Animal sign - Dog


9 Bull
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Lively bull.
(9) With this and the following constellation (Virgo), a fixed Chinese Legend is connected: Ha heaven is beautiful, noteworthy, but for the good. She loved to crawl in the river, where the easter drove on the aquatic herd of bulls. Their meeting was not at all, and they liked another friend. And both lost their heads so much that they couldn’t think of anything else. As a result, she threw the weave, and he forgot about his stand. Of course, the gods were very disinclined and decided that it couldn’t continue like that. They discovered two lovers forever, having shared them one, that they were the first to meet. And all this day you can see in the sky - these are the stars Altaira - Pastyks and Bega - Tkachixa, shared forever. But once a year, on the holiday of the Double Sewing Day (seventh day of the seventh month of the moon), one thousand birds - The bird that is gathered in the sky to be slightly washed down. From an acuity point of view, this co-formation is generally not happy. This is connected with the list of young lovers. The bull is a symbol of obstacles, safety and barriers; predicts spontaneous love, extended marriage and disfavor in the family. EASY BEHAVIOR OF PASTYXA - MEAN SECURITY, LOSS OF RESERVES AND CARE. The wandering herd of bulls is a warning that it is impossible to leave the doors open. The bull indicates hunger and disease, especially for animals, and also loss, except for the general reserve depletion. For obvious reasons, this connection controls the fields, dividing the ground, in strings and on the road. The days that the Bull is held are not happy, especially for incorporation into the marriage, and also for closing the contacts:

Animal sign - Pig


10 Virgo
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Earth Element. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Lively flying mouse.
(10) Legend o Pastyxe and Virgo are given above. No matter how strange, not looking at her own spontaneous love, Virgin is a proxy of all the girls who wish to go out and get married. Therefore, this constellation symbolizes marriage and the construction of new houses, in which young couples can live. Days administered by the Virgin are not suitable for the rest. The congestion of the grapes on this day leads to diseases, especially to the disease of digestion of food. The day before the sign of Virgo is fraught with differences and clauses in the family, conflicts in the community. Thank you on this day to learn.

Animal sign - Rat


11 Void
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Livestock.
(11) This constituent symbolizes one, five, cold, winter hibernation and a grave. Likewise, it manages cemeteries, grave diggers, graves and pons, wards. Since it is a combination of cold and winter hibernation. In the modern world - the protection of frozen food indices. Days administered by Hatching are covered by domestic spokes. IT'S nepodxodyaschy den for ctpoitelctva or zemlyanyx pabot: ibo "tigpy cxvatyat mladentsa and cozhpyt ego, clozy okpopyat mogily nedavno ymepshix, bolezni are played ppecledovat cemyu tris goda, a verily, and five and let in kontse kontsov, cemya pazpyshitcya". People who are welcome to marry, may be expected to see very unforgettable children a day after they are familiar with sex.

Animal sign - Bull


12 Danger
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Lyna. Planet of the Moon. The day is a monday. Lively little market.
(12) The Tray Trap is controlled by fittings, secondary compartments and earthen shafts. In general, any kind of construction work is necessary when it is consumable. Days of this constellation (every fourth monday) are covered with accessories for those who are on the road. It is important to avoid starting these trips these days, as long as you are safe, there is a risk of bandits being damaged, and ships may be swept away. It is better to be limited to these matters, which you can do on one place; for example, repairing a house.

Animal sign - Tiger


13 Chamber
The overall good value is good.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. A lively pig.
(13) The modern terms are called, for the ancient Chineses, the “Chamber of Wines” was a disintegration of the Chamber (although one of them is only a bit). It is suggested that the constellation is a chamber that symbolizes something like a treasury or library. This value has left the sky and now. The Day of the Chamber is welcome to carry out any construction work and start new businesses: "The emperor is mercifully happy; Heaven will pour out its generous gifts to the happy people born out of this honorable sign.

Animal sign - Rabbit


14 Wall
The overall good value is good.
Element Boda. Planet Mercury. Wednesday Day. Wildlife.
(14) The wall of the property is covered by literature, art and goods. Expand your property, build and save. Open the doors - a fortune for the whole family. Read the foregoing - to prosperity and the introduction to "topx". Children born out of marriage, included in this day, reach a lot of them and send their own things.

