23 th lunar day
Fate (Share, Likimas)


Animal Sign - Dog

UNPLEASANT DAY. Money is depreciating, more and more is needed. Attempts to receive money from non-traditional sources lead to nothing. If you try to take risks in business, then - alas, this time fortune is not on your side. You are in search of truth in everyday affairs, in communication with friends. The second half, friends are willing to meet you ... but with their outlook on life. Clarification of relations on this day is inevitable. On this day they will call you ... for good or vice versa - it is up to you. Health on this day does not improve, but does not get out of your control. On this day, it is best to maintain the established order in relations with loved ones, the order in the house, so as not to get distracted tomorrow and do more important things. (18)

Animal sign - Pig

Picky day, day of reproaches. Clarification of relations between close people, today can develop into a quarrel. A quarrel on this day is almost inevitable. Right in such cases there is no. Exposure and only exposure of one of the interlocutors will help to avoid trouble. For those who are on the stock exchange looking for their happiness. Today there are two solutions to financial problems: earning meager incomes or waiting in the wings. For you, this day is a day of success, (a variable is at your discretion). If you have chosen the second solution, then you have time to think, which is better? “A bird in the hands or a crane in the sky?” Having decided differently, you could have one, and the second. It is advisable to be in the fresh air, alone with nature. A walk will have a beneficial effect on your well-being. But you have to be very careful when crossing the road, because on this day there are drivers with increased excitability, and the likelihood of an accident is increased. In order to balance excess emotions, you will have to drink a glass of wine, it would be good if only one. The state of health, on this impulsive day, is relatively good. (19)

Animal sign - Rat

STABILIZED DAY. Communicating with those you need will help clarify the situation and create the foundation for your relationship with those around you in the future. Emotions on this day are inappropriate. Take care of your appearance, clean up your apartment. You are likely to be visited by relatives or acquaintances today. Perhaps communication on the Internet about everything and everything, about sore. A day of respect and reverence for those who were, is and will be near you. For those on the stock market counting. In monetary terms, the day is not bad - you will get as much as you can buy, no more necessary than unnecessary, if at all you want to buy or sell something. For you, this day is variable, in the presence of "friendly sellers and buyers." You will not have big problems with health on this day either, because the problems that arose earlier will help to eliminate the person close to you. (20)

Animal sign - Bull

PULSING, CLEARING DAY. Relations with relatives, acquaintances, friends improve as much as possible in this situation. Relations in the family are built on the principle - I do not believe you, prove your love, love me. It remains only to decide who and in what role should participate. Financially, the day is unprofitable. For there may be various problems associated with the repair of residential premises, necessary purchases. Have to spend part of their income on this day. On this day, thoughts are only about how to spend less on the necessary, with the hard-earned money. That is life. Surprisingly, you will not have any health problems on this day. This is probably the result of a visit to the massage therapist, the attending physician. And for those who trade on the stock exchange, things are going well - stale goods are sold, not to boredom, this is a day of success. (21)

Animal sign - Tiger

DAY OF RELATIVE, APPEARING Tranquility. It would be possible to relax, if not for one BUT ... Life puts sticks in the wheels and you can stumble on a level road ... Therefore, you need the ability to defend against this invisible enemy. Today you are accused of all earthly sins ... Be lenient to human weaknesses. Everything is passing. On this day everything will be equally divided: both reproaches and love too. Health and well-being are as stable as you have been doing it until this day. For those who are on the stock exchange at this hour trades. Try to concentrate and take what belongs to you, especially since all this is offered to you without malicious intent, kindly. There is a commotion in the market, money is jumping through the windows. If one knew about this in advance, one could even get rich. So you risk it, grab something that is not yet in the window, someone else's window. It would be enough in its own, more would have got. Learn exposure from a crocodile. The emotions of these days hurt you a little and you did not achieve what you want. However, this is your day, a day of success. (22)

Animal sign - Rabbit

LOSS DAY. Do not try to resolve all issues overnight. After all, many unsolved problems have accumulated. So women want to be loved by men, proving their love not in words but in deeds. But not all men are ready to love that way, for various reasons, of course. In family relationships, relative balance. For some reason, on this day, the soul began to worry about patriotic thoughts, thoughts about duty, honor, protecting children from the arbitrariness of all kinds of sexual maniacs. And in business, not everything comes out as you imagined. Hurried yesterday ... and in vain. Having won in particular, lost in general. You need patience and time to reflect on what is happening. And this will serve as the foundation of your success in the coming days. There are no problems with health on this day, as such. It is stable. (23)

