3 th lunar day
Fate (Share, Likimas)

New month breaks the team.
Behind love and fidelity
Many sigh heavily, -
The vanity of vanities, everything is perishable.


Animal Sign - Dog

UNUSED DAY. Relations with relatives developed almost ideal. And what else do you need? But there is no such progress in matters. It is necessary to be content with a trifle. You won’t get anywhere from this. Larger mining swims deeper or hidden more reliably and it takes time and the ability to get it. So for those who are on the exchange, who felt full after yesterday's feast ... - the food is lying around under your feet and no one takes it. Question? Why then was such a stir? Today on the stock exchange is your day, day of success, but you are not happy ... A, in vain, the stock would not hurt. And you stare ... If you had eyes, your lip doesn’t want to. It’s bad to live one day. Therefore, the benefit of business on this day is a penny. In the world, as in the world - everything is there. Far and near neighbors are worried about money, thieves. In our garden, another thing ... accustomed to thieves, they are even respected. Wellness on this day corresponds to your health and it is wonderful. (28)

Animal sign - Pig

DAY FOR MEDITATION and analysis of the past and present situation. In relations with loved ones, mutual understanding and moral support took root on this day. Even the Internet is on the side of communicating. But in communication, as in any other business, there are two sides, two opposite sides. And communication, being so rosy at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, can have a different meaning, the opposite of rainbow. Be prepared for this and don't hang your nose. And for those who trade on the stock exchange - market day: who is who, who is on whom? One thing is noticeable - there are more sellers than buyers. And, as a result, prices are falling. Lucky that day is missing. Some kind of calm, as before a thunderstorm. Be careful not to do anything stupid, the consequences of which you will suffer in the future: we are all smart, in hindsight. This is true if you did not show courage in the first hours, and therefore did not receive a profit. But if you are cool, then this is your day and profit too. This day will bring you good luck. And in the world, as in the world. Commotion. Distant and near neighbors in the excitement - somewhere, people's money disappears. Scream. Our thieves are also worried - maybe a secret will come up. Only for love on this day the sun shines and the month purrs. And you have no problems with health, you can only maintain it at the same level and you can hope for a long life with good health. (29)

Animal sign - Rat

LAZY DAY, the day is clearly not for business. But hunger is not aunt, and the people tumbled into the bazaar ... to stare, not to buy. Prices continue to fall, but not enough to buy goods for the poor. The one who has money on a skate. He orders music. And for love, you will not find a better day. Therefore, choose what is closer to your soul. And they decided - divided. The rooster ran to the meeting to discuss the situation, and the hungry dog, after an unsuccessful attempt to find a tidbit, began to pay attention to the shining rabbit. In the world: distant neighbors are looking for everything - they know what, but they don’t know where. Close neighbors sweep away excess from their barn. And ours - "mourning, the pigs die." (30)

Animal sign - Bull

LITTLE DAY. On this day, thousands of little things and events of the past come to mind, from which the head goes round; and you need to show restraint and patience in order to digest all this and maintain equilibrium in relations with loved ones. And on the stock exchange that day, it’s difficult for a normal person to figure it out, it’s hard to find the only solution on which his pocket with an empty wallet depends. So you only have to sigh today, watching how steep shreds prey. But dreaming is not bad. Perhaps you are lucky, if not today, then in the future. In fact, it may be lucky today if you are very hungry. For when the steep ones shred the prey, they can leave you a tidbit from satiety. In this case, this day may be a day of success for you. When the head is clogged with any unnecessary trifle, the health and well-being that accompanies it fade into the background. And in vain, because everything in this world is irreversible. (1)

Animal sign - Tiger

CONCEPTUAL DAY. On this day, you can only watch what is happening before your eyes. Perhaps this is better for you than acts that bring only moral damages. Relations between loved ones are in a shaky balance. For players on the exchange is also not the best time. There is reason for reflection. And why the game, if it brings you only losses: both material and moral. Without money it’s bad, but their abundance is also a misfortune: both for its owner and for those around him. Health is forgotten for well-known reasons - garbage in the head. It's time to think about how to get rid of this useless stuff and wake up tomorrow with a fresh head. Do not forget that only in a healthy body is a healthy mind: Faith, Hope, Love. (2)

Animal sign - Rabbit

UPDATE DAY. During this period, it is advisable to deal with everything that you have. Get rid of all the old, long unnecessary to you. Be aware of your position and eventually understand what kind of person you are and what you are capable of. Quite an emotional day: the soul is torn apart by contradictions, you are restless for yourself, your loved ones and for the whole world as a whole. Even a glass of wine will not calm your emotional soul. But be that as it may, not everything is so bad: between relatives on that day, feeling over emotions prevails and it can have a positive impact on family relationships. Nervous tension also affects health: nerves are inflamed, bones break, there are problems with sleep. The world is also restless. Distant relatives worry about untimely departing into another world, get one another with conversations, calls; close relatives - in worries about the world alive and the near future. And you have reasons for reflection. (3)

