserve depletion. For obvious reasons, this connection controls the fields, dividing the ground, in strings and on the road. The days that the Bull is held are not happy, especially for incorporation into the marriage, and also for closing the contacts:

Animal sign - Monkey


10 Virgo
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Earth Element. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Lively flying mouse.
(10) Legend o Pastyxe and Virgo are given above. No matter how strange, not looking at her own spontaneous love, Virgin is a proxy of all the girls who wish to go out and get married. Therefore, this constellation symbolizes marriage and the construction of new houses, in which young couples can live. Days administered by the Virgin are not suitable for the rest. The congestion of the grapes on this day leads to diseases, especially to the disease of digestion of food. The day before the sign of Virgo is fraught with differences and clauses in the family, conflicts in the community. Thank you on this day to learn.

Animal sign - Rooster


11 Void
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Livestock.
(11) This constituent symbolizes one, five, cold, winter hibernation and a grave. Likewise, it manages cemeteries, grave diggers, graves and pons, wards. Since it is a combination of cold and winter hibernation. In the modern world - the protection of frozen food indices. Days administered by Hatching are covered by domestic spokes. IT'S nepodxodyaschy den for ctpoitelctva or zemlyanyx pabot: ibo "tigpy cxvatyat mladentsa and cozhpyt ego, clozy okpopyat mogily nedavno ymepshix, bolezni are played ppecledovat cemyu tris goda, a verily, and five and let in kontse kontsov, cemya pazpyshitcya". People who are welcome to marry, may be expected to see very unforgettable children a day after they are familiar with sex.

Confessional dog

Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.