Animal sign - Dragon

HOLIDAY. This happens when cats don’t scrub in your soul and you are pretty sure about tomorrow. On this day, the existing problems seem so insignificant to you that it’s not worth the time to solve them. All things are in your favor. You can escape from any business and simply enjoy spending a few hours by the sea. In money matters and affairs, too, there are tempting shifts for the better. So you are watching everything that happens, trying to choose what you need. Having chosen what is needed at the moment, you can observe that the chosen one is growing before your eyes. Do not grab anything, wait for your time, your treasure. Today it’s better to buy than to sell. Having bought - profit, selling - loss to home. Relations between spouses are stable, with due attention from both sides. Try not to overeat on this day, for each dish, and not without reason, tries to attract your attention. (24)

Animal sign - Snake

PARENTS DAY. A day for reflection, returning a debt to someone to whom you owe something. The smaller the load, the easier it is to move forward. In matters of frivolity, and rash decisions and actions lead to disastrous results. Experience must be gained on the mistakes of others, and not on their own. Rejoice at the little that is. It is more important than what could be. This also applies to those who trade on the stock exchange and try to catch the firebird by the tail. This is your day, the day of success and nothing to worry about the pipe. Respect your elders, higher in position and rank, and you will be rewarded, if not today, then in the future. It’s good to chat with people away from you. Rational relationships in the family, love is pushed into the background. There are no health problems. (25)

Animal sign - Horse

ACTIVE WORKING DAY. What could be done has already been done. What should be will come true. And today you need to do household chores, put yourself in order. Talking with loved ones about everything and nothing, so-so. The look is turned into the world of stars, the world of the mysterious, virtual world and, of course, on daily bread. The day is neutral in all matters, love too. A dispute is possible between close people, friends. There are no problems with health, it is stable. This is facilitated by a good atmosphere in the family, and healthy food. For those who are on the stock exchange, everything is in your hands: both profit and loss. You have to choose ... either crumbs today, or a piece of cake tomorrow. If you have chosen the first option, then this day is for you a day of success. (26)

Animal sign - Ram

EMPTY DAY. Old things do not burn, and for starting new ones this day is inappropriate. Some kind of calm, like before a storm, before a flash of business activity. From this you will start to get nervous, try to find out the situation. Everything has its time. Relax, listen to music, sort out the papers, your wardrobe. Get rid of the little things that may interfere with you on subsequent active and interesting days. On this day, all the ailments and illnesses left you alone. In a relationship with a person close to you, a shift for the better is planned, you have mutual understanding. The mood from this is not bad, there will be a desire to speculate about today's life and prospects for the future. And those who trade on the stock exchange only dream of peace. The situation is changing in the blink of an eye. This is a continuation of yesterday, the behavior of small predators - who managed, he grabbed a tidbit. And grab, for a lot of food. If you are a small predator, then this is your day, a day of success. But for serious buyers, this day is neutral. For prices have risen so much that it’s scary to buy shares, but they are kept at such a level that it is profitable to sell shares. Time stopped. Everyone is waiting for the Rooster, who could point to something edible. (27)

Animal sign - Monkey

UNUSED DAY. Relations with relatives developed almost ideal. And what else do you need? But there is no such progress in matters. It is necessary to be content with a trifle. You won’t get anywhere from this. Larger mining swims deeper or hidden more reliably and it takes time and the ability to get it. So for those who are on the exchange, who felt full after yesterday's feast ... - the food is lying around under your feet and no one takes it. Question? Why then was such a stir? Today on the stock exchange is your day, day of success, but you are not happy ... A, in vain, the stock would not hurt. And you stare ... If you had eyes, your lip doesn’t want to. It’s bad to live one day. Therefore, the benefit of business on this day is a penny. In the world, as in the world - everything is there. Far and near neighbors are worried about money, thieves. In our garden, another thing ... accustomed to thieves, they are even respected. Wellness on this day corresponds to your health and it is wonderful. (28)

Animal Sign - Rooster

DAY FOR MEDITATION and analysis of the past and present situation. In relations with loved ones, mutual understanding and moral support took root on this day. Even the Internet is on the side of communicating. But in communication, as in any other business, there are two sides, two opposite sides. And communication, being so rosy at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, can have a different meaning, the opposite of rainbow. Be prepared for this and don't hang your nose. And for those who trade on the stock exchange - market day: who is who, who is on whom? One thing is noticeable - there are more sellers than buyers. And, as a result, prices are falling. Lucky that day is missing. Some kind of calm, as before a thunderstorm. Be careful not to do anything stupid, the consequences of which you will suffer in the future: we are all smart, in hindsight. This is true if you did not show courage in the first hours, and therefore did not receive a profit. But if you are cool, then this is your day and profit too. This day will bring you good luck. And in the world, as in the world. Commotion. Distant and near neighbors in the excitement - somewhere, people's money disappears. Scream. Our thieves are also worried - maybe a secret will come up. Only for love on this day the sun shines and the month purrs. And you have no problems with health, you can only maintain it at the same level and you can hope for a long life with good health. (29)


Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.