Animal sign - Dog


21 Opion
The overall good value is variable.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Live Monkey.
(21) Opion means mixing or binder. Opion, quite logically, symbolizes decimation and in general: penalties, murder, wakefulness and sudden death. It is also considered to be the owner of the borders. In China, the Opion can be as good as it is, and not as a happy sign: it all depends on your actions. Tex, who is building this day, is waiting for a remuneration. It is also nice to start any new business. The main term for ypex is love. It is not suitable for laying down old cases and burying the dead, including marriages and engravings.

Animal sign - Pig


22 Well
The overall good value is variable.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Live tapir.
(22) Although the 22nd connection must be compatible with the Woods, some autonomy thinks that for a little more than 14 it is a logotype. How much water it purifies, the Well symbolizes the purification, the moral, the integrity, the condition and the order. This is a sign, like and Opion: neither happy nor happy. Apparently, this is due to the aforementioned conflict of the elements, or that the combination of the Well is very large (therefore, its effect is "obscured"). It is not surprising that the Well manages everything, that way, or otherwise, connected with water: water, channels, as well as water, water mills and other. This combination is beneficial for the herbivorous animals: cows, sheep, horses, deer, deer, rabbits and, in general, for livestock. Once a well-known person is well-equipped to build, open doors, pass examen and grow silk: such a yeliya will receive a big reward. Good work in Canada, the canal and canal digging, opening of the new routes will bring a lot of wealth at the same time. There is no such day for burning, if the death was violent or built up as a result of the epidemic. He also didn’t want to leave the case “well then”. In order to start, it is necessary to complete or continue to do so by the sign of the King, who is apt to love others, but not to disunity.

Animal sign - Rat


23 Demon
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Livestock
(23) The full name of this co-creation is ("Damn Palankin"). Four stars from the constellation of the Cancer of the western anthroponomy, lying on the ecliptic lines, form a palanquin, and a small tonnage, mixed with them, which is small. In the old days, as it is supposed, this constellation was seen by the Chinese as a cloud of pollen, fluttering from the willow blossoms (following). It is believed that Demon pokes the dead, and also in the places where the killing occurred (for example, combat fields), soldiers and military. In addition, the Demo is accustomed to with clodes. In the modern Chinese thrift, this is unhappiness, as it were: “in the door, open on Demon’s day, a little”. Any new projects will end with a catastrophe. A woman who is married before this day will be more than twice as married. Then the support and readings are very favorable.

Animal sign - Bull


24 Willow
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Earth Element. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Live deer (young male).
(24) This combination is closely related to the previous one. As already said, in ancient times, the twentieth third was a Chinese Chinensis in the form of a dispersed windworm, flowering pollen of willow. Betvi willows were used in long-term processes and rituals, and therefore Iva - this is a symbol of tears. Willow is a property manager. The days that I will take are extremely unprofitable for the whole world. In such days, it is impossible to carry out all kinds of business operations and complete transactions. As it is not surprising, in the light of the above, Willow's day is considered inappropriate even for short-term.

Animal sign - Tiger


25 Stars
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Lively horse.
(25) They call it another - "Bird's Star." The bird star marks the point of summer summer and, as a whole, it is also slightly longer than the first half of the bird. Therefore, this connection is controlled by bridges and fords. But, since, robbers often use lifts for ambush on unprotected prisoners, this is a sign that helps robbery, pirastvo and human welfare. The star is also accorded with a textile dyeing technique, and in general, with clothes. From the point of view of modern technology, the Star is a mixture of good and bad luck. The days managed by this composite are ideally suited for construction; Performing construction work will get an improvement in service. But this is not a pleasant day for weddings and fallows. A woman who was shortly married on the Day of the Star, becomes a dead man, and someone who lives on this dead day is removed.

Animal sign - Rabbit


26 Pacification
The overall good value is good.
Element Lyna. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday. Live deer (old male).
(26) Retraction reminds you of a tight bow or extended wings, an extended drawer. The last type of accreditation takes place with holiday makers and recipes, as well as with feasts, food, and kishne. In old, it was thought that if this co-formation is invisible, the importer may become ill. A sign of great overall comfort and rewards the right to remuneration, good luck, and a nice finish. This is a sign of happy, harmonious human relations and the acquisition of a new property.

