Animal sign - Dog


14 Wall
The overall good value is good.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Wildlife.
(14) The wall of the property is covered by literature, art and goods. Expand your property, build and save. Open the doors - a fortune for the whole family. Read the foregoing - to prosperity and the introduction to "topx". Children born out of marriage, included in this day, reach a lot of them and send their own things.

Animal sign - Pig


15 Legs
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Live wolf.
(15) This constellation, according to one explanation, is reminiscent of the person, the legs of which are widely spread; others think that it’s more likely to be on the base of a shoe. There are several interpretations of the co-formation. It can symbolize the use of the Imperator, and then - the military, military technology and the preparation for military actions. This is known by the channel as well as by the channels. Associated with the basic pattern, it, by analogy, identifies clothing, especially winter clothing, and handles the seamstress and the industrial process. In general, Nogi’s day is unholy. It is not possible to engage in construction work, otherwise the prosperity will be by the side. Earthen work leads to a failure. Family spokes and recognition are possible among consumers. The security process this day will be played. The disease worsens.

Animal sign - Rat


16 Holm
The overall good value is good.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Lively dog.
(16) This accreditation accords with yozh and with the accompanying excision of holidays, in which all members of the community took part. Therefore, it is believed that the Holm will preserve large gatherings of people, meetings and meetings. Good harvest also means peace and harmony in the family and government. Holm Day is a place for tri-mphalic arches, opening doors and any kind of construction. In children born in a marriage, which was included in this day, "the coffers are always full of silver, gold and precious stones." This day is also well-suited for dripping and filling the water channels. The Holm Peninsula is a beautiful winter, in summer it is fog, in autumn it is raining heavily, and in winter it is ice. Dyx - the repository of this zodiac sign knows the secret of longevity.

Animal sign - Bull


17 Stomach
The overall good value is good.
Earth Element. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Animal Pheasant.
(17) In the past, the Girl was not “a woman”, but a “barn”, in which autumn gifts were kept. In addition, this word was one more meaning - “jail” (in the barn there is room for long-term storage of grain, and in the jail “people are stored”). Therefore, the intention of the female was accorded not only with abundance, but also with punishment. An element of this knowledge in the past was Metall. The modern Chinese operators ignore the "prison" value of the stomach and interpret it as a sign of wealth and accumulation of richness. It is beneficial both for construction and for use, as long as it is compatible with the 3-element. In China, it was believed that children born out of marriage, turned off by the seventeenth connector, had chances to become close to the importer.

Animal sign - Tiger


18 Pleiades
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Livestock.
(18) The ancient activists tied the Pleiades with the intervention of barbarians. Pleiades were also considered - "through the eyes and ears of the Heaven" and, therefore - by the protectors of the head of the city for individual proceedings. Both sensible aspects of the war and the headless imprisonment mean immortal death and, therefore, the Pleiades were tied to such a thing. This symbolism is also supported by the modern operators, who believe that the Pleiades precede a litigation and the death of one of the members of the family. Once a person knows, it’s impossible to build a house and dig channels: in other words - "the little children will be so close to the grave, as a kind of stairs." The marriage, concluded on the day of the Pleiades, is valued as not happy: the divorce is almost inevitable.

Animal sign - Rabbit


19 Network
The overall good value is good.
Element Lyna. Planet of the Moon. The day is Tuesday. Livestock.
(19) There was accreditation with oxides, men’s favor, as well as with bandages, changes and punishment behind them. In addition, it has always been associated with rain (it was believed that the rain was due to this stellar cluster). The modern Chinese technology connects the Network, in the first place, with oxides (and, therefore, the extraction and the distance) and considers them to be a good symbol. Less good value: the product and the disability, almost forgotten. The net predicts good luck in the building and in consuming the dead: first, it’s worth the fortune, but the second. Children born from marriage to this day are awaiting a long life.

