17 th lunar day
Fate (Share, Likimas)


Animal Sign - Dog

CONTRADICT DAY. The winner will be the one who manages to extract music from his soul that is understandable to everyone. On this day, only compassion, love for one's neighbor, wins. Unlike yesterday, today is a great day to chat with your loved ones, to a lesser extent with friends. Communication and useful work will contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of the information received on this day. It is not recommended that this day accelerate events, demand a repayment of the debt, and generally, somehow, improve one’s well-being through coercion. And the one who participates in trading on the stock exchange of securities looks like a person who wants to get rich with outstretched hands ... Because the largest profits in the state, almost 100%, are given by poor and poor people. Oddly enough, the rich will try and not give a penny - they have a hand with money tightly clamped, they have no strength to unclench it. On this day, money depreciates, the share price falls. Give, and you will return a hundredfold - the motto today. And, as a result of this, here, your possible behavior, you will be able to get rich on this day. For, "man is not fed with bread alone." The soul will become richer, not your skinny pocket. This is your soul’s day, its day of success. This day will require a lot of mental strength from you, and this will not affect your health in the best way. This malaise, as it appeared, and quickly, the next day can leave your body. (12)

Animal sign - Pig

SUSTAINABLE DAY. What was begun in the past days must be continued and can be successfully completed in the future. It is necessary to carry out previously begun work so that everything done will serve as a stepping stone on the path to the pinnacle of creativity or well-being, and you can begin to plan work for tomorrow. A well-planned tomorrow of you, too, can be, like yesterday, as today, successful in all aspects. These days it is useful and necessary to clean up the territory near the house, and in general, they will take up urgent household chores. And for those who trade, like yesterday, this day will be profitable, a day of success, if you are a robber and rip off “three skins” from buyers, as thieves-in-law do. But if your wallet is empty and you gave the last penny yesterday to those who ask, today you can enjoy peace of mind and hope for a better life. On this day, you will be worried about protecting people from the elements, protecting children from the arbitrariness or inaction of negligent leaders, and legal issues. If everything is all right with the spirit, then your health does not fail. The malaise that arose yesterday will leave you alone today. (13)

Animal sign - Rat

CROP DAY. It's time to harvest from the work done in the past days. What is the work, so is the harvest. On this day you will have to get up early and get busy with urgent chores and affairs related to business partners. Whoever gets up early, that is what God gives. Therefore, you complete the business successfully and, as a profit, get satisfaction from what has been done. A person close to you is on your side and will try in every possible way to help you in this matter. For this reason, or some other you will have a playful mood, try to pamper the other half. But it was not there. Clarification of the relationship is inevitable. Calm you will only "dream." It is very difficult to reach mutual understanding and consensus on this day, for love is also placed in a number of business relations. It would be better if you were not at home, but somewhere in the air, to be busy. For those participating in the auction, luck will sleep and will have to persistently and persistently spend miserable satisfaction, this is not your day. (14)

Animal sign - Bull

RELATIONSHIP DAY. What is sown on different days, also bears fruit in more than one day and has a price. Each person seeks to take his place in the hierarchical ladder of society, without interfering with others doing the same. This also applies to family relations, with the only difference being that in a family without a fight no one gives up their positions, each is right in his own way. Therefore, on this day in families disputes are inevitable, the emotionality of which depends on the degree of intelligence of each of the quarreling. People that wolves bite each other, chasing a piece of prey. For those who trade on the stock exchange and are looking for adventure. You will receive them if the excerpt changes you, do not doubt it, and hope for good luck today is useless. On this day, emotions should give way to reason, and only then can one get out of a difficult situation and remain not vulnerable. In general, the day is not for those involved in trade, not your day. On this day it is encouraging to finish household chores postponed day by day, not hoping that someone will do them for you. Having engaged in practical matters, does not interfere with paying attention to your health. But, strangely enough, for love this day is not bad. Try to benefit from this, and in this regard, this is your day. (15)

Animal sign - Tiger

UNDERSTANDING DAY. Yesterday’s efforts were not in vain. Relations between people are improving, there is hope for mutual understanding and good luck in everyday affairs. Who can help each other with what. You can drink a glass of wine for a dream to come. Today you do not risk financial affairs. And who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. And the day is neutral, lazy. To those who do business on the stock exchange: this is not your day, continue to live in hopes that someday you will be appreciated properly and your efforts will not be wasted. This is likely to happen, because with health you are well, and in a healthy body - a healthy mind, the key to success. (16)

Animal sign - Rabbit

FORGOTTEN DAY. All about the same, about the love that was, is and will be. Cases are postponed for later. This means that the wallet is empty. What you wish is inaccessible, income is slipping out of your hands. There are no woods and the fire of love also only smolders ... The likelihood of quarrels in the family increases. All that remains is home unfinished business and the hope for a better life in the future. It’s a good day to pay respect to those who have gone to another world, to look after the graves. By evening, family relations are improving, smoldering love ignites in a new way, and a glass of wine will not hurt at this time. Health is not so good on this day and you need to try so that it does not get out of control. (17)