Animal sign - Dragon


27 Wings
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Lively snake.
(27) This is a big deal that used to be accorded with the annual Great Assembly, on which the Chinese importer ended up with a seal and a short end. Therefore, Wings is considered to be the master of music and theater. According to the interpretation, this is not a sign of success and is associated with chronic diseases. Winged on the day of the Wing await the woes. Someone who goes to this day a long way from the house - at work, returning home, is painting to get a wife in the lover's embrace. It is impossible to build a house: "keep awake to die one for another." The day before the familiar Wings is also not favorable for reading the food: "The child needs to leave the country", (in other words, it is small).

Animal sign - Snake


28 Сart
The overall good value is good.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Lively earthworm.
(28) A truck is not entirely a cart, but only a platform that provides its basis. It may be assumed that some of the outlying lands provided tribute to the emperors. Therefore, this sign of accreditation takes place with the benefit of riches, and also, quite naturally, with the benefits of a small amount of food and vehicles. The truck is not without profit in business. Everything, whatever is done on this day, is partly concentrated. Happening dead and reverending this day is a letter to the fellow, but I’m kind of like a child (much less). This same order of hope awaits tex, who is getting married this day.

Animal sign - Horse


1 Pog
The overall good value is auspicious.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Lively Smooth Dragon.
(1) Symbolizes the beginning of the age. It contributes to the propagation of animals and flowering plants. The property offers all kinds of growth, building, opening a home, and a small farm. The days due to the influence of this co-construction are ideally suited for the start of construction work, the purchase of the ground and the shutdown of the marriage. It is believed that everything that occurs in a marriage this day will take on an important location in the community and "get close to the 19th Hospital." For the sake of this, this day is not good, because "in seven years, there will be pain and illness." On the day of this co creation, even the cemetery cannot be visited. The winters are predominantly rain and wind, while in winter it is rainy nights, which should be kept warm for a short while. Genius of this constellation has the ability to disengage the snake with his gaze.

Animal sign - Ram


2 Neck
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday Day. Lively dragon.
(2) Chinese New Year affiliate. Consists of punishment and punishment, as well as exemption from imprisonment. It is also considered to be a disease of illness. Day Shea is unfavorable for family gatherings and starting a large business, in particular, building work: "If it is a large house, it is open, but it must be removed." Unwantedly also give the phrase: "all the same, to write out the sheep’s most recent wolves." It is impossible to turn off the braces and complete the funeral orders. A person who has made a promotion to serve on the day after the man Shay, at the end, will lose this post. If the first day of the spring begins with the Neck, it indicates strong storms and hurricanes; if the Neck falls on the first day of summer, then there will be a strong heat; if for the first day of autumn, while harvesting, the yoghurt will stand raw, rainy; If on the first day of winter, there will be dusty storms. Genius is the constellation of the Shay considered to be the rule of alchemy.

Animal sign - Monkey


3 Refurbishment, Korea
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Earth. Planet Saturn. Saturday day. Animal marten.
(3) "Foundation" - this is probably the foundation of the "House" (section 4). These two constellations, apparently, originally constituted one whole. It causes rain and thunderstorms, but also spring illnesses. Prevents badness to those who have not correctly completed the support or who have not displaced the elderly. If this day a marriage is taking place, "evil people will be attracted to night work." Children born from such a marriage are poor, careless, or even deaf. If you are going to a ship, it will suffer an accident. The base rains and winds are all over, yet more heavy rain and winds are in the summer, yet more are strong in autumn, rain and snow in the winter. The heinous constellation of Korea gives the ability to fly by the way and knows the secrets of magic aids.

Animal sign - Rooster


4 House, Room
The overall good value is good.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Live ring.
(4) The house is the dragon's female. This is a combination of accidents and the Sun, as it always comes to light. However, some speakers state that, for the most part, it belongs to Jupiter (Planet of the Tree), and in the past it is believed that this is a sphere of influence of the Fire. In any case, it is considered to be an unusually well-known sign. It is wonderful that it is connected with the internal rooms of the buildings and is beneficial for all matters relating to the building and the interior, there is a risk of freezing. To build this day - to a large degree: a good house-keeper, who has built or started to build on the house, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, to open, open, Home is fortune, wealth, health, and longevity. This day, it’s nice to keep the bunks safe - "you should try to help keep the whole family warm and have fun". In China, wealthy people took taxis to grow more sons. And the day managed by the House was considered to be good for the fact that, in addition to this, a new housekeeper, as long as it guarantees a little rest for the son. In the general case, it is obvious that the house must be restored to the ground.

Confessional dog

Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.