6-st indicator


Animal sign - Dog


IV Pin - Equilibrium
Official Occasion Day.
Private cemeteries, moving, cultivating Dao, painting walls - such matters are beneficial.
Do not cut anything or cut out plants, dig canoes and open gateways.
(4) Private presentations, conferences, and business meetings, which were started yesterday, should be continued. If they are finished, then you have to sit and size or plan for future activity and, moreover, more Now for planning and viewing.

Animal sign - Pig


V Dean - Definition
The heavenly Impactor has all the way. Five grains - in abundance.
It is good to cut, plant, plant weddings, put the bull and horse back, dig the ground, and dig the wells.
Expect to bring charges.
(5) Resilient waders still have to drink, but more responsible people may return to business. This is a great day for a variety of activities. Click here and think about your own business. Then, each one can do its job quickly.

Animal sign - Rat


VI Zhan - holding
Heavenly Emperor manages ten thousand affairs and gives Heavenly Auspiciousness.
It is a good idea to dig the wells, to cut and to plant, to start a wedding.
(6) Avoid moving, moving, and opening storage, however. This day should be left in place and to finish work. Domestic activities are good, but there are incidents, transfers and in general there is no movement of any good. Most favorably - to monitor the condition of the wallet; Inventory can entail unexpected spending. However, this is a good day for organizing a house wedding.

Animal sign - Bull


VII Po - breaking up
The Big Medvedka precedes conflicts, imperceptible explanations, spores.
This day is good for fishing and punishment. The remaining cases are immeasurable.
(7) This is not a favorable day for most matters. It’s better to collect and leave for fishing - this is such a day today. Avoid any conflicts, especially with the law, so this is a good day to catch prisoners.

Animal sign - Tiger


VIII Bay - Special
Gripped by a big grin, the wind is crashing: a lot of security. Rejoice, drink the wine.
From all the rest - there are not many good.
(8) Another day, when it seems that everything is going wrong. Do not try to do business when they do not go. It’s better to do anything - this is nothing to do. Calender Council: go and have a drink!

Animal sign - Rabbit


IX Cheng - The End
There are ten thousand things in the heavenly Annal.
Run a wedding, go on long trips, drink the earth. All this will be beneficial.
However, avoid dispersing the words.
(9) A great day for all kinds of activities, especially long-term events. Take care of your business and let everyone take care of it.

Animal sign - Dragon


X Shoy - taking
Today come the treasury of the Heavenly Empire. Open the barns, trade, stay in school,
get married, eat land - be active. All of these matters are beneficial.
Disregard and lower the support. It is not well-suited for needle sticking and ignition.
(10) This day is for trade and, if necessary, for the use of savings. Activities outside the home are successful. Undermine the weddings, but the neighbors must be reposed on the day after tomorrow. Great time for study. But you should not use this day for visits to the doctor or the dentist.

Animal sign - Snake


XI Kai - opening
Herald of the Heavenly Imperator - out of danger.
Read the notes, turn on the deals, set up the weddings, follow them. All this is good.
Please be sure to keep the rest, the other business is also not safe.
(11) Good day for delivery. It is also good to deal with business issues, break up the accounts. It is possible to complete a small trip. Yet this day has been given for practicing any kind of art and for study. However, heavy traffic does not lead to success.

Animal sign - Horse


XII Bi - Closing
Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Opening and Closing.
This is a day of support and hiding, you can post billboards, but other matters do not return good luck.
For the majority of events, this day is not happy and sacred.
(12) This day is always marked in black by the Chinese calendar. It is completely not taken advantage of for anything else, except for the support and the setting of the monuments. It is possible to read the day Bi is not necessary to enter the economy mode, switch to a diet or to a special mode that makes a person harder and more solid. In addition, it is suitable for "posting a billboard" - a means for advertising and copying signs and signs, etc., for writing letters and sorting out a copy.

Animal sign - Ram


I Jian - Creation
This day, ten thousand things are expected.
Paying bills, changing and trading, scoring, installing posts - all these things will be extremely successful.
Avoid terrestrial work, water hazards, opening warehouses and treasuries.
(1) A great day to start a new business, all kinds of business, shopping, selling, and short trips. However, avoid long journeys by driving and by the way, as well as working outside the house, including housing, food, and travel. Think twice before opening the door to your own store, start to tear apart the by-product, or touch something that has been left “black”.

Animal sign - Monkey


II Ch - Decrease
Find out the evil! This is a day of purification. Look for a weak one. This is a welcome action.
Avoid the private cemetery, private events, and the death of the kolodevy.
(2) This day is not suitable for organizing activities. It is recommended that you clean, wash and wipe the body only. Ha this day it is necessary to appoint a meeting with a doctor, an oculist, a hundred-year-old. Dedicate it to your health. Classes in sports: swimming, jogging - all these are good things to do.

Animal sign - Rooster


III Man - full
A heavenly emperor fills the treasury to the edges.
Set up weddings, transfer, go to the party - this is the whole thing to support the delivery.
Do not cut anything or cut the plants.
(3) Good day for significant events: weddings, receptions, conferences, important meetings. He is the best day to work. Better take care of the essentials.

Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.