Animal sign - Dragon


20 Beak
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Lively monkey.
(20) The beak is protected by livestock and bird flocks. So, as a rule, it consumes a lot of food, in general, the Beak controls people who are in need of care or need to be in it: children, especially children; with old sticks, hostages, prisoners and those who are in danger. The up-to-date Chinese thrift is maintained by another symbolism. The beak now predicts punishment and exile, and in the year of the Tiger - emancipation, murder, or death. But all this is not understood as fatal inevitability, but rather, as a result of improper actions, which must be avoided and must be avoided. In the days of co-formation, the Beak is very important to be extremely careful in its conduct.

Animal sign - Snake


21 Opion
The overall good value is variable.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Live Monkey.
(21) Opion means mixing or binder. Opion, quite logically, symbolizes decimation and in general: penalties, murder, wakefulness and sudden death. It is also considered to be the owner of the borders. In China, the Opion can be as good as it is, and not as a happy sign: it all depends on your actions. Tex, who is building this day, is waiting for a remuneration. It is also nice to start any new business. The main term for ypex is love. It is not suitable for laying down old cases and burying the dead, including marriages and engravings.

Animal sign - Horse


22 Well
The overall good value is variable.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Live tapir.
(22) Although the 22nd connection must be compatible with the Woods, some autonomy thinks that for a little more than 14 it is a logotype. How much water it purifies, the Well symbolizes the purification, the moral, the integrity, the condition and the order. This is a sign, like and Opion: neither happy nor happy. Apparently, this is due to the aforementioned conflict of the elements, or that the combination of the Well is very large (therefore, its effect is "obscured"). It is not surprising that the Well manages everything, that way, or otherwise, connected with water: water, channels, as well as water, water mills and other. This combination is beneficial for the herbivorous animals: cows, sheep, horses, deer, deer, rabbits and, in general, for livestock. Once a well-known person is well-equipped to build, open doors, pass examen and grow silk: such a yeliya will receive a big reward. Good work in Canada, the canal and canal digging, opening of the new routes will bring a lot of wealth at the same time. There is no such day for burning, if the death was violent or built up as a result of the epidemic. He also didn’t want to leave the case “well then”. In order to start, it is necessary to complete or continue to do so by the sign of the King, who is apt to love others, but not to disunity.

Animal sign - Ram


23 Demon
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Livestock
(23) The full name of this co-creation is ("Damn Palankin"). Four stars from the constellation of the Cancer of the western anthroponomy, lying on the ecliptic lines, form a palanquin, and a small tonnage, mixed with them, which is small. In the old days, as it is supposed, this constellation was seen by the Chinese as a cloud of pollen, fluttering from the willow blossoms (following). It is believed that Demon pokes the dead, and also in the places where the killing occurred (for example, combat fields), soldiers and military. In addition, the Demo is accustomed to with clodes. In the modern Chinese thrift, this is unhappiness, as it were: “in the door, open on Demon’s day, a little”. Any new projects will end with a catastrophe. A woman who is married before this day will be more than twice as married. Then the support and readings are very favorable.

Animal sign - Monkey


24 Willow
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Earth Element. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Live deer (young male).
(24) This combination is closely related to the previous one. As already said, in ancient times, the twentieth third was a Chinese Chinensis in the form of a dispersed windworm, flowering pollen of willow. Betvi willows were used in long-term processes and rituals, and therefore Iva - this is a symbol of tears. Willow is a property manager. The days that I will take are extremely unprofitable for the whole world. In such days, it is impossible to carry out all kinds of business operations and complete transactions. As it is not surprising, in the light of the above, Willow's day is considered inappropriate even for short-term.

Animal sign - Rooster


25 Stars
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Lively horse.
(25) They call it another - "Bird's Star." The bird star marks the point of summer summer and, as a whole, it is also slightly longer than the first half of the bird. Therefore, this connection is controlled by bridges and fords. But, since, robbers often use lifts for ambush on unprotected prisoners, this is a sign that helps robbery, pirastvo and human welfare. The star is also accorded with a textile dyeing technique, and in general, with clothes. From the point of view of modern technology, the Star is a mixture of good and bad luck. The days managed by this composite are ideally suited for construction; Performing construction work will get an improvement in service. But this is not a pleasant day for weddings and fallows. A woman who was shortly married on the Day of the Star, becomes a dead man, and someone who lives on this dead day is removed.

Confessional dog

Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.