Animal sign - Dragon


15 Legs
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element of the Tree. Planet Jupiter. Thursday Day. Live wolf.
(15) This constellation, according to one explanation, is reminiscent of the person, the legs of which are widely spread; others think that it’s more likely to be on the base of a shoe. There are several interpretations of the co-formation. It can symbolize the use of the Imperator, and then - the military, military technology and the preparation for military actions. This is known by the channel as well as by the channels. Associated with the basic pattern, it, by analogy, identifies clothing, especially winter clothing, and handles the seamstress and the industrial process. In general, Nogi’s day is unholy. It is not possible to engage in construction work, otherwise the prosperity will be by the side. Earthen work leads to a failure. Family spokes and recognition are possible among consumers. The security process this day will be played. The disease worsens.

Animal sign - Snake


16 Holm
The overall good value is good.
Element Metal. Planet of Benepa. Friday day. Lively dog.
(16) This accreditation accords with yozh and with the accompanying excision of holidays, in which all members of the community took part. Therefore, it is believed that the Holm will preserve large gatherings of people, meetings and meetings. Good harvest also means peace and harmony in the family and government. Holm Day is a place for tri-mphalic arches, opening doors and any kind of construction. In children born in a marriage, which was included in this day, "the coffers are always full of silver, gold and precious stones." This day is also well-suited for dripping and filling the water channels. The Holm Peninsula is a beautiful winter, in summer it is fog, in autumn it is raining heavily, and in winter it is ice. Dyx - the repository of this zodiac sign knows the secret of longevity.

Animal sign - Horse


17 Stomach
The overall good value is good.
Earth Element. Planet Sat. Cybot Day. Animal Pheasant.
(17) In the past, the Girl was not “a woman”, but a “barn”, in which autumn gifts were kept. In addition, this word was one more meaning - “jail” (in the barn there is room for long-term storage of grain, and in the jail “people are stored”). Therefore, the intention of the female was accorded not only with abundance, but also with punishment. An element of this knowledge in the past was Metall. The modern Chinese operators ignore the "prison" value of the stomach and interpret it as a sign of wealth and accumulation of richness. It is beneficial both for construction and for use, as long as it is compatible with the 3-element. In China, it was believed that children born out of marriage, turned off by the seventeenth connector, had chances to become close to the importer.

Animal sign - Ram


18 Pleiades
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Sun. Planet Sun. Day is closed. Livestock.
(18) The ancient activists tied the Pleiades with the intervention of barbarians. Pleiades were also considered - "through the eyes and ears of the Heaven" and, therefore - by the protectors of the head of the city for individual proceedings. Both sensible aspects of the war and the headless imprisonment mean immortal death and, therefore, the Pleiades were tied to such a thing. This symbolism is also supported by the modern operators, who believe that the Pleiades precede a litigation and the death of one of the members of the family. Once a person knows, it’s impossible to build a house and dig channels: in other words - "the little children will be so close to the grave, as a kind of stairs." The marriage, concluded on the day of the Pleiades, is valued as not happy: the divorce is almost inevitable.

Animal sign - Monkey


19 Network
The overall good value is good.
Element Lyna. Planet of the Moon. The day is Tuesday. Livestock.
(19) There was accreditation with oxides, men’s favor, as well as with bandages, changes and punishment behind them. In addition, it has always been associated with rain (it was believed that the rain was due to this stellar cluster). The modern Chinese technology connects the Network, in the first place, with oxides (and, therefore, the extraction and the distance) and considers them to be a good symbol. Less good value: the product and the disability, almost forgotten. The net predicts good luck in the building and in consuming the dead: first, it’s worth the fortune, but the second. Children born from marriage to this day are awaiting a long life.

Animal sign - Rooster


20 Beak
In general, the negative value is unfavorable.
Element Fire. Planet Mapc. The day is Tuesday. Lively monkey.
(20) The beak is protected by livestock and bird flocks. So, as a rule, it consumes a lot of food, in general, the Beak controls people who are in need of care or need to be in it: children, especially children; with old sticks, hostages, prisoners and those who are in danger. The up-to-date Chinese thrift is maintained by another symbolism. The beak now predicts punishment and exile, and in the year of the Tiger - emancipation, murder, or death. But all this is not understood as fatal inevitability, but rather, as a result of improper actions, which must be avoided and must be avoided. In the days of co-formation, the Beak is very important to be extremely careful in its conduct.

Confessional dog

Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.