Animal sign - Dragon

UNPLEASANT DAY. Money is depreciating, more and more is needed. Attempts to receive money from non-traditional sources lead to nothing. If you try to take risks in business, then - alas, this time fortune is not on your side. You are in search of truth in everyday affairs, in communication with friends. The second half, friends are willing to meet you ... but with their outlook on life. Clarification of relations on this day is inevitable. On this day they will call you ... for good or vice versa - it is up to you. Health on this day does not improve, but does not get out of your control. On this day, it is best to maintain the established order in relations with loved ones, the order in the house, so as not to get distracted tomorrow and do more important things. (18)

Animal sign - Snake

Picky day, day of reproaches. Clarification of relations between close people, today can develop into a quarrel. A quarrel on this day is almost inevitable. Right in such cases there is no. Exposure and only exposure of one of the interlocutors will help to avoid trouble. For those who are on the stock exchange looking for their happiness. Today there are two solutions to financial problems: earning meager incomes or waiting in the wings. For you, this day is a day of success, (a variable is at your discretion). If you have chosen the second solution, then you have time to think, which is better? “A bird in the hands or a crane in the sky?” Having decided differently, you could have one, and the second. It is advisable to be in the fresh air, alone with nature. A walk will have a beneficial effect on your well-being. But you have to be very careful when crossing the road, because on this day there are drivers with increased excitability, and the likelihood of an accident is increased. In order to balance excess emotions, you will have to drink a glass of wine, it would be good if only one. The state of health, on this impulsive day, is relatively good. (19)

Animal sign - Horse

STABILIZED DAY. Communicating with those you need will help clarify the situation and create the foundation for your relationship with those around you in the future. Emotions on this day are inappropriate. Take care of your appearance, clean up your apartment. You are likely to be visited by relatives or acquaintances today. Perhaps communication on the Internet about everything and everything, about sore. A day of respect and reverence for those who were, is and will be near you. For those on the stock market counting. In monetary terms, the day is not bad - you will get as much as you can buy, no more necessary than unnecessary, if at all you want to buy or sell something. For you, this day is variable, in the presence of "friendly sellers and buyers." You will not have big problems with health on this day either, because the problems that arose earlier will help to eliminate the person close to you. (20)

Animal sign - Ram

PULSING, CLEARING DAY. Relations with relatives, acquaintances, friends improve as much as possible in this situation. Relations in the family are built on the principle - I do not believe you, prove your love, love me. It remains only to decide who and in what role should participate. Financially, the day is unprofitable. For there may be various problems associated with the repair of residential premises, necessary purchases. Have to spend part of their income on this day. On this day, thoughts are only about how to spend less on the necessary, with the hard-earned money. That is life. Surprisingly, you will not have any health problems on this day. This is probably the result of a visit to the massage therapist, the attending physician. And for those who trade on the stock exchange, things are going well - stale goods are sold, not to boredom, this is a day of success. (21)

Animal sign - Monkey

DAY OF RELATIVE, APPEARING Tranquility. It would be possible to relax, if not for one BUT ... Life puts sticks in the wheels and you can stumble on a level road ... Therefore, you need the ability to defend against this invisible enemy. Today you are accused of all earthly sins ... Be lenient to human weaknesses. Everything is passing. On this day everything will be equally divided: both reproaches and love too. Health and well-being are as stable as you have been doing it until this day. For those who are on the stock exchange at this hour trades. Try to concentrate and take what belongs to you, especially since all this is offered to you without malicious intent, kindly. There is a commotion in the market, money is jumping through the windows. If one knew about this in advance, one could even get rich. So you risk it, grab something that is not yet in the window, someone else's window. It would be enough in its own, more would have got. Learn exposure from a crocodile. The emotions of these days hurt you a little and you did not achieve what you want. However, this is your day, a day of success. (22)

Animal Sign - Rooster

LOSS DAY. Do not try to resolve all issues overnight. After all, many unsolved problems have accumulated. So women want to be loved by men, proving their love not in words but in deeds. But not all men are ready to love that way, for various reasons, of course. In family relationships, relative balance. For some reason, on this day, the soul began to worry about patriotic thoughts, thoughts about duty, honor, protecting children from the arbitrariness of all kinds of sexual maniacs. And in business, not everything comes out as you imagined. Hurried yesterday ... and in vain. Having won in particular, lost in general. You need patience and time to reflect on what is happening. And this will serve as the foundation of your success in the coming days. There are no problems with health on this day, as such. It is stable. (23)


Partial Property:
there are still no children and tex, who prematurely passed away (up to 60 years)
with the World of the Sun - in the World of Darkness.