Animal sign - Dragon

PEACEKEEPING DAY. In contrast to yesterday, today you feel at ease, you can calmly talk about everything that lies on your soul, make plans for the future. Health is not naughty, you are in touch with nature and those who are in the other world. Everything that will be done today will serve as the foundation, the outline of what awaits you in the future. And for those who trade on the stock exchange, calmness (without impulsive actions and actions based on emotions) and reasonable (prudent) behavior will also not hurt today. And only with such behavior today you can get lucky and this day will be a day of success, will serve as the basis for your future prosperity. Only there is one BUT - water does not flow under a lying stone. Therefore, active bidders will receive a penny and for them this day will be successful. And passive observers will be left without reward and they will be comforted by the fact that they, at least, did not lose their last pennies. For such people, this day will be neutral. (4)

Animal sign - Snake

WORKING DAY FOR ALL CONDITIONS. How else? Everyone wants to live better. For this, there is enough strength and health. The price of your labor increases, both in material terms and in terms of the impact on your future and your loved ones. What you easily got last week today can slip out of your hands. Frivolity, work "at random" on this day is not forgiven. Even love is relegated to the background. If you are a participant in trading on the stock exchange and you have a little money, then do not expect to make money on falling stock prices. When buying stocks, you will be at a loss. Lucky for someone who has no problems with money, big money. This is not your day. But there is one "Secret" ... A good fisherman knows this secret. He does not sleep while fishing. And in order to catch a fish, he constantly monitors the float and cuts the fish in time. So on the stock exchange. For good fishermen this day is a day of success. And in the world, as in theworld: both among our neighbors and ours, the commotion raised by the hens, caused by an invisible thief, is slowly dying out and life is getting better. (5)

Animal sign - Horse

STABLE DAY. Suitable for activities and work in any area of ​​society. Work dare and get according to work and merit. The relations between people are friendly. Anyone who goes beyond these rules is punished, reduced in rank, position with due courtesy. There are no health problems on this day. Love does not interfere with work. At the stock exchange ... Perhaps you are a good fisherman and yesterday was a day of success for you, if so, then today your perseverance and mind will help you catch luck by the tail. For bidders on the exchange, endurance and patience are true friends today. Those who have a sober mind and have patience, endurance, and are a good fisherman, today's events will serve as a prerequisite for success in the coming days, and such specialists in their field will probably be able to earn a penny lost once by misunderstanding. For such people, this is a stable, in every way, day - a day of success. Even in the world of near and distant neighbors - relative calm. (6)

Animal sign - Ram

BUSINESS DAY. Starting yesterday, the working mood, efficiency and inner spirit will accompany you today. But if a person’s thoughts are only a matter, then for love he doesn’t have much time. Love does not fade into the background, it moves into the background, on this day - not to love. And if there are problems with health - high blood pressure, teeth play a fool, insomnia torments, etc., then on this day these problems will be solved in a working order. For if the head aches, then things begin to limp. And those who are busy on the exchange also have a bad time and need to put a lot of effort and ability to stabilize the situation and not be at a loss. But if you are skilled in your field, then this day will not be unprofitable for you, you will be lucky, and you can rightly call it - the day of success. On this day, relatives or friends may call you and will be interested in the same question that is bothering you: how are things going, what needs to be done to improve them? The answer is simple: nothing, even the money offered, will help and it only takes time to get things right. By the end of the day, the passions will settle down and you and your loved one will have a friendly cup of tea or a glass of wine, you will be able to peacefully discuss all issues and return to undeservedly forgotten love. (7)

Animal sign - Monkey

LABOR EVALUATION DAY. On this day, your work over the past days and the ability to think will be appreciated. Everything that was sown wisely in the previous days, will give a good harvest, both in creativity and in other matters. Therefore, today you can begin to calculate your finances: expenses and income received from various sources. You have good friendships with business partners and in the family. But for bidders in stocks on the stock exchange, the situation is similar to the situation in the wild: you hurried, showed recklessness and you were punished rather severely. He waited his time and reasonably behaved, get what you deserve. This is your day, the day of success, if you are a “crocodile” and do not doze off in the morning when the prey came to the watering place. But if you belong to another type, smaller, then you will probably see your happiness in the following days, because today in the virtual world an evil spirit walks. Rejoice that you are still considered on this day and you yourself have not fallen into the category of prey. Your health is not naughty, and this is an indicator of your emotional balance. There is only one thing left - to the best of your depravity — to pay attention to your beloved (beloved), because the weekend is ahead and they should be used properly. (8)

Animal Sign - Rooster

DAY AFTER THE FIGHT, calculation of losses or planned revenues. Yesterday, an evil force did everything to harm you. It deprived you of peace and sleep. Therefore, today deal with all your affairs, determine the order of their decision. It makes sense to listen to the opinion of someone close to you. As for love. About love, as such, not a word, if there are only monetary settlements in the head. It is also evaluated in terms of benefits. For those on the exchange. Look for your share, deprived of yesterday's feast of the "crocodile". The evil spirit is still alive and today it will try to harm you in the virtual world, unbalance it. But he’s not lucky ... are you a thinking person? Is financial success possible if you are a thinking person and didn’t grab what’s horrible yesterday? Answer: you are a thinking person, you decide. Hope dies last. (9)


Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.